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February 14, 2006

For Heat, optimism battles pessimism

Aapr     The Heat's last two extreme results have mirrored this uneven, inconsistent, what-should-we-make-of-this-team season. A 36-point loss at Dallas is followed by an exhilirating home triumph over Detroit  -- led by Dwyane Wade's remarkable 18-point fourth quarter.

     The blowout loss begat predictable hand-wringing and Pat Riley-bashing as the rats began to jump ship. Now what? Does beating the Pistons bring everything back? The disillusioned fans? The championship hopes?

     People overreacted to the loss at Dallas and probably will overreact in the other direction now. Miami is what it is, and the past two games haven't changed that.

     This is a flawed team still in search of its rhthym, and with plenty of time left to find it. I say what I said before the season and a month ago and a week ago: The Heat will at least reach the conference finals vs. Detroit.

   The question now: Did Sunday's result matter much? Did it change your hopes or your opinion of this team's and its chances?


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i believe that stan van gundy has spent an adequate amount of time with his brood to get reacquainted with them; PAT RILEY:GO HOME-your wife may be placing bets behind your back!!!!!

People seem to not understand that the regular season is meaningless. and it all comes down to 7 games against Detroit in the playoffs. If Shaq, Wade, and Mourning are 100% for those seven games the Heat has a chance. Are we really afraid that the Wizards will give us a hard time in the first road? Come on,. we will be in the Eastern Conference Finals. Odds are we will be up five points with three minutes to go in game seven. And again, some way blow the lead, not pass it to shaq, and loose another heartbreaker game 7. So stop worrying about the regular season. Just start freaking out with minutes to go and blowing another game seven just like against the kinicks back in the day and the pistons last year.

Couldnt agree more Greg. The season is long from over and there is still time to right the ship we just need to see what happens. No need to freak out about one game.

Do you guys really think that the Heat can just "flip the switch" when the playoffs come??? You Heat fans need to be realistic. These are not the Lakers, who won 3 consecutive titles when, and I quote, " Shaq was in his prime!".

The Heat are lucky to be playing in the worst division in sports. You guys make it seem like the Heat will breeze thru the playoffs and face Detroit in the conference finals. HA HA...That's a bunch of crap! You're right, the Heat will manage to get the 2 or 3 seed, even though they will go winless against the top teams in the league.

But...If this team has to play Indiana or Milwaukee in the first round, I believe that the Heat will lose that series. Indiana, with Jermaine O'Neal back, is too tough, too experienced and too physical for the Heat. The Bucks have one of the best backourts and Miami has one of the worst perimeter defenses....not a good matchup.

If they do somehow manage to get to the conference finals, they will no doubt get swept by THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE.

Even if they beat the Pistons, then they will have to defeat the Spurs or the Mavs, whom if you Heat fans recall, just annihilated Miami by 36 last night!

Good luck Heat fans and keep on dreamin......

I think Big Blunder said it best.

Now pass the cheese.

Believe me I love this team (Heat franchise) but I am realistic. Defense is huge concerned. There will be no switch turned on in the playoffs because this team is nowhere nearly as defensively sound as last year's squad. The trades were a bad idea, it was totally subtraction by addition. The Artest trade wouldn't been a big boost but it's too late now. Hopefully we'll have a chance next year. The small forward and point guard rotation is a real concern defensively especially with not having Eddie Jones not covering for Dwayne Wade's growth denfensively. Maybe a trade before the deadline, if possible, will help but I'd be surprise if the Heat even makes it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Sorry fellow Heat fans, just keeping it real!

I believe Riley tinkered too much. He lost defense/athleticism in his moves this year. It's seems he is always trying to be too dynamic when making his deals when all that is required is a piece here and there. He basically set us back a year or two, wasting Shaq's last few years. It reminds me of the same way the Dolphins wasted a few of Dan Marino's years when they simple refused to address the defensive needs. Coker fires assistants when he should have looked at himself and now Riley's trying to blame the same players he brought in for their performance when he should look at himself. The regular season DOES MEAN SOMETHING, it helps to establish an identity and respect.

It all boils down to two names for me-- Antoine Walker and Eddie Jones.

