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February 01, 2007

Superblog: Saban's loose lips

     It's the Thursday before, three days 'til gametime, and here's another dose...

Aaanick      1. Dolphins quitter-coach Nick Saban continues to grow more and more into a feral sewer rat in the minds and hearts of South Florida. Imagining even his former fans around LSU are picturing his head on a snake's body right about now. Alabama must be so proud!

     (By the way, I know this maybe doesn't belong in something called "Superblog," but you've got to admit Saban in trouble for saying "coonass" is a hoot, and more interesting than most of the Super Bowl preamble crap happening. Besides, it's my blog party and I'll cry if I want to).

     So Saban refers to Louisiana's Acadians (or Cajuns) as "coonasses," which of course is considered a derogatory term, in off-the-record but taped comments with South Florida reporters a day after he fled Miami for Tuscaloosa.

     This became Coonassgate when Herald sports writer Jeff Darlington shared a recording of Saban's comments with WQAM's Orlando Alzugaray, not thinking the latter would broadcast them. Now Darlington has apologized along with Saban, although poor Jeff's biggest crime may have been leaking this to the rival station of 790 The Ticket, with whom The Herald has a business partnership.

     Leaving this topic now, but not before asking you to consider the irony of Saban, a self-confessed West Virginia "hillbilly," calling other Aaabear people "coonasses." Suggestion to Nick: Open your next news conference with a derogatory tirade against Alabamans. And throw in a line or two making fun of the way Bear Bryant looked in those silly houndstooth hats.

Aaatank      2. Tank Johnson, please shut up. Take responsibility, at least.

     "I'm young, I'm black, I've got tattoos." That was the Bears defensive tackle's answer to his problems, blaming stereotypes and racism. Please. Your reputation was earned, Tank. By your three arrests since 2002 -- the last for having six unlicensed guns including two assault rifles.

     Because of Johnson, Chicago may be the only team that has more weapons on defense than on offense. Should be an even game, though, especially if Peyton Manning uses a lot of shotgun.

Aaashaq_1      3. You'd click on the following to get to today's latest edition of Super Bowl With a Smirk.


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Nick Saban-what an idiot. Little man with a big mouth. He has imploded since the Dolphins job. You got the money Nick-retire. About Tank Johnson--see ya in federal prison soon. Your young, have tatoos and carry illegal weapons.Big deal. Feds hand out huge sentences for that. My advice,,start getting tatoos on your back, that will give your prison daddy something to read when he is behind you....

Saban's gone, good riddance, finito. Let's move on. Why are we wasting time on him? Better he scew up somwhere else than any further here. He was a misfit from day one. He seemed to be the only fish out of water...

You people are such idiots! A slimebag "journalist" surreptitiously records an off-the-record conversation with Coach Saban violating his trust and then disseminates it amongst his media peers! Great article, Greg! Glad to see the Miami Herald embraces this kind of irresponsible, rogue journalism.

Get over yourselves Dolphins fans. Coach Saban didn't like you, so get a life and move on!!!

Att John we will just call you toilet. Toilet are you kidding me? Nick Saban has a losing record as a head coach and could not take the constant pressure of the pro game. He had to go back to college because in order to coach a bunch of men you must first be one! He has gone back to the college kids because children would be the only ones to respond to his child like antics. I wish Alabama the same success he brought the Dolphin Organization. He is just lucky that the bowl does not have a play off or he would have lost to the real National Champions that year. The USC Trojans coached by another loser at the Pro level as all Jets fans remember

Nick Saban's "coonass" comment is not a surprise. His new mission in life to alienate the entire population of the United States. It seems that the ungrateful Saban has a short memory. When he won his national champoionship with LSU, the good "Cajun" folks rewarded him by paying as the country's highest paid college football coach. No wonder the good "Cajun" people down here are calling him a money grabber. Go wrap yourself around the confederate flag down in Alabamie, Ole' Nickie. Sure you kinfolks will be mighty proud.

Can someone help me? You see I got this mighty nice eight piece steak knife set in my back, courteous of one Nick Saban.

