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May 23, 2007

Can FIU catch UM?

Aaafiu_2 Aaaum_2  Aggressive new Florida International University athletic director Pete Garcia says he believes FIU can eventually be as big in football and in sports overall as any college in the state including the University of Miami. He means on-field product, fan support, media coverage, national stature -- everything.

     You'd find today's related column by me here.

     Is Garcia dreaming? Or is he right? (And will he stay long enough to find out or, as I suspect, jump back to The U in a year as Paul Dee's replacement?)

     Inviting thoughts from Golden Panthers fans, 'Canes fans and impartial observers alike. Try to keep it civil, though. Try to avoid verbal brawling. Remember: This is a blog, not a football game.


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FIU will never be on the same level as UM because they don't have the national exposure that UM has earned through five national championships and the school has nothing to offer top flight recruits that UM can't provide. That being said, the schools are in direct compitition for recruits and for the fans of South Florida and there is no reason that UM should be helping FIU in any way. No one outside of Florida would have EVER heard of FIU if it hadn't been for last year's game (close in the third and still wound up 35-0).

Not a fan of either team, so i'm not biased. Can FIU catch UM, yes, but it will take a few decades. UM has been playing football for what? 80 years and has been an institution in Miami. FIU has been playing for 6 years, and not very successfully. Given the shear number of students and alumni FIU has over UM, you'd think eventually, they would be able to match the Hurricanes in fan support, attendance, etc. The problem is that current FIU students and alumni grew up with UM and are likely still fans of the Hurricanes. The longer FIU is around and playing football, that will slowly change, but that type of thing takes a generation or two. It's the same type of argument you can make for the Marlins. There are a lot of baseball fans in South Florida. The problem is that too many of them still identify themselves as Yankee/Mets/Red Sox fans...unless of course the Marlins are in the World Series. Given time to take hold for a few generations of fans to grow up with the team, that will change. Anyway...GO OWLS!

The rivalry is their, although still to infantile at this stage and quite raw. As a long time UM fan I can attest that what will allow FIU to possibly catch up in some areas (baseball, basketball) is their on campus facilities being re-furnished or rebuilt and there constant tweaking including recruiting former Canes into their coaching mix or young coaches to help them recruit local talent. It will be a long climb, but I still don't see them catching up with UM football (even with an on-campus stadium) anytime soon.

Lets take into consideration all the "second tier" talent in South Florida that UM does not get and schools like NC State, Rutgers, Colorado State, USF, and UCF are getting. IF FIU targets those kids and starts to build a winning tradition under Cristobal then FIU can compete with the U. Lets remember that the score at halftime was 7-0 and after the brawl, and 15 players ejected later, UM went on their scoring streak because of their depth at every position. UM has been around for over 80 years but emerged as a powerhouse in football in the early 80's because kids that were otherwise leaving to play out of state were staying, if FIU can copy that formula we'll be in good shape, I am not saying we can beat the "U" just compete with them and other big schools. Look at Boise State, they do not have any blue chip or 5 star recruits yet they beat Oklahoma, and Idaho has nowhere near the talent of South Florida. FIU can definately make it happen.

Will FIU catch up? Of course, it is only a matter of time. UM is still the big dog of college sports around here but "little" FIU is starting to chip away...look at this blog for example, would a question like this even be considered 10 years ago? FIU's size, facilities and location alone ensure they will be a national program soon enough. With a new on-campus stadium coming online in the next year (potential expansion to 50k within the next 5 years), a reorganization of our entire athletic department including its culture, all that is missing is a move to a more recognized conference.

Not helping UM is their eventual move to Joe Robbie, they leave behind the mystique of the Toilet Bowl where they won championships and so many memories were formed, many casual fans will feel a disconnect with UM after the move, many of those are FIU alums. The momentum shift has happened yet, but soon enough.

do i think FIU can come in and Compete w/ UM right at this very moment? on the field with good coaching and the right players they can compete, any team can. w/ more victories against top end schools the media coverage will follow. the only thing that will slow the equality ratio is the fan support. i think FIU is doing great and im a fan of FIU. but i was raised on the U as many of us are. the one thing i did see at the FIU spring game was lil children dressed in FIU gear. thats the generation that will see this rivalry grow to its full potential

i think that FIUobserver is right. if the U moves to dolphin stadium that could speed along the prosses of FIU's fan support. lets face it, you can be a die hard dolphin, marlin or Canes fan. but the drive to dolphin stadium is taking away from the mistique of what the canes are and makes it less appealing to canes fans that we all know dont travel well..

A move to Dolphin Stadium may cost UM some "mystique" but I doubt it will make it less appealing for Canes fans. In fact, I think UM's attendance will increase. There are many fans in Palm Beach and Broward that just refuse to go down to the OB, but will attend games at Dolphin Stadium .

Miami is a big bandwagon city. Fans will show up to any team that is winning!! Yes it will take a few years for FIU to get to that level but it will happen sooner than later. With the administration currently at FIU the only way is up from here. It is in great interest for UM and FIU that FIU will will get more powerful.

"There are many fans in Palm Beach and Broward that just refuse to go down to the OB, but will attend games at Dolphin Stadium."

Those will be offset by the casual fans in South Miami, Miami Beach or Downtown that will refuse to make the treck up the turnpike to Joe Robbie. I would safely assume there are more UM fans in Dade than in Broward and Palm Beach given the small alumni base locally, the large band-wagon fans in Miami, and the large UF fan base in Palm Beach and Broward.

The University of Coral Gables.Let me begin by saying this.All of there fans are pop warner coaches who blame everything on Kyle Wright and really have no clue, like the rest of S.Fla sports fans.They do not know much about football and the main reason they go to the games is the atmospehere.Most of there fans can not even tell you what an Offensive Guard is or how to spell Miami in ENGLISH.They are the dumbest fans in sports as well since most if not all are rooting for a team that they did not even gradute from.LOL. Look around the country you do not see people that graduated from Georgia Tech rooting for Georgia.They all call your local radio shows and sound like fools because they really do not know how to play football.Ask them were they were at in 96 when the "u whos" were playing rutgers in the OB? or how about that 5-6 season? What about when they would play temple?No one showed up because they are not football fans.