'Twoine's NOT the answer the Heat needed to make them improve over last year--

If somehow we can get back another steady 3-man who can play defense, shoot 3's and take up the slack when Wade and Shaq are faltering (like Eddie Jones did last year, but Posey has completely failed to do this year, and Shannon Anderson's just not a good offensive player), and get a 4-man who can PLAY DEFENSE (Haslem's just not athletic/big enough, and Walker's a defensive joke), then we'll be back in contention... if Mourning's feeling healthy enough to fill that 4-man role in the playoffs, and gets some practice and game time in this role in the regular season, that'll be huge... if Simien starts to step up, that could fill this need as well...

PAT START TINKERING AND TRADING NOW! A few make-up trades can go a long-way in saving our championship dreams, becaue J-Will (when he's healthy) and Payton (when he's on) have been good additions to a team that was lacking a real point-guard last year.

yeah, i agree on all the right ups, its been too ridiculous seeing Heat loose to a team that they can beat.

Nevertheless defense matters most, because a good defense comes in a good offense, i'm an avid fan of the Heat specially the coming of Shag.

Last years line up is far more better than this year. But if you can execute defense, then its not too late you can overcome that great loose. Keep it up guys, open your minds, you have talents show it to them that you can do it. Play defense and i know u can do it.

Good luck guys!!!!!!

I was so disgusted I had to turn off the TV in the third quarter. The trades totally disrupted the team's chemistry. VA is totally correct, we needed a few pieces (bigger power forward, better point guard, 1-2 additional bench players), instead we got Antoine Walker and James Posey (I'll leave J-Will out of it, because despite the bum knees, he's been giving it his all). We either make some trades or risk getting embarassed in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs......

I agree with Big J and byt. It would not be a bad idea to play Doleac as a back up center and play Zo and Shaq together now so they get use to it, and have Walker play the three some time. The Pistons can't be beat with short slow players! The teams that give the Pistons a hard time match them in size at the 3 and 4.

Uhm.....this team is 30-20 because they're not that good. Shaq needs to hookup with Nutri-System and get serious about conditioning. Clearly he couldn't give a rats ass about the regular season and it shows.

I won't get on the chemistry bandwagon here, however, Antoine Walker is embarassing himself and does not belong on a Pat Riley team. Wanna get the ball from him??? Draw a picture of a basket on your Jersey.


Simien and Fitch need to be in every single game for the remainder of the season. If Haslem and/or J-Will are hurt for the Playoffs, my wife will be happy about all the quality time we'll have together...because the Heat post-season will be over real quick.

At least with Simien you have a big body player that has the ability to score. While he is not a great defender, I'd rather have him on the floor than Walker. When Walker is on the floor, he looks as if this season with the Heat is a big joke to him. I'd like to see him lose the occassional shimmy and stupid grin and see him get serious about playing. And if anyone knows him personally, please explain what passing the ball means.

As for Fitch, he could easily replace Payton for next season. Like Shaq, Payton is past his prime. However, unlike Shaq, Payton does not dominate his position as he once did. He is a step slower than he once was and he just doesn't bring every night like he used to. It's not to say that he is done, but there are options. Fitch mixes it up with the bigs for rebounds, scores and looks like he has potential in other areas. He needs the minutes to get ready in case they need him for the playoffs.

Coach Riley, let the young guys develop. You may already have all the pieces you need for the Championship...sitting at the end of your bench.

Amen to the remark about Payton losing a step....but that may be an understatement. They say as athletes get older they lose a step. But in Payton's case, it may be a flight of stairs.


This team has yet, after 50 games, to have their entire line up in a game. If it is not one person's problem or delema, it's the next. I still feel that this team brings in 8 starters a game and 7 of them can run the ball. The HEAT are 20 and 4 when they score over 100 points. Every key player can give their all for 30 minutes a game and play transaction basket ball with a half court defense. PLEASE READ THIS PAT!!

Sorry ladies and gents. I wanted to print transition basketball. Correction made. Thanks for reading. RUN the damn ball!

