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Luol Deng, Mario Chalmers, Chris Andersen agree to deals with Heat

Life after LeBron is coming together for the Heat.

In major victories for the team considering where it was on Friday, the Heat finalized a two-year deal with small forward Luol Deng on Sunday afternoon and followed that up with new contracts for Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen. Sunday’s haul gives the Heat four important free-agent signings since losing out on LeBron James. Chris Bosh, the most important piece of all, provided the Heat with vital free-agency momentum on Friday when he agreed to become the team’s interior anchor. Bosh was expected to sign a five-year max contract worth $118 million.

The Heat has rallied impressively since James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. 


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Gosh Deng this better work -

Pat Riley

Mcroberts is underrated, was Charlottes' best player besides big AL in round 1 vs Us. We have to put opt outs in Mcroberts n Bosh's contract for 2016, to have max cap and resign them

Dig Deng. Rio signing has EBALL dancing like he just won the World Cup.

Lots of respect and thanks to Arison and Riley for not curling up in the fetal position and playing dead (which everyone outside of Miami wishes we would) and putting together a quality team. Impossible to replace James but you have to soldier on. Besides, you never if a quality player will fall into your via the amnesty clause. Perhaps one of the young guys (Napier, Ennis, Hamilton) will break out. We were a proud franchise before LBJ and that will never change. Go Heat!

Would love to see Boozer become available. Gotta bolster our front court, unable to concede the rebounding battle any longer.

the Heat looking to assemble a better lineup right now than the Cavs.

I hope they are using Mario in a sign and trade to get Eric Bledsoe!

i like it ..

I also hope we can get Boozer. Not going nuts over Chalmers' return.... but, you never know. He might start playing better. We still need power in the middle.
If you guys watched the first play-off game between The Pacers and The Hawks, you saw West trying to bully Hawks' center Pero Antic. After the confrontation, the bully ended up being bullied. West tucked his tail between his legs . Antic was also the reason Hibert disappeared from the series. I WANT ANTIC ON THE MIAMI HEAT TEAM. He is a bruiser that can also play, shoot 3s as well as defend. Antic is on a second year of non-guaranteed 1.250.000 contract with Atlanta. We can get him if Riley wants him.
With UD, Boozer and Antic we will become totally different team.

Thank you Wade, Riley and co. First for the gracious way you handled James exit. The the rebuilding that is going on. With a visionary coaching, LeBron's absence might turn out a blessing. This is because his hard work in the past four years has made some players too lazy and to perform far below their capacity. If Bosh rediscovers his Toronto years and Wade finds his shooting, I see no reason why the Heat cannot win the East conference. Chalmers needs to improve. He has the talent but I am not sure why his development seem to be stalled.

Sorry for posting so much , but I forgot to mention someone else :
if Charlotte lets him go ( because he got arrested for a battery ), I'd love us picking up Hairston ( the pick we traded for S.N.). He is pretty good prospect for a two guard position and could come in to spell Wade. I had read he is a bit selfish and needs coaching thou. Might be worth looking into.

Yessss the Birdman is back!!!!

Burn it down and rise up from the ashes. Heat not dead yet. Even if they was, it's Heat until I die!......NOT THEY DIE!

Let's go Heat!

these guys will all step and show the world it was not a one man show.

A change in strategy would be helpful, go back to 2006 when Wade brought home the trophy with some help from Shaq. The Heat should go big this time. CB should add some bulk and with McRoberts and Birdman should be very strong in the middle plus enforcers like Haslem and possibly Beasly and Boozer (if available). Allen should be back. Just a wild idea, why not offer Stephenson a higher contract (Granger might help in recruiting), wow the Heat should be really transformed.

Nice RP, actually not doing back flips because RIO is coming back, I would like to see most of this team back together, with the new additions, of course. Believe I was calling Deng's name a couple of weeks ago, as he is the best LBJ defender in the league. Played 4 years of soccer in high school, but have zero interest in watching the World Cup - I know, ESPN trying to push it really really hard, but I'm not buying their agenda.

Boozer is trash, overrated and overpaid, we don't need that contract.

Hairston, you kidding right? So what we get rid of supercool to land this idiot?

No to Stevenson also. Let this fool understand his actions in the playoffs cost him millions. When that lesson is learned, only then, maybe, see if he's a fit for the Heat. We got Deng playing that spot now, so we good.

As far as lineups go, we are much stronger than the Cavs, right now. If they can get Love from Minny, that closes the gap a good bit. LBJ's move was about location and not (as many in the media want to portray it) lack of help in Miami.

Heat a class organization - who knew?

I didn't catch the info on Wade's contract, what were the numbers?

As a Miami native, I am proud the way the HEAT handled LBJ's return to Cleveland. We all knew he was here for a short time. In that time he as help bolster Miami onto the World Stage. We all wish him the best for himself and his family. The last 4 years have been the most I have been ever excited about watching basketball. Well done LeBron.

Are the Mavs getting Chandler Parsons and Lance Stevenson?

Let me break it down for the Miami heat fans.

A huge mistake by bring back Mario Chalmers because that means he would have to average 20 points or more a game and that is not going to happen because he's not a true point guard like a Dreck Rose or Tony Parker.

Chris Bosh would have to average 25-30 points a game and that ant going to happen.

Wade also will have to average 25- 30 points a game and that ant going to happen either because his knees are bad and he's too old.