FIUAlum what you got against people that speak spanish... before hispanics started to come to MIAMI (look a spanish decent spelled miami right)this town was full of white retiries that couldnt lift their walkers. hispanics made this town what it is so chill w/ your self-rightous self

Given enough time, lots of things are possible--say 100, 200 years from now perhaps, but certainly not in any of our lifetimes.

FIU would find it difficult to compete or draw top talent given: Its relative youth, scholastic reputation, prestige (or lack there of), national importance, and media demand, to name but a few elements. I have nothing against or for either university, but the claims offered by Pete Garcia appear to be nothing more than self serving.

It will not take generations. It'll just take a streak of successful seasons to wake up the 100,000+ alumni.

i think a couple of winning seasons will help.. and in the sunbelt confrence that is very uptainable. but to get to national prominants and the lvl of potential that FIU has i think our kids genteration will see that happen... i think i will be alive and kicking still


pete garcia is blowing his own horn. and, when he dumps fiu and offers up some good old saban-esque pr crap on the way to um we will have to try and remember today.

FIU can and should catch up to UM, it will take time and most importantly, COMMITMENT!!! P. Garcia needs to be commited long term, Coach Cristobal needs to be commited long term. Any new incomming coaches need to be in it for the long haul. If these people are just using FIU as a springboard into bigger programs that is what will slow the process down. There is enough room and talent for both schools to be huge programs in south florida and a cross town rivalry like that will be a blast to follow!

Why not? Just look at the recent rise of the Rutgers football program (or even that of USF). It's really about money. If the resources are available and recruiting is in place, the sky is the limit. If a winner is on the field, the fans will come. While it can be debated that FIU is focusing *too much* on athletics in lieu of academics (maybe they could use some of that money to put some more books in the library, for example), there is certainly no reason why FIU can't be a competitive "national player."

Haha, 100-200 years? thats hilarious. its pretty obvious that FIU is doing a good job with moving their athletic programs foward, and they arent entirely "catching up" with UM anytime soon. Yet a time span of centuries is a bit extreme.

I'm a fan of both schools, these schools are on very different levels when it comes to athletics, but to say that a draw back of FIU is its academics is flawed, although the current APR report showed a lack in the student-athlete graduation rate, the rest of FIU's academics is something for them to be proud of.

UM is the Football Program here. There is absolutely no question about that. They've hit a bit of a rough spot in the last couple years but that will turn around and they'll be in the National Championship hunt by the end of the decade. The move to Dolphin Stadium is a serious change for the program, and there will be a loss of Mystique, but overall people will get used to the idea, and they'll still be the same hurricanes. They'll pack the games they play against big name opponets and the little guys wont be much of a draw. Oh and god forbid the 'Canes lose 2 games, because then you lose 30% of the attendance.

But that is a characteristic of this city, this area. Here its win or win, because if its anything else, no one cares. The same will hold true for FIU, win or who cares.

The biggest danger that FIU Football can pose to the Hurricanes right now is depth, some kid that might have sat in 2nd string or only played special teams, may take the gamble of going to FIU and being a impact player, and with FIU's recent 4th round draft pick, FIU's recruters will be pushing this point big time. But thats a drop in the bucket.

This mini rivalry is fun, and honestly its good for both schools. It gives UM something to be cautious of and to make sure they return to paying even closer attention to local recruting which we all know is the basis of UM's winning ways. And it gives FIU a goal, a measuring stick, a Goliath to its David, and without a drive to take down the giant they'll never get anywhere.

It is definitely possible for FIU to catch UM. Like fiurulez said, it's all about winning. A big win against Miami (which could be possible considering Kyle Wright is still QB at Miami) would bring national attention to this young program.

No they can't. But a better question is now that Florida has about 7 colleges recruiting our players, can Miami catch Florida and Florida State?

No they can't. But a better question is now that Florida has about 7 colleges recruiting our players, can Miami catch Florida and Florida State?

It doesn't take much to catch up to Miami these days.

I doubt FIU will ever be able to catch UM because if you think Miami fans are apathetic, then FIU fans just plain do not exist. FIU will have more people for a Killian-Southridge football game in their new stadium then a FIU game. FIU is a commuter school where students do not have to be loyal just because they graduated from that school. A lot of my friends who went to or are going to FIU are fans of the big 3 and say that FIU sports loyalty is basically miniscule. Sure this can change, but if anything you will have FIU fans who still root for UM.

I agree with an above statement that FIU is wasting millions of dollars to compete in athletics when it would be better spent on academics. This goes for all state schools really, as they spend so much money on sports. One argument for building up a sports program is the national attention and prestige that winning can bring. With that attention comes a larger student applicant pool, allowing the school to be picky, and then subsequently the standards get higher and the school improves academically. The problem for FIU is that nobody from out of state is going to say, wow I cant wait to go to school in a concrete jungle in West Kendall. FIU is a great school for kids in the Miami area who cannot afford to go out of state or who did not get into a better state school, and that is what it will always be. The sooner the school realizes that, the better off they will be, because until then they are wasting millions of dollars.

One other thing; FIU has not been able to catch Miami in baseball, a sport where you think they would have a chance considering the large amounts of baseball talent in the South Florida area. Sure FIU has one a few games but never an important one, and their program appears to being go backwards with the firing of Price.

Michael, you obviously do not have a good pulse on FIU, nor should you. FIU may very well be a commuter school still but that is rapidly changing. They cannot build dorms fast enough on that campus. But besides that repeated and dated comment, you epitomize the typical UM supporter, always trying to hold down the competition because you know UM is so overrated academically, and as an institution in general, that you know it is only a matter of time before its falsities are uncovered.