Bunch of Dang CoonA$$es

With every word he utters, Slinky continues to lose credibility. Saban knew the recorder was on, he didn't know if would make its way around the internet. He's not sorry at all, he's just sorry he got caught. It takes a real man to laugh in the face of the people who used to love him when he had the privlege of coaching at LSU. He didn't mind kissing those "coonass" asses when he wanted their sons to play football at LSU. The manner of his departure from Miami and his recent laugh at the expense of the good people of south Loisiana demonstrate just how shallow and arrogant a person he is. I hope those comments of piped into the PA system when Alabama plays LSU in 2008 in Tiger Stadium. Have fun in Bama Slinky !

Well, so Nick Saban is not Angel Nick. Big deal!! Now he cant even repeat what others tell him without causing a furor? He was probably a good fit for Miami but he didnt have the patience and he knew he would get canned eventually. If Huizenga were like like the Rooneys in Pittsburgh, then Saban would likely not have moved. Anyways, he was not one to be trusted - he's gone and good riddance!!!

Remember when Saban turned down that presidential dinner invitation? Most of us thought - "Damn, this guy is focused! Good things are bound to follow."

Well, I can't think of anybody whose gone from HERO to ZERO in no time flat.

the term in question is also a derogatory reference to blacks- wasn't the term "coon" one that used to mean (in some circles) an african-american? doesn't then our word in question mean those whites with "healthy" (see venus williams) derrieres? nick saban is, as the host of our blogsite states, vermin.

This is blown way out of proportion. The man appologized and the reporter who let the tape out was not very professional either. I am a native Miamian living in Huntsville, Al. and I think its time for the Miami folks to move on and forget him. If he thinks the pressure in Miami was tough, wait till he looses to Auburn.

sorry- better example is sister serena williams

1. coon·ass /ˈkunˌæs/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[koon-as] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun Vulgar, Disparaging, and Offensive. (chiefly in Louisiana and Southeast Texas) a Cajun

2. coon·ass (kōōn'ās') Pronunciation Key
n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a Cajun.

For those of us who grew with the term, it also refers to someone who is alcoholic, abusive and uneducated. Those of us who are "Cajun" decent or "French Cajun" take offense of the usage find it so outragous that Nick Saban used such dialect when we "Cajuns" treated him so kindly and he never wanted to leave Louisiana and "Cajun Country" to move to Miami and coach the Dolphins.

for verification of previous blog, see page 52 of this week's sports illustrated- this girl's got "pulkas" along with her many talents.

Well good ol' Nick Saban is now hurting the OTHER hand that fed him for so long. I do agree that it is time to move on and forget the "Nick Saban era" (and I use that term ERA loosely I might add). He accomplished absolutely NOTHING that he set out to do in South Florida and proved that his philosophies and leadership was not only a load of crap, but a mirage on top of that. I vowed to NEVER root for Alabama as long as he is there because I don't like hippocrites (and as far as I am concerned, he is one of the biggest ones in college football today, if not all of sports for that matter). I think the only "ass" out of all this is Saban himself. And to call the people of Louisiana that and/or use the term in general is completely uncalled for. I think what did it for me was when I read in the Herald that he is taking credit to those young high school athletes who are orally committed to LSU that it was because of him that LSU went 22-4 in the last 2 years. Excuse me, wasn't Les Stiles the coach of LSU over those 2 years? He needs to get over himself. If I am near a TV and have the time, I will be looking forward to LSU-Alabama next fall (though I am not a die hard fan of either one of them, Alabama most of all now). Tell you this much: I hope Les and the Tigers kick the livin' crap outta them from goal line to goal line. Then let's hear him take credit for that.....


thanks for the info; my favorite cajun- the great horse rider eddie dellahoussaye, among the greatest ever. he got the worst horse to win the kentucky derby-gato del sol- to the finish line first; doesn't say much about gato's competition.

John is right - Saban left Miami partly because the fans and media rode him out, partly because he has such a big ego and he couldn't "affect positive change relative to a winning record" in his two years with the 'Fins, and mostly because he was offered big $$ and security with a big-time college program, where his stregnths seem to lie, (no pun intended).

Have you ever had a girlfriend who continusously accuse you of cheating on her, so after awhile you just decided to go ahead and cheat, since you couldn't change her mind no matter if you were or were not? Well, that is kind of how I see the Saban situation.

