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Things falling into place for the Heat as meeting between Pat Riley and LeBron James looms

Things appear to be falling into place for Pat Riley as his meeting with Heat free agent LeBron James approaches.

After striking out on several of the league's top free agents, the Heat reportedly has signed two free agents who should help convince James to remain in Miami. The Heat lured power forward Josh McRoberts away from the Charlotte Hornets, the Herald confirmed on Monday. McRoberts' deal would be for four years, $23 million with a player option for the final year of the contract, according to a report by ESPN.

Minutes after news broke that McRoberts was headed to Miami, a report linked former Pacers and Clippers forward Danny Granger with the Heat. Yahoo!Sports reported the deal between the Heat and Granger at two years, $4.2 million. That would indicate that the Heat is using its bi-annual exception on Granger.

Free agents cannot sign until Thursday.

McRoberts delivered a standout performance against the Heat in the Hornets (then the Bobcats) first-round series against the Heat in the 2014 NBA playoffs. McRoberts averaged 11.5 points and 6.8 rebounds in four playoff games against the Heat.

Granger starred with the Pacers before being released by Indiana. He finished last season with the Clippers. 


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YES!!!! RILES has done it again!!! LOL..

Great job with getting McRoberts, maybe a little overpaid, but it seems like all the free agents this time around is getting too much money..
And I have been petitioning to get Granger here since he fell out of the rotation in Indy.. Awesome pick ups! Still would like to get Ariza, and maybe another big, MAKE SURE the heat sign James Ennis this year, and actually let their rookie Napier play... This will be an awesome and exciting team to watch as always!

Looks like the Granger deal is done before the 10th, his Wiki-Bio already states he plays for the Heat. I wonder about the McRoberts deal and what it means with concern to Bosh?

Does this mean Chris plays C this Yr.? (BAD IDEA!) Or does it mean McRoberts plays PF with Riley dissing Bosh and upping is offer to Gasol at around 12 to 14 Mil. per with Pau at C. In that scenario you could still maybe bring in an Evan Turner to split the 2-G with Wade.

Im hopping this its going to enough for LBJ to stay..

DFA goodman, your a clueless moron!!!


These signings are OK...not surprised that big free agent names balked at paltry Heat cap. Gotta believe Lebron and perhaps other 2 had some say in this.

So much much noise from talking-heads. But - why would Lebron go back to Cavs other than for his twilight years ?

Lebron must not be friends with both Wade & Bosh anymore if he let them opt out & walk away from guarantee $$$ especially Wade. That's beyond weird!

If reports are even close to being true...Lebron's agent must really be leveraging for a max Lebron deal from Riley or just really likes the drama. How could Snyder & Lebron ever co-exist ? Taking the "letter" down is too funny. Kyrie Irving hogs the ball. Even Gilbert's kid at the draft looks wimpy.


Anybody that decides Cleveland over Miami is crazy!
If LeBron goes home i'd be dumbfounded!'s my latest lame theory.

The noise about LBJ going to Cavs is a smokescreen...Bosh signing with Rockets is not. Riley knows the so-called Big 3 could not exist any longer without major pay cuts.

Wade is part of Heat history...he can't go anywhere anyway but did help out greatly by opting out of a horrendous Heat commitment of $42 mill over 2 years.

We all know LeBron deserves the max deal. That leaves Bosh...waiting & waiting. Lebron is the Godfather here...and will let Bosh know it's over for him and to take Houston's deal. THAT will free up huge cap space for Riley to finish off the job.

Which is it? Is James too loyal to let Bosh and Wade opt out without guaranteeing his own return, or is he looking to take Bosh out and have him whacked? This is all just too funny.

I don't know what James will do, but the idea that Miami has fixed a team that got brutalized in the finals by adding a broken down Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts is moronic. I think if James wants a title the smart move is to go to the Western Conference, but if he stays in the East, just about any team he goes to becomes a serious consideration for conference champion.