If FIU is filled with students that cannot afford other "better" schools, then UM is filled with students that can afford an overpriced piece of paper worth less than the football leather that props it up. Follow?

Interesting that one UM poster says fiu fans do not exist...well you should take a look at the # of comments on FIU's Herald blog and compare with UM's Herald blog...maybe that's not fair though, most of UM's fans can't read since they never went to college anyway.

FIU can definitely catch up to UM and no doubt WILL. FIU has the largest alumni group in South Florida and one of the largest in the whole state, so there the fan base is there. FIU is growing better and better every day, better academically (top law school, architecture school, and medical school) and athletically. Plus, with all the improvements being done on FIU's facilities and management, FIU will definitely continue to become a very strong player all-around.

University of Miami fans are really one of a kind. Loyal, flamboyant, emotional, and most importantly ignorant. Let's not forget that the University of Miami became a household national name beginning in 1979 when the great Howard Schnellenberger took over the football program. This program began in 1927. So it took UM over five decades to become prominent. Now look at FIU, who is already being spoken about locally about competing with UM after only six years of the football program's existence. There is obviously something there that is not being acknowledged. The speed at which FIU will be in a major conference (my prediction is 5-7 years) will not even compare to the 52 years it took UM to reach a national audience. Of course, the upcoming generations will be raised to root for FIU rather than UM. This is the major difference, the upbringing. People forget how many Atlanta Braves fans existed in South Florida because it was the only team that aired here. It's all about upbringing. So will FIU catch up to UM? Yes. Will it reach the athletic success that UM has earned? Maybe not.
All FIU needed was someone to rock the boat. Pete Garcia was the missing link, and UM fans after Paul Dee's resignation will miss big Pete dearly. And not to mention that UM is no longer the school that FIU should want to catch up to, it is the University of Florida. Sorry UM, you are just not that important anymore. Go Golden Panthers!!!


Thankfully people that matter, such as hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies and editors of U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, etc do know that UM is rated among the Top 50 National Universities. That $160,000 "overpriced piece of paper" is worth quite a bit.

What was FIU's national ranking in the latest US NEws or Princeton Review?

University of Miami fans are really one of a kind. Loyal, flamboyant, emotional, and most importantly ignorant. Let's not forget that the University of Miami became a household national name beginning in 1979 when the great Howard Schnellenberger took over the football program. This program began in 1927. So it took UM over five decades to become prominent. Now look at FIU, who is already being spoken about locally about competing with UM after only six years of the football program's existence. There is obviously something there that is not being acknowledged. The speed at which FIU will be in a major conference (my prediction is 5-7 years) will not even compare to the 52 years it took UM to reach a national audience. Of course, the upcoming generations will be raised to root for FIU rather than UM. This is the major difference, the upbringing. People forget how many Atlanta Braves fans existed in South Florida because it was the only team that aired here. It's all about upbringing. So will FIU catch up to UM? Yes. Will it reach the athletic success that UM has earned? Maybe not.
All FIU needed was someone to rock the boat. Pete Garcia was the missing link, and UM fans after Paul Dee's resignation will miss big Pete dearly. And not to mention that UM is no longer the school that FIU should want to catch up to, it is the University of Florida. Sorry UM, you are just not that important anymore. Go Golden Panthers!!!

CJ, you say that "hispanics made this town what it is". Well do you really want to take credit for the all the political corruption, drug infestation, greed, violent crime, failing public schools, and unaffordable housing?

Back to the topic. FIU will never catch UM. They can't even compete with the likes UCF, USF, or FAU. FIU fans... forget about it.


UM has every self-serving interest under the sun to hate on FIU. We all realize that their BIG reputation is based on previous football success from that SMALL school. Conversely, FIU is the large school in town that has been lying dormant athletically and their desire to leverage their size is not something Cane Country has any incentive to embrace.

Just consider what would happen if FIU started to win while UM continued their recent trend of loosing? All those not really affiliated with UM would begin to fall off the bandwagon and the exponentially larger number of those who have a real affiliation with FIU would start to take interest in Golden Panther sports. As such, please don't expect for Cane fans to welcome the growth of FIU in any way, after all, it has negative implications for them.

As for those idiots who call FIU's academic status into question, you've just exposed your ignorance. FIU haters, you are correct. If you’re not educated and your nearest reference to education is college football, you many not recognize FIU outside of the state.

However, if you appreciate solid status in the fields of business, education, hospitality or accounting (among other programs), then you appreciate FIU’s value proposition. As for investing in academics, I guess you missed the memo on the law and medical schools FIU launched. After decades of lobbying in the face of UM opposition, FIU Law is off to a great start according to the bar exam pass rate and the med school welcomes its first class next year...so the money is being invested in multiple areas, academic and athletic.

The best way to keep the truth from ignorant people = put it in a book. It's obvious from those who question FIU academics that you are very ill-informed.


$160,000 for a UM degree? Are you kidding me? That is the definition of overpriced. As if they were Ivy league or something. I employ several UM alums, I sure hope they didn't pay that much to make what I pay them, if they did I should go fire them right now for being so stupid.


FIU is the youngest university to have been awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most distinguished academic honor society. FIU recently ranked among the best values in public higher education in the country, according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine’s 2006 survey, “100 Best Values in Public Colleges.” FIU ranked among the top 50 nationally for in-state students and among the top 100 nationally for out-of-state and international students.

FIU’s College of Law LED ALL UNIVERSITIES IN THE STATE with the highest pass rate of 94.4% on the 2007 Statewide Florida Bar Examination. The second highest pass rate belonged to Florida State University with 88.2%.

U.S. News & World Report ranks FIU’s undergraduate international business programs 7th in the nation and their graduate programs among the top 20. The university has also been named one of the “10 Cool Colleges for Entrepreneurs” by Fortune Small Business magazine. Our Executive MBA program was recently ranked #1 in Florida by the Financial Times.

Finanical Times 2006 also ranked FIU’s Executive MBA 79th in the world, ahead of UM at 81.