Now Luol Deng is not LeBron James who average 30-40 points a game he might score 17-20 point a game and once in a blue moon 30 points.

Next year Chalmers will continue to struggle big time and this time he will lose his position for good to Shabazz Napier and the heat will trade him in the last year.

Also the pacers shouldn't have any problems beaten the heat now that LeBorn is gone

Chalmers wanted to stay with the heat because he only have to average 8- 9 points to start and play for the heat. But now that LeBorn James their scoring machine is gone the pressure is on Chalmers to score more than his little 8-9 points a game.

Chalmers have pulled the wool over the Miami heat fans eyes for six years and the wool have started falling off last year in the NBA Finals and will complexly come off next season and the fans will get to see what type of player Chalmers truly is an average very lucky point guard who fell through the cracks and ended up playing with three great players that made him look like a great player.

...well, add to that the fact that he was very lucky in winning that NCAA championship.

Sometimes luck happens at the crossroads of preparation and opportunity.

Not only pulling the wool over the Heat fans eyes, but apparently the whole Heat coaching staff, Pat Riley, Mickey Arison, and Lebron James. Damn, with so many people on RIO's side, I wonder what your credentials are to overcome that basketball school of knowledge. Oh, do tell Mr. Brown, what do you bring to the table as far as basketball knowledge to trump all those other opinions of RIO?


Dam, you got the whole lineup averaging 20+ pts a game. They never did that in the big 3 era. You might want to check your numbers again. Lebron never average 30-40 with MIAMI. Chris Bosh never averaged 25-30 with MIAMI. I do believe Rio will average 16 or better next year. The ball will be in his hands much more now that James is gone. It's his time to shine. I see 16 pts and 8 APG.
Wade needs to play every game that he can. No more coasting because every game will matter now.

We lost LBJ, unquestionably the best player in the game, but while we had "the best player in the game" we still lost our last four games.
No one player makes a team and I think Riley knows that fact and instead of curling up in a corner and hiding from the rest of the world, he did what winners do; he has been busy putting together an array of quality free agents that will assure the Heat fateful with continuing quality basketball in Miami.

Miami got championship players. Rio was a major contributor to the 2 they won.

The Heat lost 3 of it's last 4 games - remember they did tie the series up 1-1 with a road victory in Game 2. And they did have the lead late in the fourth quarter in Game 1 when LBJ left the game for good. After that, whew, the Spurs did the damn thing.

Terry Brown, just want to say your analysis was the dumbest, most simple-minded analysis I have ever seen of anything related to the NBA.

It's not a video game, you're not just throwing together points averages.

Coaching needs to change and start giving play time to rookies (Jr players). Beasley, Oden, Hamilton did not get much time in regular season last year. Spo has shown that he and his crew cannot develop players (look at San Antonio, Leonard, Green, Patty Mills, Splitter...). We need some changes in coaching staff too.....


No we don't. Let 'em prove themselves in practice, FIRST, and then they get a chance at game minutes.

Oden got more time this year than the last four years combined.

Beasley is a chump that nobody wants (except some hard-headed fans)

Cole, Wade, Haslem, RIO, all have developed as young players in this league, and for this team.

You don't win championships with young kids - how many years does this need to be shown to you people? I know ESPN would love to see Cavs vs Warriors every year, but it's just not in the cards, now is it? You don't have to buy what they are selling. Look at history to see the trends, not marketing.


Certainly not curling up in a fetal position is not a Pat Riley attitude. He is a winner and always will be because he knew all along this day was coming. We have some quality players coming in and with the nucleus returning without Labron will be more determined than ever.We do hail Labron and thank him for his great contributions but basketball is not a one man's game and we will learn how to play team basketball as a team. The epitome of this was shown in the last series with the Spurs..Go Heat

Still need a big in the middle....Boozer can help if at right price....and what is the word on Oden? Any interest on either side? Also, Greg Monroe has size and is a good scorer...any money left to go after him and would he be interested?

Boozer isn't that big, maybe 6'8", can't be depended upon late in the game, and his contract this year is like $14M. We'll take a pass. He isn't an upgrade over what Birdman brings.

By the way, who was our big in the middle the last four years we went to the finals? The Warden? Greg Oden? Birdman?

Yeah, Greg Monroe is a stud, but I don't think the numbers match for MIA.

If Boozer is amenstied...sorry for was my undertanding that chicago was still responsible for paying his salary..or most of it...i could be wrong...and yes, he is over rated but at this point....a 6'8" that can score is better than what we may have.....but I am not saying pay him a ton of money....right price he could be a bargain. And I still want to take a flyier on Oden if he wants to come back.

Wade has always been our franchise Son. Thanks for all the memories, big games, clutch drives---We love you Wade! The greatest Miami HEAT player of all time!

fact is we got beat by a better team this year. stop over reading this people. Miami need to have a strong bench with shooters, just as san Antonio did. The problem is Miami collects too many bench warmers who rarely play. Beasley, Oden, Jones rarely played all season long. Why sign a player who does not produce for the team. After riding LeBron so hard for 4 years, does anyone fault him for leaving. Note: It was the exact same reason he left Cleveland in the first place.

Note to Miami front Office: If you are signing players to the Roster, ensure they are players who can play quality minutes or the team. The starting 5 cannot play a majority of the minutes for 80+ games and still expected to produce night in and out. The scouts need to do a better job finding perimeter shooters who can space the floor and create shots. I am no rocket scientist but c'mon guyz, you know the game by now I am sure.

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