I enjoyed reading everyone's opinions. I think in one way or another you ALL share valid arguments. But, let's be honest...it all comes down to heart, or lack there of. The Miami Heat is filled with All-Stars who care more about their paychecks and corporate contracts than the fans...the fans that spend hours every week watching their games on t.v., purchasing season tickets, and even buying their promotional retail goods. But why would celebrity sports players actually care about what we think? They've got enough money in thier pockets to retire for the next six lifetimes. Maybe this is why most of my buddies prefer college basketball. I could go on for another sixty thousand words...but they're not worth it!

Guys, they lost to a team on a 13 game win streak at home, where Mark Cuban controls the refs.

Let's get back to reality here. Mourning was out, JWill has a broken finger, and Shaq is still recuperating.

When June comes around, none of those injuries will be in the way.

Don't let the Marc Steins of the world cause us to panic. Remember that both the Spurs and the Pistons were #2 seeds last year.

last time i checked, teams in the nba had twelve players each. it is the best twelve versus the best twelve at any given moment-there is no guarantee that zo or jason williams or anybody willbe at 100%( check last year's playoffs for the heat) this is a game that the heat should be able to be coached into winning. a negativwe result looms ominous for the playoffs

Hey Shadow, seems like you know alot. Except where the shift key is. The twelve Heat players just beat the twelve Pistons players, and of course I am sure that coaching was a factor. Before you bash Riley, recall that this team was a below .500 team before he brought in Wade and Shaq. Rather than rip him for not being Dallas this week, credit him for making this town have at least one top 5 team.

You have no idea what your talking about remember we changed coaches during the season which definetly slowed us down but we have a mastermind in Pat Riley so once everyone gets going theres no way they could stop us we have to many playmakers on this team. The process won't happen overnight but gradually you will see we're gonna become one of the best teams. Even last year when we didn't have as much talent as we do this year we still managed to make it to the finals with a hobbled shaq and if you remember right we came within minutes of reaching the finals if Dwayne Wade had not gotten hurt. So remember before the season is over your gonna be eating your words and your gonna jump on the ban wagon.


Bernie, with all due respect....I understand chemistry takes time, but how much time? We acquired 'so-called' seasoned veterans this year. It shouldn't take 60 games (including pre-season) if they are just that, VETERANS. True we've had some bumps along the way, injuries to Shaq, D-Will, etc...but that's where you're supposed to develope your reserves NOT send them to D leagues. We all know Riley is old-school and can be STUBBORN, which i think henders the team also. It's a real concern that they haven't jelled yet. I hope they don't think they can just 'turn it on' just because they are 'vets'. At some point 'you' have to perform because 'you've' got pride. Going to Phoenix and Dallas and SA and NEVER BEING in the game is NOT COOL. ESPECIALLY FOR A VETERAN TEAM. I think not playing Semien for one, is a horrible injustice to the kid and not even giving the top draft from last year A CHANCE is terrible. WHY EVEN DRAFT if this is the case? Don't let this win against Detroit mislead, they TRAILED the ENTIRE game. Showed a little fight to comeback and win. But ANY TEAM can have breaks go their way. 1-7 against elite teams is scary. I hope it gets better.


Ignorance is bliss. Apparently, for Mr. VA and the rest of the Miami haters, their ignorance will soon come to a shocking blow in their belief that Detroit is unstoppable. Miami is exactly what it is. A team with a lot of talent, but with veterans who have yet to show consistent effort defensively to prove they belong to the elite. Honestly, it doesn't matter whether they win against the great teams now. What Miami needs is more games with a set lineup and set rotation off the bench. Their defense can improve drastically with Shanon Anderson's contributions and the acquisition of a player such as George Lynch. Walker needs to go. He's no use for the Heat right now. Once we get a athletic perimeter player who can shoot and play defense, Detroit will be outmatched. Their bench lacks consistency and with GP's ability to guard Billups, there won't be an y open shots for Rasheed. Shaq clearly cannot be stopped by anyone on Detroit. Wade is almost invincible against Detroit in the 4th quarter. I'm not concerned at all. Actually, I like the fact that we're not supposed to win...with the superb records of Detroit and SA overshadowing our medicore success. It'll be a great way to shock the nation. And you know each Heat player will play with a chip on their shoulders knowing that there's disbelief around the league about their ability. And no one is better than Pat Riley to show them this and to inspire them. Once Riley is finished training and changing this team with a defensive tenacity, the rest of the EAST is finished. I'm sure Riles will pull the trigger for a trade before the deadline bringing in another competent perimeter player that can defend and shoot. And does anyone actually think Flip Saunders will win anything in the playoffs? He's a proven loser! After today's game, I thought Detroit were the Suns jacking up all those threes! Sooner or later, Detroit will rely so heavily on those threes that they will forget how to finish inside...and in the playoffs, you win playing big inside...not prancing around behind the arc throwing up hail mary's like last year's Suns and Sonics.