Now here’s the one that you really need to come to terms with: With more than 117,500 alumni, Golden Panthers constitute the fastest growing university alumni group in Miami-Dade County.

Enjoy your UM student loans. Now back to sports.


Let's see who's informed. Where's FIU ranked on the US News and World Report ranking of National Universities?

They're not. FLorida, Miami, and FSU are.

Maybe a better question would be where is FIU ranked among the Regional Universities in the South?

They're not. But Rollins College, Stetson University, Embry Riddle, U Tampa, North Florida, Barry, and West Florida are.

What other Universities or Colleges are in Florida that aren't ranked among the top National or Regional Universities/Colleges? FAU, FIT, and FIU.. Maybe someone more "informed" can think of others...

No UM student loans. Just cash and scholarships.


Istead of hanging on to US News, please challenge the validity and status of the sources I provided...that's right, you can't. So save the time and let's get back to sports.

How are your sources more valid than US News (one fo your sources as well) or Princeton Review?

Financial Times and Kiplinger, fine I read them on occasion, however, the annual US News college ranking and the Princeton Review ranking are generally the most accepted rankings and the majority of colleges/universities put alot of effort into trying to improve their rankings in those publications. I know there has been some recent backlash among some liberal arts universities against rankings, but there are also universities that are against standardized test scores, grades, etc.

I would bet most people would consider a ranking based on academic perception, graduation rates, admittance test scores, GPA's, class rankings, etc to carry more weight than "Best Value".

Most people would consider a Kia, Hyundai, etc a "value", but those same people would probably prefer a BMW or Mercedes if they could afford it. Whether or not a $160,000 UM degree is worth it or not is your own "value proposition". I will say from personal experience that having a degree from a Top 50 private university has opened doors for me and enabled me to go to a top 10 private business school.

Listen, I've got nothing at all against FIU and I haven't made any derogatory comments about it, unlike several previous posters on both sides of the discussion. My only reason for porting was in response to truly ignorant posts related to the academic stature and standing of UM. UM is certainly not Ivy League, despite the efforts of Tad Foote, but it's not a joke either.

Oh come on, how much of a joke is that ranking? Rollins College, Stetson, West Florida? You just totally discredited that ranking at UM's position in it.

Rollins, Stetson, and West Florida are listed in the Regional (Southern) University/College rankings. UM is ranked in the National University list, a completely seperate ranking.

Good post Monty. I just don't understand the amount of FIU chest thumping going around. NOTICE: I AM NOT saying that FIU is a bad university. Many of my friends went there and have graduated. In fact, I still have many friends there who are getting their Masters. But honestly, you need to take a step back and really look at your overall academics, because FIU is not even close to Miami. You have a better chance of trying to compare yourself to FSU than Miami.

But going back to football. I think it's very possible for FIU (and any Florida based football team) to catch up to Miami because of the plethora of talent that is developed down here. But for those of you who think it will take "5-6" years to start playing in a "major conference" either are being irrational or really have no knowledge of football.

To even be considered going to a major conference, you have to make waves in your current conference first. Going winless is not going to cut it. In fact, in your 6 year history, how many games have you won? And even with consecutive 10 win seasons, you're still not going to get any respect for a while (look at Boise, TCU, and Utah).

It will take several decades before FIU even receives half the exposure Miami currently enjoys. If FIU had started 30 years ago, when Miami football was barely developed, and nobody knew about the talent down here, I would say it could happen very soon. But presently, there's just too many universities picking from the same well.

Sorry FIU, you're going to have to wait awhile.

"you're still not going to get any respect for a while (look at Boise, TCU, and Utah)."

We have one thing those other school's do not, we are located in a major TV market with over 100k alumni alone living locally. Those schools prob don't have 1/2 that anywhere throughout the entire US. A conference like the Big East would love to get back into the Miami TV market. Remember, college football is about $$$ first.

And as far as "chest thumping", I'm surprised at the academic chest thumping of UM people, in the business world UM is considered a joke...the students have a very bad rep of being lazy, little rich boys that are used to daddy buying their grades and accomplishments. And I do recruit there, I see it firsthand.


There's no way in hell! FIU could catch up to MIAMI in athletics. And "Canes" is right on point, with all the colleges that come down here for atheletes it would propably take FIU 7-10 years before they even start making waves in the Sunbelt. Another 5-10 years (that's if they land in a major BCS conference)for them to be where Rutgers is at now.

OH!, and the Administrative department in FIU Sucks!. they have to get that straighten out fast.

FIU has the potential to surpass UM in terms of fan support just from the large number of alumni they produce every year. The unfortunate thing is that the name FIU is absolutely horrendous. It is a marketing nightmare, and 90% of generating excitement is the marketability of a team. If they changed the name to Miami State University or something similar they would have a much better time merchandising and promoting the team.

@ FIUtoThePromisedLand

Sorry buddy, but 100K alumni is still not enough to give you the W. You're right, conference realignments are all about the money, but picking up teams that won't win games (not sure about any other sports, but definitely not football) doesn't make for good TV. And as much as you hate to admit it, FIU fans are just as fairweathered as many Miami fans. Go winless for a few years and tell me how much money the BE will get from acquiring you guys.

Like I said before, its going to take a while. Consecutive 10 win seasons (something that will NOT occur for a very long time) will not be enough. I think a better blog would have been to ask if FIU will be able to catch up to USF. That's a team thats getting good recognition, while beating "elite" teams. They are definitely on their way up, but still a decade or two before really being something.

And as for your misinformed stereotype of the Miami student; I was a Biology / Music major and got a full ride on scholarship. My "rich" mommy and daddy never paid a cent. And forgive me if I state the obvious that FIU's academics are NO WAY near Miami. I still can't find you guys in the top 100.

Ok amigos,

When you consider all the self-serving roadblocks UM has presenting anytime FIU has attempted to grow in any area, I realize UM feels entitlement over the entire South Florida sports landscape. They are just protecting "their" territory.

So with an over 50 year head start UM should be ahead of FIU in all areas.