By the way, if something is supposed to be "off the record", then it is not supposed to be public info. This is JOurnalism 101. Shame on Jeff Darlington. But, if I were the Big O and was presented with this second-hand, I would HAVE to put it on air. It should have never reached that point, however.

I've always thought SABAN was a piece of $hit NFL head coach, but now those who worshiped him are only HATERS because he spurned you Dolfans.

It's like a girl who is willing to give it up to you but you refuse her, so then she despises you. Same thing here with little Nicky. You all had your proverbial legs spread open for him and he left, so now you all HATE him.

It's the TRUTH.

If Nicky went 12-4 and was playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, he could say or do just about anything and you'd all LOVE him.

Be honest, folks.

Nick left Miami cause his wife and him didn't like the coonass, err Cubans, here!
When he retires, he'll probably volunteer to coach the Aryan Brotherhood football team at a maximum security prison near you. Is there something about Alabama, that brings out that racist air in people?

yes Hunter, but he didn't go 12-4. He couldn't cut it and ran. I think it's obvious anyone would love their coach if he went 12-4 and won the SB, regardless of how much he's an idiot. Just think of all the thug and jerk players out there; rock n roll stars, etc..everyone will forgive in an instant.

By the way, Saban couldn't even throw the red hanky right.

hi shadow,

you are right on.

"coon" is a derogatory reference to blacks.

also, "boone".

besides rhyming, both vulgarities are aimed at the hair of black people as it appears they have on daniel "boone's" "coon" skin hat.

No, you guys are both wrong. It has nothing to do with skin color. Coonass reflects all lazy, no good, incestuious, drunken, uneducated people -- mostly men. When the Acadiens were exiled to Louisiana from Nova Scotia for being criminals and to a state that was considered unhabitable. The word implies that when you saw someone on their porch doing nothing all day but watching others, being lazy,uneducated and speaking French. Coonass is not limited to color but more to your background and who you are. So, Saban is batting 1000 and well on his way of insulting people from all nations. Well, at least I know what his head gear will consist of on the sideline at an Alabama football game. That will be a very pointed white hood.

Unless he wins 10 games this year he will wear his welcome out in Alabama. Then again maybe not. That is not exactly the State of brotherly love. There are still people there that raise the Rebel flag along with the Nation's flag. Anyway he is their problem now and word of advise to Mr.Saban be good to thr press there those good ol boys like to hunt on weekends.

glad to see your newspaper still thinks off the record means to publish or share any info. we want to; and that apology by darlington, wow, how heartfelt was that? the scumbag probably got a raise for releasing that "story"

Not trying to be a Saban apologist here, cause I am still pissed about how he left MIA, but please people, this is really not a big deal. Are you trying to tell me that you (yeah, you) have never told a joke about pepito (spic), Jerome (nigga - emphasis on the 'a' - it's ok if you say it with an ebonics accent), and Ira Goldstein (Jew) walking into a bar? It was a funny story he was telling about the people in Louisiana. If you read the entire transcript (of the "off the record" interview), he goes on to talk about how great the fans are there, using the 'coonass' story as an example of how committed they are to their team. I just can't wait for the day when race, color, creed, or sexual orientation are no longer issues and we don't have to analyze everybody's words for 'racially insensitive' remarks.

Oh, and I'd also like to point out that the reporters in the background of the tape seem to think that his comments were REALLY funny. So, who is really worse in this situation, the one who jokes, or those who laugh at the expense of the 'coonasses'...

...and then publish 'off the record' comments as real Journalism???

The last few months have been a tragic, unbearably devastating disappointment. First Nick Saban turns out not to be the superior coaching master Wayne (I really do want to win)Huizenga assured us he was. Then we find out he doesn't like Miami, then we find out he has the audacity to leave a job he doesn't like for a job he probably will (and which will pay him more money), then we find out he's not politically correct - and the most disturbing revelation of all, the press lies, exaggerates and, often, doesn't keep its word. Where's the COOL AID!!!!!

This Coonass story is the most ridiculous piece of "journalism" I have ever witnessed. The real story should be the complete lack of professional ethics demonstrated by your writer Mr. Dorkington. There was a time when a newspaper would fire a reporter for what he did. I hope he gets his just reward and is never granted another interview with anyone. He doesn't deserve the time of day from anyone worth interviewing.