The win over Detroit may not be the tonic to cure all that is wrong with the Heat, but it did finally break the snide against the elite teams in the NBA. Imagine being swept by the Pistons in the regular season, and then having to find away to beat them 4 out of 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Even just one win over the Pistons eliminates the psychological barrior. They lost a competitive game against them in Detroit, and now won a competitive game against them at home. I can't wait for the final two games against this team. The Heat still have a shot at winning 3 out of 4 against the Pistons, and shifting the negativity and questions to Detroit.


i have utilized the shift key-just wanna make sure it works; thank you very much for the nice words. i am not so much of a riley-hater as i am a riley disappointee from that year with the knicks when he a) took anthony bonner out of the line-up to replace him with the NBA's alltime dog-of-dogs-charles smith (of univ of pittsburg; & b) did not realize that john starks was a better sixth-man than starter-(won the trophy the next year) and should have been yanked in game 7 against houston.

Hey Big J,

Antoine's not the answer but here's a newsflash : *NEITHER IS JAMES F'N POSEY WHO WAS BROUGHT HERE TO "REPLACE" EDDIE JONES!!*

I can't understand you people....Toine was brought here to provide some scoring, ballhandling, and rebounding off the bench which he has done(today's game notwithstanding). STOP THE HATIN'!

That the Heat win required a once-a-year type quarter from one of the league's top 5 players - in a game where Shaq also scored 31 -illustrates, simply, that the Pistons are better and will win a best of 7 if it comes to that. This is not about heart or fate or destiny; the Pistons are better and they are better than last year's Heat team and no, Eddie Jones would not have made a difference and no, it is not because of Antoine Walker or J. Williams' tendinitis or any of Riley's off-season moves. There is nothing the Heat can do now - or could have in the off season - to account for Detroit's starting five in a full series.

Notwithstanding, Wade is ridiculous.

miami fans are a joke. you guys are the same ppl that ripped eddie jones the whole time he was here. and now you miss him? the lineup of payton-anderson-wade-haslem and shaq matched up real well defensively against the pistons. wade's brilliance was obvious, but the lockdown defense we played on detroit in the 4th was sick. even the shots they made were contested very heavily. they've played 2 games against detroit so far, both going down to the wire, even in detroit. the heat are what they are.... sacramento has stunk all year, but they're fans remain damn loyal.... take a page out of a loyal sports town and support ur damn team.

the heat needed this win so bad david stern brought in the super bowl referees to get the job done. are you getting enough shots kobe wade?

First let me say that Miami Fans suck! You have no loyaly except when it comes to your ill-fated Dolphins, and well, you have no loyalty there either.

Here are some insights for Miami Heat success to at least reach the 2nd round of the playoffs;
1- Shannon Anderson needs to play at least 30 minutes a game for the rest of the season.
2- Udonis Haslem and Alonzo Mourning need to play the 4 position against teams that run a slower/setup offense with Shaq on the floor at the 5. They need to practice this and get synergy, so its recommended to get them used to it against for the rest of teh season. This also means getting Doleac on the floor to give Shaq rest or when in foul trouble.

how did the experts leave dwyane wade for the heat to get? le bron james understandable, but carmelo headcase and the project from europe taken ahead of wade? also amusing was the heat administration's reaction early on that they didn't realize what they were getting when they drafted wade- didn't they see him carry marquette to the final four by himself?(practically)

People come on this is Miami we have the greates player of all time, a rising star maybe the next Jordan and one of the toughest warriors this league has ever seen in ZO. Our complimentary players arent terrible. Jay Will has had a career year with a messed up knee. James Posey is having a career year shooting threes. Shaq is coming to form and the Heat just neede a spark a spark i believe they got by beating Detroit. The Heat is on and i wouldnt be surprised if they now start a winning streak like last year. This is championship caliber team and the pices are starting to come together and how bout Payton playing like the old days in Seattle. Watch out this team is becoming just that a team led by the two best players in the land. MIAMI ALL THE WAY!!!!!