What we see on this board is annoyance & concern on the behalf of UM supporters. Their’s an acknowledgement that there is this growing FIU presence in this county and UM doesn't like it (look no further than this blog by Cote as evidence). Will that stop FIU's growth? Well if FIU's new stadium, med school and law school are any indicators; the answer is a resounding NO!

All the FIU license plates popping up over South Florid roadways must really irritate the establishment (UM).

Listen, there was a time the Roman Empire claimed it would never fall. Does any intelligent UM poster know how that story ended? (Clue: Caesar is no longer king).

Once upon a time it was UM challenging the establishment, carving out a place in college football athletics. It wasn't easy for them and I’m sure they took there share of hating from their more established brethren. Now it's FIU's turn and UM's reaction of negativity should be no surprise. After all all, FIU is taking UM's leaders (PG & MC), its blueprint for athletic success and eventually, its mo-jo.

In all seriousness, I think this town is big enough for two programs. I just feel compelled to defend my FIU people when they are attacked by UM or whomever. I’d prefer if we all got along and just enjoyed the sports rivalry and left the academics out, especially when most of the UM fan base has no official affiliation with UM. Let’s keep it friendly.


It's very simple guys. State Dollars = greater facilities & greater exposure = better recruits.

All it takes is a couple of good years where FIU gets good Pub. and all of a sudden those people that are Miami natives that were moving away to Rutgers or NC State will choose to stay. Unfortunately, UM has seen the best of their years. They have no facilities and no way to grow the campus in Coral Gables. They will always be a tennant school away from Campus as far as the stadium. That is inarguable. Have you ever been to a game in ND, University of Michigan, UF, even FSU. There is a different atmosphere than at UM games.

It was great while it lasted but like hate rap, and ganstas they will run their course and settle into what they always were, a boutique University with a decent educational program.

Not that there's anything wrong with that !!

Mr/Ms. FIU is a wonderful name,

Winning markets itself. When the words "Boise State" came flying out of your face during the last college football bowl season, it wasn't because Boise is a marketers dream. It's because Boise State beat the establishment (the Sooners). Winning cures all ills.

There was a time when England scoffed at the idea that we would be more relevant than them. Anything can happen when you get complacent. FIU is a state school which means state funds and a more room for manuvering admissions standards. Plus they have hotter women. It is a big pool to choose from in South Florida. It can happen and maybe sooner than a lot of people think.

Hey Cote - looks like you should talk about FIU more often in your blogs, I think you got the most comments ever on here.

By the way. Some of you are clearly not old enough to remember. But when I was in High school (late seventies) UM was a joke in everything but Diving and Baseball. But then came the luckiest year in any Universitie's History and you backed into a national championship that you got to play in your home field. Talk about luck.

That same year UM lost to Florida 28-3 and the only reason you got 3 is because Schnellenberger went for a field goal with time running out to prevent a shutout. I remember because I was there.

A month before the Orange Bowl the chances of UM playing for the national title were similar to UM's chances of winning the NCAA basketball tournament today. Slim and none.

After the Championship Cinderella year came Miami Vice and South Beach and UM caught the wave of Miami popularity.

Be thankful you were around to see it's best years. My money would be on FIU to surpass UM within the next 10 years.

I think one thing some people fail to realize is that UM is not standing still. For FIU to "surpass" UM, whatever that means, they have to surpass a taget that is also moving forward at a significant pace as well.

UM recently raised over $1B during a single fundraising campaign, the first time any Florida university has ever done so, and one of the few in the country ever to do so. As a matter of fact, UM achieved their goal over a year and a half early, and has raised their goal to $1.25B.

With regards to facilities mentioned in a previous post, UM is also in the process of raising $60M for athletic facility upgrades and in only a few months has received over $10M with several large mathcing donations pending. Renovations, upgrades, and contruction is currently underway. The media has perpetuated this image of UM having poor athetic facilities that has gotten a little blown out of proportion. While it's true they may not have the facilities of UMichigan, or Ohio State, they never have and it hasn't hurt them so far.

As far as facilities in general, one only has to stop by the campuses and see the ongoing and recent construction and upgrades. There is over $1.5B in current construction projects in prgess. By the way, UM is more than just the Coral Gables campus, in case anyone has forgotten, and UM is also the largest private employer in South Florida.

UM is not a static "target" waiting around to be overtaken or "surpassed".

Yes, FIU has a very real chance of hitting its potential and garner more local support. However, it will take time, unless the sports teams really start to take off....We will see..but FIU matters in this town...not just UM

@ Carlos

How can you, with a straight face, honestly say that FIU will surpass Miami in 10 years? Sure, if Miami goes winless and FIU wins 5 NC's, then yup you got me there. Ive' tried to be reasonable and give FIU some credit, but some of you people seriously need to get a clue.

@ Monty

Good post. Unfortunately you're using logic and facts in your post which is probably too much for some of these FIU fans to handle. I'm sure they're going to go back to the "yeah but we'll win an NC in 2 years," all the while ignoring the fact that they were winless in the Sun Belt, are not top 100 in overall academics, and forget that Miami is constantly expanding (pioneers in many medical research projects...Jackson Memorial anyone?). But yeah, FIU will surpass Miami in a mere decade.


Let's briefly revisit where FIU was a decade ago:

1. No Med school
2. No Law school
3. No Architecture school
4. No Football team
5. No greek housing
6. Only 1 dorm residence building

Madique accomplished during his presidency what only Thomas Jefferson did with the Univ of Virginia, founded a Law/Med/Architecture school. Our entire existence has been about growth, we've done everything faster than any other institution. You think our pace will slow in the next 10 years? Highly unlikely.

@ FIUandMe

Congratulations. You began some programs and are in the process of growing quite rapidly. I have never once taken that away from FIU. The question, however, is whether or not FIU will surpass Miami. I have already stated several times that it could be possible one day(I was talking merely about sports, but I'll expand it to academics). At the rate you guys are going academically, then sure, FIU should surpass Miami in the future.