Interesting that Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald chose to release this tape during Super Bowl week with all the news media in Miami. Also a week before signing day for high school recruits. This whole thing is over blown. Jeff Darlington's apology was empty. He broke the cardinal rule of journalism. His lack of trust and lack of integrity is showing. Don Shula and the Miami media need to grow up and move on.

"... although poor Jeff's biggest crime may have been leaking this to the rival station of 790 The Ticket, with whom The Herald has a business partnership."

Are you SERIOUS? Leaking this tape is a shining example of irresponsible journalism. There are plenty of papers where Darlington would be FIRED for this, and you're making light of it.

I am increasingly disgusted with the Miami Herald.

Hey Alabama! Have you not learned what Miami learned the hard way. You date the stripper(saban), you don't marry her and for certain you don't mortgage the farm for her.

Regardless of what coach Saban did in Miami,
he is gone.
There are people like ORLANDO at 560 WQAM,
that HATED coach Saban, even before he left.
This was not the first time that Orlando
went on the air, open a big mouth, yelling
and screaming with incorrect information.
During the head coach search, he went on the
air with information that he knew more about
hiring than the MIAMI DOLPHINS organization.
Also, other incorrect information
regarding the people involved with the hiring. The Dolphins communicated information to Orlando, that he read on the air that he was indeed wrong with the
information that he spewed on the air.
Orlando, was told not to put this information on the air from the MIAMI HERALD reporter.
Orlando, was trying
to make a name for himself. He wanted to be
Hank Goldberg. Orlando, wanted to say that he was the first to break a story.
This guy, called himself a JOURNALIST.
A good JOURNALIST has integrity.
I think in the future, other media members
are going to run when they have a story and Orlando is near by.
I don't blame the young reporter as much
as I blamed ORLANDO.
Orlando, should have known better. This reporter could have lost his job, in
addition to lost compensation.
Now, who will trust the MIAMI HERALD
reporter next time with a confidential
A word to the wise. Be careful what was
said in private, it may become public.

Now that Nick has left Miami expect to hear derogatory comments on Cubans perhaps. He'll have a field day blasting rednecks in Bama. Maybe he can be Joe Biden's running mate

Hunter D, below is a blog entry you probably missed a couple weeks ago when you had your feelings hurt. But you're back...

"Let's break this down. The word "hunter", when referring to an individual who stalks and kills dangerous wild prey is very masculine. Hunter as a name for a man? Very gay. If Mama spits out a baby boy and declares "you shall be known as Hunter!", the poor lad is destined to take a mile of cock in his day. Them's just the facts. Hunter D takes such offense to being called a homo because he feels he's being discriminated against. Someone secure in their masculenity could give a shit if you called him gay boy. Hunter D, you're a homo, plain and simple."

since tank is so well armed maybe we should drop him and his tattoos into iraq after the game where he could give some real men a helping hand.

Hunter D how are your asscheeks feeling after watching your Patsies get buttlubed by the Colts.

Jesus, Dave in VA I think Hunter D likes being abused. He must if he is back after asskicking he took last time he tried to be our "friend."


I wish you both the best, homophobic and raoul duke. You're two class individuals.

Hunter D, D as in DOUCHEBAG?

Hunter D and Bama fans what Ultramaroons, what Gull-a-bulls, what cocksuckers.

Hunter of Dicks I hear there is a BJ opening under Belichick's desk.

Cum on you guys.. Can't we all just get along?

In a perfect world, Auburn beats 'Bama yet again in 2007, Lil Nicky exits sewer pipe right and ends up in Canada coaching the Hempazoid.

bazookocircus25@aol.com played off as Hunter D on the 8:12PM post. Fuck you, fake ass mother fucker.

Little Ceasar - pretty funny, dude. Same fuck you cheers to you. Go blow Cam Cameron. What the fuck is his middle name - Camer?

Jizz Master Zero - nice name, bro. Fuck you, too.

Choda Boy - no, D stands for dick, as in dick up your girlfriend's ass and then in her mouth, eating her own shit and liking it, then you making out with her.

You all can blow me, you fucking puke bastard low-life pieces of shit.

There is no reasoning or even rational discussion with assholes like you.

I am DONE being your fucking punching bag - fuck you.

The Patriots will once again be better than you puke mother fucking dolphins in 2007.