I hate to disappoint the Miami Journalist, but dispite the Miami Heat's win yesterday. The DETROIT PISTON'S RECORD IS 41-9. Suckers, can't you see. If Tayshaun Prince had made that shot, you would've lost. Four of the Piston's are on the All Star. Can you people play ball? YOU JUST FIRED UP THE PISTON'S!!! They play extremely well with a chip. You have 1 and a half broke star Wade a star and What's his name? Your chemistry does not compare to Detroit. They are a heart-felt team. Miami is a team trying to prove something. Have you seen Detroit pick a fight. The Piston's still say that the Heat is a good team, what does the Heat say..... Nothing. Detroit is going to do what they always do, smile, shake your hands when you come and and then they are going to say what they said about SAS we remember... Have a good run.

I think we need improvement on our outside shhotin and the power forward position with walker...o n Shaq has GOT2 steep t up on D hes 2 scared n proud 4m havin others dunk on him he should def take a page outta Zo's book on dat 1 he got dunkd on countless times by vince but he kept on comin. If we want to beat Detroit we need a change NOW (get rid of walker) n mor defensiv ferocity... Anderson was amazin las nite n really contributed on D yestrday....i think Riley mite b givin him mor time now dat hes tryin 2 creat a defensiv team out of da Heat

o n btw jhonna...one n a half stars compared to da pistons' 4? plzzzzz we got TWO starters....how many u got? ill giv u som time 2 think about it. Shaq's lakers wer always known to raisin their game late in the season and in da playoffs...OK u mite say dis Heat team isnt anythin lyk da Lakers team bak then..but they never had a defensive presence anywer NEAR to ZO! We got a J-Will better than any point guard any of those Shaq-led Laker championship teams had INCLUDIN GP because he was wayyy past his prime alredy. So i suggest you wait, like all smart basketball analysts, for the last 20 games and THEN see how much of a chance the Heat has of winning

You are all fools for doubting the heat. Lets be honest, there is no way that last years squad has wat it takes to beat this years pistons. You gotta play the double edged sword and hope that reloading the team will work out. There's still 31 games left in the season. You have a squad like this to let shaq rest during the season as to not exhausted him like they did last year. This way, when the playoffs come, you "turn on the switch" and just goto shaq relentlessly. This team is slowly gonna grow up over the remainder of the season, then come playoff time, they're gonna do their damage. And for that guy who said they wouldnt be able to beat the Bucks in round one needs to get slapped. Let those guards penetrate all they want on mourning and see him swat shots left and right. Also, im sure andrew bogut has no idea wat its like to play shaq in at least 4 straight games, shaq might average 30 points a game in that series. Then, they face indiana in the second round, indiana trading artest loses their best defender for a great offensive threat, but lets be honest, no body on that team can stop wade anymore, heat win in 5 at most. Then on to the eastern conference finals vs detroit, its gonna go just like last year, each team will steal an away game and then it comes down to game 7 in detroit, and ben wallace has never, not once proven that he can stop shaq, shaq goes to work on him, and will deliver b/c he wont be hurt because they didnt exhaust them in the regular season. The season will be a success, there should not be any doubts in peoples minds, if they run their game correctly and get their shots off, they'll be there come the final minutes of game 7 at detroit. The only difference is you wont have 5 hurt players on the court, and damon jones wont pass up and open three. Shaq delivers the heat to the finals, the heat win it by 5 and then on to the finals which r uncharterted waters and we'll see how that goes, have faith people, pat riley knows wat he's doing, 4 championships is enough credencials, let him run the show and u'll see the heat finsh out the season strong and go to the finals