But in 10 years? Like I said, Miami would have to stand completely still (not happening) and I still don't think its possible for FIU to accomplish that feat in that small amount of time.

Yes it took the other university in town 80 years to get national attention, well back in those day it will take days for news to come out of Miami, this is a new era, internet, satellites, etc. The university is large, student body is growing, and it is becoming more of a commuter campus. I think FIU will become a power house in the Sun Belt and then move to a real conference like the SEC and compete in the strongest football league in the world. I the AD's keep the coaches honest and keep improving them, we will be a power house in 10 years or less. I think we are moving in the right direction and rebuilding FIU athletics, Lets keep the legend in the hall of fames and let make new legends that can only coach when they are doing their jobs effectively. Pete Garcia is doing a great job, and I hope he stays at FIU with his edge and work ethic.

The SEC doesn't need to expand, they are done. Big East it is.

There are some of the most optimistic people in the world on this thread. FIU will never be at the level of UM. They will always be second to UM and if you think otherwise it is probably because you go to fiu and couldnt get in anywhere better. FIU is such a toilet that they never will attract top talent. Cristobal will be gone before they ever see a 4 win season. Theyu were 0-12 in the sunbelt and they just lost scholarships. What parent would send a premier athlete to FIU? This logic is why you go to school where you do.

Guys. I thought we were talking reality. sorry.

If I would have told anyone in 1978 that UM was going to have won 5 national championships in Football in 20 years I would have been though to have been on LSD. But there it is.

The problem is you don't remember what lean really means because the years that you sucked were spent in the "Big Least". And back when you joined that "powerhouse" conference you did so with the knowledge that you would play a bunch of also rans every year which would ensure you a spot in a bowl and hopefully it would help you get Basketball off the ground. Once it became evident that the competition was catching up and there was no advantage to staying part of a second rate conference. you bailed to the ACC. The problem is that now the ACC is a real conference and you have to play real competition. Hence your ineptitude since joining.

Had UM joined the SEC as they were invited to in the 80's we would still have the UM-UF game every Labor day as it used to be. But that would have meant real competition and less Pub aand as whu8ppins on a regular basis. A schedule with 4 or 5 tough rivalry games per year, not one.

That is the Truth.

This thread isn't about reality, it's about the the fantasys of certain fans and alumni.

This thread isn't about reality, it's about the fantasys of certain fans and alumni.

fantasies ;)

FI Who?

I was going to tell you to write the editors at Financial Times who ranked FIU's Executive MBA ahead of UM's in their latest rankings. They obviously don't have your insight so I thought that you could help them out. But then I realized this is not about methodology of ranking, just passion and emotion. You wouldn't allow logic; reason or empirical data keep you from making your point, now would ya?

FIU will be as good as Miami one day very, very soon. Will we be able to have the same history? In time. But this will create a good rivalry (not the crap from last year) for many seasons to come.

Can on-field product, fan support, media coverage, national stature -- everything be BIG for FIU.

The answer is YES. To achieve all of these only one thing needs to be accomplished first and that is on-field product. Put a great team on the field and fan support, media coverage, and national stature will follow especially in South Florida.

FIU can't even catch FAU!!!

Can FIU catch UM why not... I applaud Mr Garcia for the job he is doing at FIU. Div 1 school coaches jobs are to win games and not finish with a pathetic record in baseball as coach Price had. This gentleman was doing nothing but digging roots at FIU. This guy was just signed to a contract extension under the previous AD and for what reason?? Coach Price is upset due to the fact that Mr Garcia showed no loyalty and should've told coach Price to get it together!! Hello...."News Flash" you have done nothing for that school for the past many years and this year couldn't make the post season tournament.... "goodbye and good ridance" such a damm shame that you won't get to enjoy that swanky new office you did all that fund raiseing for. If you could've put as much effort into coaching as you had fund raiseing maybe you would be still coaching!!! I think FIU can compete with UM with all the home grown talent that is in So. Florida and Mr Garcia has done the right thing in making coaches held accountable. Think of all the atletes FIU loses to out of state schools who with better coaches might stay home now. Mr Garcia keep up the good work....

In terms of FIU in general, plenty of people from around the nation know exactly who FIU really is. Their school of business is one of the best in the nation, according to US News, IISC.

On the other hand, in terms of football, not so much.

But to say people have never heard of FIU outside of So. Florida is not true one bit.

thats right FIUmom you tell them who we are lol. i think UM is just trying to keep their backdoor neighbor out of they're lawn. and FIU... we are tearing down that fence

Mr. Garcia has done an outstanding job! I'm sure UM wants him back in'08 to replace Dee. He knows he will leave his mark on the FIU program.

As for UM fans, there's enough room for two teams in Miami. UM should fans should worry more about their team than start talking about FI who?? Last time I checked, they barely made a bowl game last year.

Are you kidding? There is ZERO chance of fiu being able to exceed The University of Miami in football. With the "U" and florida and fsu getting the best talent in the state already fiu has no chance. The state might put up the money for stadiums etc... but the talent will go to the "U". Look at UAB, they can't compete in alabama due to Auburn and Bama...same thing as South Fla. The "U" is a private prestigious university that exceeds at football, baseball and recently basketball...fiu has zero chance...

Miami barely made a bowl game last year....they won their bowl game did fiwho?

Miami barely won their 5 National Championships as well....err should be 6 if the refs hadn't cheated them out of it...but remember they barely won their bowl game....what a joke...go back into obscurity fiwho...your 15 minutes of fame are over until the "U" beats your ass again!!! Until then no one knows who you are...just like before the game last year!!!! fi"who" indeed!!!

scUM prestigious? Are you guys delusional or what? scUM is an overpriced joke. Compare the price of scUM to other real prestigious universities throughout the country, in most cases scUM is more expensive...if that isn't a joke then I don't know what is. Just because it is expensive, doesn't mean it's prestigious. LOL.