Wasn't Jim DeFede fired for tape recording a conversation that he didn't even release to the public? Only in Miami would someone like DeFede, who often times is the voice of the "little guy" get fired while a sports reporter ends up with a slap on the wrist for releasing an "off the record" comment. Mr. Cote, tell your bosses we see their hypocrisy.

Wow, Hunter D is really pissed. I guess Tom Brady isn't the only crying bitch in the northeast.

Raoul, do you think he's gone for good this time? Did the reality check of being a man (or boy) named Hunter guaranteeing a lifetime of "the dirty sanchez" send him over the edge?

I don't. He abviously has no life if he contimuously infiltrates this Dolphins blog. He'll be back. Just probably as someone much more manly sounding, like Bruce, or Lawrence, or Tom Brady instead of Hunter.

Damn, he was mad though, huh? Hope he hasn't hung himself. But then, who really gives a shit?

Dave in VA, hard to tell if he's gone. It's abit mystifying why he insists on coming on this particular blog only to rag on Dolphin fans whether it be about Saban or how bad we suck. Then he gets over the top pissed off when we aren't more "rational" in response to his BS. Really the Boston Herald would be more to his liking yet he seems compelled to MAKE HIS POINT with us Dolphin fans. I don't get it. Hopefully he is gone though. I don't like having to get that nasty with people.

I hear you Raoul, guys like that tend to bring out the worst in me.

To all those who bash people that now hate Saban but loved him after 2005...

You're right, we are hypocrites. But you know what, I have no problem being a hypocrite or being called one. I'm comfortable with that.

I hate Daunte Culpepper right now. I loved him when we signed him, but I think he is the NFL's biggest disappointment since Ryan Leaf.

However, if he comes back and throws for 70 TDs next year, I would gladly cheer him anyday of the week. Because like I said, I'll go with whatever will get wins.

I'm not fairweathered. I still cheer for my Dolphins, but I'm not dumb either. If a person sucks, he sucks, and right now, Culpepper sucks. He may be great next year, but right now, he SUCKS.

Nick Saban will always be viewed in my eyes as a terrible blight that screwed my team. I will always hate him now and forever. I will be going to the Alabama game next year with a 30-foot sign that says something along the lines of "FU Nick" with a giant Dolphin logo giving Nick the finger.

Hope you like Mr. Coonasss, Alabama. Wait till he cuts and runs on you guys too. I can't wait.

Correction: Hope you like Alabama, Mr. Coonass.

I'm very anal about screwing up my grammar. Don't want to look like more of an idiot than I already do/am.

Saban is in the PERFECT place, TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA. A bunch of racist Palefaces whom stole Tuscaloosa from the NATIVE Choctaws and claiming it as their own. This Saban is an idiot. I am a NORTHERN White WOMAN whom know anything with the word "COON" attached at the end to describe a MINORITY is racist, point Blank. Saban's apology is compared to the APOLOGY of the Palefaces whom Polluted and destroyed the BLACK WARRIOR RIVER and now asking for HELP. Give me a break. Also to the Tank Johnson Comment, he's black, with tatoos, WOW. He also forgot to mention his significant other is WHITE and he has BI-RACIAL kids! Alabama really need to get with it on these racial issues, if ANYONE should be discriminated upon, it should be the PALEFACES for STEALING land from the AFRICANS and the NATIVES whom ORIGINALLY Owned IT!

Darlington should be fired. The Herald USED to stand for a higher standard in journalism. The Herald lost its right to bash Saban for being a two-faced/liar/betrayer when its own reporter committed exactly the same sin. Would Edwin Pope have committed such a journalistic sin? No. And if he had, you bet he'd have already resigned. It's a sad day for the Herald.

It's a huge shame for this renowned newspaper that Mr. Darlington chose to make off-the-record information public. There is no excuse for such a classless act by a journalist. The south Florida media's personal crusade vs. Nick Saban has to stop. Get over it! The guy made a business decision - accept it and be proud to have a coach like Cam Cameron. Back to Darlington: A public apology is the VERY LEAST that has to come!

The best part of the Saban Coonass story is that you colleague, a Herald reporter named Jeff Darlington was the guy that leaked the tape of the supposedly off the record remarks to Orlando Alzugaray of WQAM.

Love that journalistic integrity.

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