I use to live in Miami, and you guys are still non- spelling individuals from the South with no sense of a good team. Let me respond to the idiot on me, first REVIEW THE RECORD AGAIN, 41-9. I'll be nice, MIAMI has no defense, and hardly no offense, Detroit and The Spurs shut them down on Defense and Phoenix deals with Offense. Shaq is a nice OLD player. He is good for the PAINT only, everybody knows that. Also, the Heat can't turn it on and turn it off like Detroit. Detroit was doing that the first 35 games. Also, learn to count, you have 2 starters we have the same 5. Your starting 5 changes every week. Also, in case you haven't notice SHAQ DON'T PLAY FOR THE LAKERS!!!! The Heat will win some, but Shaq is getting older and Wade wants to be the star. So, as a good analyst I don't have to wait, I know by the stats and the team, Miami will win some, but they are still no match for Detroit. A piece of wisdom for you, " Working together as a team is effective in every phase of a persons life, Marriage, Work, Sports, etc. " Can you comprehend? When the Heat comes together as a Team within the next year, they will be a great contender until then, Sit back and learn, outta here!!!! Oh, I use to live in Miami, "GUESS WHERE I LIVE NOW, HE, HE."

The reason that this victory over the Pistons doesn't mean that all is well is that:

(a) It was based on last-quarter, heroic efforts by Wade (that's not how you win a 7-game series)

(b) It was ALL thanks to Shaq and Wade (who have never been the problem!)

ALL the problems which have made this year's team just better than mediocre (despite having 2 super-All Stars) were painfully evident:

'Toine scored his usual 2 points on 1-6 shooting, with no defensive presence.

Posey only took 2 shots!

Haslem only got 6 rebounds, and Wayne Simien didn't get a chance to play.

Mourning only played for 11 minutes.

What's more, even the bright spots of Pat's off-season trade (Payton and J-Will) only half-worked out (Payton-- who no one shold be criticizing-- he plays with a lot of heart and I'm glad we've got him-- all of you people in these blogs that like to criticize him for his age need to get a heart check--)

In a word, this win over the Pistons doesn't meant that all's well-- it might even mean that things are WORSE now than they were before, becuase it masks over ALL THE PROBLEMS WHICH EXISTED BEFORE, and might take some of the pressure off Pat to make the big changes that are required to save this team come Finals time!

As we learned last year, just SHAQ and WADE isn't enough-- they need a team around them, and this single victory over the PISTONS clearly illustrates that it's the "team around them" that Miami's still painfully lacking!

hey "the non-heat hater", how is it that you called someone "non-spelling" when clearly you are an illiterate fool with a 3rd grade education, and more importantly, bad judgemnt and no qualifications to pass judgement on a sports team. The "2 starters" he was referring to idiot, are in the All Star Game, as opposed to Detroits 4 backup players. Wow, your dumb.
As for the Heat, they dont have new starters every week, but will likely change thier rotation to include more minutes by Anderson and start playing Zo at the 4 with Shaq on the court.

They WILL make a trade during the break, believe that! and it will be a Forward, a good one, and you all will be so surprised to see who it will be. The deal is almost done.
Here's a hint, remember that Nike commercial a few years ago, with the guys dribble the ball and doing tricks and dancing to a hip-hop drum beat? Well, there we only three NBA players in that ad, and all three will be on teh Heat roster after the break.

First off, let's take this for what it is, a HEAT win over the PISTONS. It's all about matchups and as the game went on yesterday, riley started to find certain matchups he likes. Shaq on ANYBODY , Posey covering Prince, payton on billups, and anderson on hamilton, with two players like shaw and wade, all that has to be done is some tweaking of the other players, Let's be honest the heat found a way to win when really only their two all stars had good OFFENSIVE GAMES. I actually haven't been a big fan of the huge trade, but I can honestly say it doesn't really matter until the Eastern COnference FInals and how healthy the HEAT are. DOES everybody forget that the HEAT were up 3-2 after 5 games last season in the Eastern COnference Finals when WADE got hurt. AND DONT SAY THIS PISTONS TEAM IS BETTER THIS YEAR, ITS THE REGULAR SEASON. If anything their new offensive style is going to hurt them in the playoffs when those 3 pointers stop falling. Thats why the heat lost last year HEALTH ISSUES! You know the Pistons are gonna stay healthy. They just don't lose starters to injuries, for some reason it just doesn't happen. SO its all about the Heats' HEALTH- JUST WATCH AND SEE
GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!