There's some pretty bold talk about what Cleveland has to offer, but in reality they have an All-Star PG, the #1 pickin this last draft, a handful of additional first round picks from the last 4 years, and up to 3 first round picks in the upcoming draft, which just might include Miami's pick if they don't stink too badly. That's a LOT of young talent that should keep them viable for years.

Miami on the other hand has the NBA version of the old folks home. Without James, they probably don't win their division.

Riley's like a used car salesman trying to sell James and other FAs on a car with a blown motor and faulty transmission by showing them the new air freshener he just hung from the mirror. He's been rebuffed by every serious FA he's approached, but JAMES will sign on for this? You can't be that stupid, can you?

McRoberts isn't an all star caliber, got it.. Granger isn't the same from 2 years ago, got it. But McRoberts is still a big body that can rebound and spread the floor, and granger can still be a good wing defender. And what killed the HEAT last year?? Rebounds, and 3 point shooting. You guys are thinking too much about names. Think of the system and how these two guys help. These were great pick ups. Deng and Gasol would have been great yes, but they also would have cost more money, so Riley basically just got a cheaper lower quality of those two guys. I think it was a great pick up. Now just bring in James Ennis who is ball in in the summer league, allow Napier to get comfortable with the HEAT and hopefully be that spark off the bench and we actually have a good young team. I think that would be enough to bring James back. A second unit of

Ray Allen
James Ennis
Josh McRoberts

That's some pretty good offense if you ask me.

Danny Granger wasn't released by the Pacers. Pacers traded him to the 76ers for Evan Turner. The 76ers then bought out his contract.

McRoberts was good for less than 5 rpg, ad shot 34% from 3-pt range. That doesn't sound like someone who's spread the floor and it sure as heck isn't somebody doing any rebounding. It's not the name, it's the lack of production from a 7 year vet.

As for Granger, he's as bad off as Wade is. It's sad to see, but his days of being relevant at either end of the floor seem to be over.

I'd also say that there is NOTHING about Miami that would qualify them as a young team of ANY type. It's an old roster and just keeps getting more decrepit every year. If James is interested in playing with young dynamic teams, he'll either go with Phoenix or Cleveland.

So, at present (CAPS indicates signed/very likely and also assuming Big Three return):

Jameer Nelson (possible and would be great)
Trevor Ariza (less likely) or Pau Gasol (even less likely) or Luol Deng (least likely)

ALLEN ("I stick w/ Lebron")
ANDERSEN ("It's fun here but pay me more")
COLE (under contract)
MCROBERTS (welcome!)
James Jones (so long as he's good to not play or make very much, all sides are fine)
HASLEM ("Heat 4 Life")
NAPIER (rookie)
Oden (long-term investment)
ENNIS (seasoned enough and ready)
GRANGER (welcome! get back to what you were, please!)

Leaving a few guys on the outs:
Super Cool Beas (sorry dude -- always rooting for you)
Rashard Lewis (can turn "I'm not dead yet" playoff performance into more $ and more playing time)
Justin Hamilton (how many tall guys shooting threes do we need)
Toney Douglas (scrappy but not enough of a difference-maker on defense or offense)

Failure to get Nelson would mean we keep Chalmers I think, but I think Nelson would be a better fit and would cost the same. Ariza / Gasol / Deng not that likely at this point, but would obviously take a starting role. Given Spoelstra's way of moving pieces around, and should any of those three join, each would just mean that other pieces change a bit -- Gasol would be a PF and Bosh stays at center; Deng would be maybe an SF with LeBron going more PF; Ariza would be more of an SG/SF and make them more small ball.

Should they fail to augment the starting unit, leaving just the Big Three, then McRoberts might end up on the floor with the starters at PF and PG would be an issue. And maybe Hamilton finds a spot on the roster, as they invested some time in him. Oden I assume they will work hard to keep b/c if he ever gets to even 1/4 the player he was in college, then he's a rich man's Joel Anthony (or a poor man's Roy Hibbert, or given how Hibbert played for parts of last year, a regular Roy Hibbert). So they will want to see if that works.

But overall, if you're LeBron ...