Yes, FIU has a chance in the future. The question is when....To say, unequivocably, that there is no chance, denotes fanatism and lack of logical reasoning. It could be 5 years, 10 years...or 25 years...I don't know...But with the right leadership and drive, coupled with the resources it has and are being put in place, there is no doubt FIU could do it a lot sooner than what some irrational UCG fans would like to admit....

UM is a very good institution with a great Athletics' history. Nobody can take that away from you. However, FIU has tons of potential....much more so than Um ever had, and it takes some tough decisions, and some forward-thinking administrators, to make it happen.

You FIU fans are hiliarious. You talk a lot of crap about Miami but know you want to be a CANE. 35-0 sissy's. Got whooped on and off the field even after your thug players started the fight. That's what happens when "little boys" try to play w/ the BIG BOYS!!

Half you morons actually think an FIU paper is worth more than one from "the U"??? DUMB!! lol

Who's got 5 NC's in football? M1AM1

Who's got 4 NC's in baseball? M1AM1

It's incredible how some people live in the past. UM has lost it's swagger. UM's not even closed to winning a championship. The only team in this state that currently is allowed to have swagger is University of Florida.

As for the 35-0 defeat, what a joke to even bring it up. FIU had more impact players ejected in that game then UM. On top of it, why is UM trying to bully a 5 year program?Where was that emotion the whole year against Louisville and FSU?

@ FIUmadeMeRich

LMAO at someone throwing stones in glass houses. I remember a certain unheard of team becoming a blip in the NCF radar by starting a brawl with Miami. If our football players our "scum" then the FIU football players must be the scum rejects. The dirtiest dirt around.

@ FIU Grad

Thank you for being one of the few rational FIU fans in this blog.

And to the rest of the FIU fans around, the question was started following Garcia's comments (you know, the AD), and not the dean! Which means this is a sports related question. There is absolutely no way that FIU will catch up to UM in a mere decade. Give it a few more and maybe then you'll see some good improvements. Like I originally said, lots of talent down here, so it's always possible, but give it 20 - 30 years. Sorry.

Wow!! I am in shock. Looking at the amount of comments on this thread. One thing is for sure the rivalry between FIU and UM has already began. Should be interested to watch.

Oh oh!! Someone is mad now...Name calling and dumb um posting coming on...watch out.....

FIU matters in this town...not just UM

From Scott: You talk a lot of crap about Miami but know you want to be a CANE.

If ARROGANCE is prerequisite to being a "CANE"; you can count me out.

Thank God I'm not a fan of either of these teams. Will FIU become the same status as UM? No, probably not. But I would love to see the Golden Panthers beat the Canes. Maybe then all the obnoxious, "living in the glory days of yesteryear" UM fans will finally shut up, or even better, jump ship and front run to FIU. Then again, would anyone in the rest of NCAA football even notice, or more importantly, care?! No one has taken UM seriously in years. Leave the 305 area code and you will never hear a college football conversation involving UM. The most press UM received in recent memory was when the players were clubbing opponents in the head with football helmets. FIU is on the way up. UM needs to worry about not circling the drain. Its Great to be a Florida Gator!!!

Comments like those from "The Gator" is exactly why I'm counting down the days until we meet again. You won a championship this century, welcome to the club.

Gator: Glory days form yesteryear?
Let me refreh your memory:

UF hasn't beaten UM in football since 1985.
That's six games ago. LAst time in 2004---wow that was ssoooooo long ago!

UM won a national ch. in 2001, played and had another one stolen in 2002, finished 5th and 8th in the nation after that, and yet it was soooo yester year!!

Typical Gators. They stink for ever, get one national title when UM AND FSU have off years, and now they think they are all that.

Count 'em: UF 2, FSU 2

UM: 5

And counting...... FIU will never catch up to UM. Never.

Gator: Glory days form yesteryear?
Let me refreh your memory:

UF hasn't beaten UM in football since 1985.
That's six games ago. LAst time in 2004---wow that was ssoooooo long ago!

UM won a national ch. in 2001, played and had another one stolen in 2002, finished 5th and 8th in the nation after that, and yet it was soooo yester year!!

Typical Gators. They stink for ever, get one national title when UM AND FSU have off years, and now they think they are all that.

Count 'em: UF 2, FSU 2

UM: 5

And counting...... FIU will never catch up to UM. Never.

Gator: Glory days form yesteryear?
Let me refreh your memory:

UF hasn't beaten UM in football since 1985.
That's six games ago. LAst time in 2004---wow that was ssoooooo long ago!

UM won a national ch. in 2001, played and had another one stolen in 2002, finished 5th and 8th in the nation after that, and yet it was soooo yester year!!

Typical Gators. They stink for ever, get one national title when UM AND FSU have off years, and now they think they are all that.

Count 'em: UF 2, FSU 2

UM: 5

And counting...... FIU will never catch up to UM. Never.

2008, Mr. Canes, 2008. I would never guarantee victory because that would just be too cocky and UM-like, and I certainly don't want to act like a Cane. But no one is afraid of UM anymore. Pat yourself on the back for beating us last time around, but the state of UF football and the state of UM football has dramatically changed since then. Deny all you want but everyone knows the reality of it. As a Gator, I always hated FSU more than UM, but since living here in Miami and having to hear everyone be all self-congratulatory about a washed up team with decades worth of championship hangovers, I changed my mind. My true apologizes for accidentally hijacking this blog, my point still remains that I would LOVE to see FIU beat UM. Go Panthers! and Gators!

In the late '70's UM was on the verge of dismantling their football program and then Schnellenberger arrived in those sharp plain jackets and they won a national championship in 1983. Why can't FIU do the same within 5-10 years?

@ pimpsmainprophet

Because in the 1970's nobody knew the wealth of talent that was down here. It was an untapped resource. Now that everyone knows, not only does FIU have to fight off the big 3, but also the likes of: Louisville, OU, USC, LSU, ND (just to name a few teams that love to come down here). It really just isn't in the cards to grow that fast. BUT, it could very well happen way WAY down the line.