What the win means is that Detroit can be beaten. Will Miami win in a 7-game series? Maybe, maybe not. But at least it breaks the jinx and Riles now canlook at what worked and hopefully develop it so that come June, he'll have a better idea of how to address Detroit's approach. Last time I heard, you still need to win seven games. Maybe the Heat can, maybe they won't. But you have arguably a goot set of players that you can still work on to achieve the goal. Won't come them out just yet.

MIAMI, remember this, "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT AN IGNORANT MAN IN AN ARGUMENT!" To say... I have a Master's degree. He, he nut-case. Case and Point read this "hey "the non-heat hater", how is it that you called someone "non-spelling" when clearly you are an illiterate fool with a 3rd grade education, and more importantly, bad judgemnt and no qualifications to pass judgement on a sports team. The "2 starters" he was referring to idiot, are in the All Star Game, as opposed to Detroits 4 backup players. Wow, your dumb.
As for the Heat, they dont have new starters every week, but will likely change thier rotation to include more minutes by Anderson and start playing Zo at the 4 with Shaq on the court.
Now, my turn, YOU HAVE TWO STARTERS, AND WE HAVE HOW MANY? Miami, you are welcome to tire out your main to players for a exhibition game, Mr./Ms. know it all. Also, let me point out something to everyone here. The lost between SAS and Cleveland proved something.

1. Any team can be beaten.
2. Something you still haven't realized
Detroit was beaten by a MISSED shot at the end, you out played Detroit the 4th quarter and we still would have beaten you if the the ball went in the basket.
3. SAS was beaten by 15-17 points, by a team just as good as you, only they have only one ALL STAR, (Lebron James). SAS is right under Detroit.

Come on guys!!! Wake up and smell the coffee. Also, Miami does not use the same starting five every week. Honestly "never knew there were people this stupid," do you watch the games? Also, check your spelling?
And to wadecounty, Have you been watching the games, the Pistons Offensive has improved tremendously. They are known for their defense, but with a better offense and still playing defense? Let me also remind you, yes Wade got hurt last year, but SHAQ didn't, and we still beat you. Yes Sir, the Pistons are definitely better this year, although you added, what is the true difference? Wade and Shaq are still the All Stars. If you people are not going to watch the games and Stats, you really shouldn't comment. Compare to last year's and you will see whose better and who isn't. Have a good one!!!!

J'HONNA - yeah and who was up 3-2 when WADE got HURT, and DIDN'T play in game 6? , ahh -SO IT IS ABOUT HEALTH! - YEah and the pistons historically CANNOT STOP WADE - he has HUGE GAMES AGAINST DETROIT WHEN HE's HEALTHY - if shaq plays like he did on sunday PISTONS are going down!, damn the PISTONS JUST TRADED DARKO - just think they could have had D-WADE! - HAHAHAHAHAHAH!


reiterated- how the **** could detroit have passed on mister wade- solid citizen, family man, fabulous ballplayer- for dorko m? no wonder larry brown got the heck out of detroit- how in the world could he have let any GM stick him with that project that will never amount to anything? who was detroit's GM at that time anyway?

I cannot see the Miami Heat going to the finals or even the conference finals.The Heat can't beat much of the good teams in the NBA and sundays win against the Pistons was all luck.


You're an IDIOT, if I never knew one. Healthy or not, grant you Wade is OK, but he is not capable of beaten the Pistons by himself, fruit-cake. We played you 3 times and you only won once by a missed shot. We shut him down twice, where were you? It's not about Health, it's about Talent. To all of you who are extremely stupid about the PISTONS!! Let me shed some light on DARKO. THINK IF YOU CAN, Darko didn't contribute to the Finals and will not now. Also, to the nut who stated a comment about Larry Brown, it takes a nut to make a comment about a coach who left the only other best team in the league besides SAS for a dream job with a team with 14-32 or something like that win. While we got rid of our excess load, you still have a team with no chemistry. And still the HEAT can't be the PISTONS. You are 33 and 20 or 21; and again we are 42-9. READ THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL. HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!!!!