MCROBERTS --> Definite upgrade over 2014 Battier and slight upgrade over playoff Lewis
NAPIER --> Slight upgrade over Chalmers and Cole
GRANGER --> TBD, but probably slight upgrade over Beas
ENNIS --> Definite upgrade over Toney Douglas and better option than Allen as a starter when Wade sits

These are all great, Spurs-like complementary pieces (think Patty Mills or Marco Belinelli) ... round out the team, great contributions to specific games. But I think we're still missing the night-on-night difference maker, so the improvements are slight at this point. Really Gasol and Deng are the main options for that big improvement (no offense to Ariza and Nelson). So if Riley can grab one of those two, no issues re-signing LeBron and the rest. If neither come but he can get Ariza and Nelson, not splashy but not bad. No Ariza / Nelson / Deng / Gasol ... well, we're probably good enough to win the 2013 Finals, but not good enough to beat that 2014 Spurs playoff team. But then, I don't think even the Spurs are going to look THAT good next year -- that's kind of a once-in-a-decade NBA team performance. So LeBron + Riley can cross their fingers, or hopefully work just a little bit more South Beach magic. But getting one of the "large three" free agents still on their wish list would be a lot more reassuring.

I think James made his intentions of wanting a max deal to both Bosh & Wade. Bosh & Wade in turn opted out because if they didn't, they'd been blamed for LeBron leaving. I don't think James stated that he wanted them to opt out & he'd return to the Heat.

with the addition of:










just say'in....

hope we can convince the BIG 3 to take pay cuts just to have *PAU GASOL on HEAT UNIFORM...


Miami is a steaming mess right now. You can see it, I can see it, and you can be sure that James can see it. Is McRoberts an improvement over Lewis? Sure he is, but he's still 46th among NBA PFs in PER. Dallas offers Nowitzki and Brandan Wright, BOTH in the top 10. Phoenix has the Morris twins who are BOTH ranked higher than McRoberts. Even Cleveland has Thompson who ranks 35th among NBA PFs in PER. With those kind of options, why would James be impressed with McRoberts?

Granger and Oden are two players who have had their careers cut short by injury. It's unfortunate, but it's true. NEITHER will be more than just names any more.

And Ennis,is that who you're pinning your hopes to? You honestly feel that this D-leaguer will be the one to sway James?

Miami couldn't be in a worse position now. Riley has failed to upgrade the roster in any significant sense. He's put Bandades on bleeders and that's the pitch he'll make to James. NOBODY believes Miami has a team that can win a championship any more, and that includes James.

Maybe James will make the sentimental choice, but I think he showed 4 years ago that he's not about sentiment, he's about winning. Riley used that to his advantage 4 years ago, but now it will work against him. How can ANYBODY be surprised by the outcome?

Let's say LeBron rejoins the Cavaliers. The stars would all be lottery picks: James, Irving, Wiggins. Gilbert has not changed one bit in how he operates the Cavs franchise in the last 11 years. If Cleveland makes the playoffs, they can kiss the lottery picks good-bye and LeBron will be back to watching TV during the finals.

^^^ you forgot Bennett

2 more stiffs added by Riley does anyone who knows anything about BB think these 2 signings will get Heat a Championship , lala land dreaming.Bron isn't a idiot get rid of overpaid Bosh and tell Wade he has to accept being paid about 5 million a year nothing more he missed 28 games because of his knees last season does anyone think the knees will be better now haha.They should have worked a deal with Minn to trade bosh and draft picks for K love then Bron would have someone who could score, rebound and play some Defense.Bosh should have bulked up 4 years ago to play inside , if Houston pays him 88 million for 4 years that would be grand theft by Bosh and throwing money away by Rockets.He's not worth anywhere near that.

James Ennis isnt a D-Leaguer, The HEAT drafted him last year, sent him to AUstralia to develop his game more.. and he has been ballin! I think he even won the MVP over there.. The guy is scrub, not saying he's a superstar or even all-star.. (maybe maybe not) but he's a pretty good pickup

I was challenged to return after James' intentions were announced. Here I am.

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