FIU can eventually be a decent program i believe, but i think they will compete with the big 3 when a legit third party forms in politics. They need to forget anyone outside of the state of Florida and just press hard in the state. They need to clean up where Miami didn't take adavantage of, such as dade/broward prospects Miami didn't offer. People forget how great of a recruiter Cristobal is which will definently help the program. Plus they need to take in transfers from other schools if they have the talent, but not the character. You need to take big risks if you want high rewards

No time soon, but blogs like these stirs hope. A few years back my school (Florida A&M) tried to go to Div 1 A ball but it didnt work out, not because of talent or fan support, mostly because of bad book keeping and by going 1A it brought attention to it and we stepped down trying to hide it and now its officially out of the bag. That aside FIU can compete in the coming years as being able to put up a good fight or an upset but not to compete with tradition. By that i mean rooting for FIU at least 12 years. The program is only 6 years old! Give it some time because FIU already has more students going in and actually graduating creating more alumni support in the future. Winning builds tradition. So get the "left-over" Florida, Georgia,Texas,and california prospects remember there's a limit to scholarships given so there are plenty of players in our backyard. The hard part is convincing them to stay home to build FIU into a powerhouse! lol. Sorry hard to not laugh saying FIU powerhouse. A few years ago they didnt have a team and we're already talking of competeing. Now if they do get there extremely fast i believe it would be off the strength of UM. Meaning UM built a big football program bringing national attention here every year unlike a boise state in nobody land. So if FIU starts winning the media will say move over miami. right now um is the big brother and fiu as the little brother has the potential to be just as good better or worse.
I was raised a cane fan, but then i went to FAMU so now i'm just a fan of football. Although im still partial to canes I'm not a bandwagon guy. I just hope whoever represents south florida or florida period does the best. I believe in the best team won principle and hope their season goes well since the loser has a harder chacne for the title especially if they have to play another in-state school.

Also FIU needs to fight for recruits that are being targeted by UCF,USF,Rutgers,FAU and any other non-big 3 school. Winning that battle first will set them up in seriously having this diccussion. RUTGERS Should have never gotten our South florida kids. The program had nothing to offer but playing time. They play in cold new jersey. I dont blame FIU and FAU because they werent around yet when those recruits left, i blame ucf and usf for not pushing harder. Bottom line when FIU can take recruits away from the aforementioned teams and beat them on the field then you can have a chance at the next level. We shouldt be speaking of UM football becasue they always loaf in the first half regardless of the suspensions. Besides Shannon is going to turn that program around with his bootcamp mentality. He's making the players understand that its a privellage to play football for UM, a principle that was lost along the way during the coker years.

Well, it's been mighty fun reading all of these posts. I've been away from Miami for quite a while and never thought that FIU and UM would be mentioned in the same breath. In fairness sakes, I do have issues with some of the comments by individuals that haven't really been around Canes football long or just have short memories.
Folks, I'm in my mid-40s and I remember when the U use to lose regularly to such powerhouses as Tulane. It wasn't out of the ordinary for the U to go 3-8 or 2-9. I even remember in '79 UM going up to Tallahassee and getting beat by Florida A&M. This is all within living memory, you can look it up.
When Canes says that "in the 70s nobody knew what a wealth of talent was down here", he's not entirely correct. In fact, everybody knew South FLA was a football hot bed. It's just that the UM's football program was in pathetic shape and great players (Elvis Peacock and Buster Rhymes to name two)decided to take their business elsewhere. Also remember that UM was an independent until they joined the Big East. This didn't change until Schnellenberger recruited Lester Williams to go to UM. He was the first impact player that UM got that other major schools coveted. The rest, as they say, is history.
The point to all of this is that it doesn't take long to turn a football program around if the right leadership, vision, drive are present and with the help of some luck. All that being said, through the prism of cold logic, I see no real reason why FIU can't play UCLA to UM's USC. My two cents...

It can happen in time, unless there is some miracle recovery of the Coker devastated UM program. The Canes are nothing right now; barely beating horrible teams last season.

Here is part of why FIU will surpass UM in the next 10 years...and yes he was stolen from the evil empire.


FIU will definitely be at the same level as UM, much sooner that what people believe. As for the U's attendance, if they move to Dolphin Stadium, their only fans will be pigeons, except on the days they play FSU, UF and FIU. I predict FIU being at the same level within a 8 year period. I will definitely be present the day that FIU beats the U and I will be celebrating, excessively.

CJ, you say that "Hispanics made this town what it is". Did you guys know that Miami is ranked as one of the poorest cities in the US? In fact I think Miami is in the top 5 when it comes to poor cities. About 19% of the population over the age of 25 has a bachelors degree or higher compared to 49% in Atlanta or 72% in Wash DC metro. Most people don’t speak English including my parents. By speaking English I mean having command of the language and not getting by.

Will FIU catch UM? I’m partial to UM and FAU having attended FIU and FAU. Many great memories watching the UM games over the years and the tradition will continue to build because memories live on. FIU probably won’t get national prominence since the alums stay in south fla to partake in the poor economy. UM offers a very very good law school, med school, great academics and of course sports. FIU doesn't come close having attended that zoo. It starts with academics and builds on from there. Michigan, Ohio state, NC State, Alabama and even USF have great academic programs built in to their schools. What is FIU going to offer the Scholar Athlete? The chance to be a teacher and appear on lean on me 2? A chance to attend a university where over 50% is spanish? I’m Spanish but FIU is a university that is a last resort to students who could not get into UF, FSU, UM and so on. And one main ingredient that successful schools have is wealthy alums that donate lots of money to the program. Burt Reynolds dontating tons of chips to FSU to Ashley Judd doing the same for Kentuckly. Raja Bell and that other guy who plays guard for the Magic were in some of my classes at FIU and chances are they will not donate anything but I hope they do.

We at http://fiuathleticscom.proboards20.com/index.cgi
are very proud of our Golden Panthers!!

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