Yes, Detroit is having a great season. They're probably the best team in the league so far in the SEASON...but guess what? Seasons don't win championships; legends do! Shaq's career speaks for itself, he has been winning championships throughout his career after ending up as the third seed of his conference! Wade will rise up to the ocassion, as we have always seen him do. The Pistons are having a great regualr season, but you, madame, are just getting to excited by passing judgement on the Heat and saying that they won't be able to beat your starless Pistons...DON'T HATE!

JOHANNA?, is that a little girls name, ah I thought so. D-wade is better than anyone on the pistons, anyone, and he he is wayyy younger than anyone on the pistons. I would say he is a little better than "OK" - He is fifth in points, fifth in steals, 9th in assts, #1 in free throw att per game and the 5th most efficient person in the NBA, none of which are pistons ahead of him - but thats OK?, :-) shows how much a little girl named JOhanna knows about the NBA - He has a better FG% than chauncey, prince, and rasheed. He's on the NBA all defensive team - he's 24 - thats OK - Your best player right now is a JOURNEYYY man that has played for BOSTON, TORONTO, DENVER, MINNESOTA, jeez give wade all that time and just imagine what he'll be able to do. He averages more rebounds, points, steals and almost as many as assists as your MVP, err -journey man does. Actually , what you guys have going for you is that you have a WORLD CLASS HEAD COACH, err FLIPPY (I haven't won anything but an all-star game) SAUNDERS. Piston fans have to feel great about Flip leading them to the promise land. HAHAH - oh by the way I don't think "OK" players put up triple doubles against the "great pistons" - oh yeah wade is #3 in the NBA in # of triple doubles, not one piston has one THIS year - Good Luck trying to cover shaq and wade in the playoffs MS. JOHANNA

OK People, now that you have frustrated yourself with ignorant comments, I have returned. Wadecounty, read your STATS, as evident as it was again, your're wrong. First lesson, read the spelling J'honna, not JOHANNA, Oh, and by the way, I remember the playoffs in the 80's, so I guess that address your age comment (how idiotic!!): 'Tione Don't Touch Da Ball! You are correct about the season's, but the season does have a drastic affect on the playoffs. Also remember, Shaq is not the same Shaq, and that is evident. Don't forget Wade was hurt last year, not Shaq. So if Shaq was the same, he could have controlled the game (and I don't Hate the Heat) "Wadecounty" Wade doesn't average too much of anything over Billups, Hamilton and Big Ben. Look up your stats. His FG% is not better than Billups, read your STATS, Ben Wallace is No. 2 or 3 in Rebounds, come on (DID YOU WATCH THE ALL STAR GAME?). If you are going to debate have your facts together. Just like we cover Wade and Shaq last year, wadecounty! WATCH THIS YEAR. Also, now that the All star game is over, tell me, what did you hear? What did you See? I thought so. Again, the Pistons are not a selfish team. They are recognized as being the best defensive team in the League. As you know, MIAMI DON'T PLAY DEFENSE. Also, what pulled the East above the West during the NBA ALLSTAR GAME. A DEFENSIVE TEAM. THE PISTONS WITH PAUL PIERCE AND LEBRON JAMES. You know, I refuse to argue with you people. Learn Basketball. See ya!!!!

sorry JoHanna, i guess u can't read either - wade shoots the rock at 48.9 % from the field - Billups 42.1% - but your right his FG% is not good as Billups - WTF r u talking about. By the way, this is MIAMI.COM not flipsaunders.com - so u can never win here, you are on a MIAMI website - obviously u have some infactuation with the Heat, it's ok - I know Miami is a better place to live, play basketball, and has a better basketball team than detroit. SO just mosey on back to detriot.com - and keep an eye on Shaq and Wade not playing "d" in the playoffs - GO FLIP!


I probably no Miami better than you do. I'm from Miami, I graduated from Miami Norland, and you have a NASTY MOUTH,(Clean it up.) Conversations aren't about winning, it's about Opinion. That's why I know you must be young. Miami is an OK place to live, but our snow storms don't destroy our homes as hurricanes, that's why I moved (But I still love Miami). Miami is a great tourist place, but your Basketball team is still 34-20 against DETROIT BASKETBALL 44-9. Also, don't be a fool, you know we will be in the playoffs (even if you don't make it). Don't forget your record is as good as Cleveland (better take a look), you will have to come up to our standards (if you make it), so you wait and see. Peace out.

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