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James Jones the latest former Heat player to join LeBron in Cleveland

Pat Riley couldn't keep them all in Miami, and on Wednesday forward James Jones agreed to join LeBron James in Cleveland, according to a report.

Jones, 33, spent six seasons with the Heat, winning two championships. Jones said at the end of the season that he wanted to remain in Miami, but LeBron apparently recruited Jones heavily. LeBron, Jones and Ray Allen went on vacation together to the Bahamas after the Heat lost to the Spurs in the NBA Finals.

LeBron received a commitment from another former Heat player on Tuesday when Mike Miller joined the Cavaliers. LeBron values both Jones and Miller for their abilities to spread the floor offensively on defense. LeBron openly called for Jones to be inserted into the Heat's rotation during the NBA playoffs.


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Thanks for the championships James. You will always be a member of the Heat Family. We love you!

Sad and surprising that Jones didn't stay a Heat player.

Not surprising...LeBron more than capable of subsidizing the low salaries of his homeboys.

@spivey, unfortunately true, not that Jones is doing what he thinks is best but that it seems as though Lebron started this separation/recruitment process before the socalled decision .. maybe even when he listed his Miami home in April. I take Lebron's word though when he refers to Miami as his second home.

Odd signing by Lebron...I mean Cleveland.

Don't think he would've played much with Heat anyway along with Rashard. Not exactly strong defenders.

Gotta feeling as more of the details of Lebron's departure come out...the more that chip on the Heat's shoulder gets a whole lot bigger.

That chip is a big boulder now! LeBron's decision to come to Miami had an ulterior motive behind it. This has now all come to light. He came here to learn how to be a champion since he was already crowned King without a crown. He also came to recruit players to come to Cleveland so he can be there hero. He wants to bring a championship to Cleveland since they have not won ANYTHING since 1964. That's fine, but to try and gut the Miami Heat team along with it, is wrong. I hope his entire plan FAIL. I am pissed off about it. He is a selfish, treacherous guy and he has serious integrity issues. As a matter of fact, he has no character or integrity. He will literally turn on his momma in order to win a championship for Cleveland, AND because of that, they will not win ANY!

Your wrong Denise. what a total kunt you are!

We love LeBron James and can never fault a guy for wanting to go home.
If not the HEAT we'll be rooting for James & Cleveland.

Lebron uses going HOME as his reason/ excuse for leaving Miami. Realistically, isn't HOME where you've been most successful? Where you are welcomed and loved by the people around you? Where you've built a championship foundation?In that case, HOME was the Miami Heat. Oh well, I guess he doesn't remember when they burned his jerseys 4 years ago. Good luck Lebron. From- HOME

Jones will be playing behind Miller in Cleveland, again, and if Ray signs with them, he won't see the floor - just like in Miami.

Can't wait to hear the media ream Mike Miller for changing teams just to 'chase championship rings'. Certainly will say the same about Gasol leaving LA for Chitown. Think we'll hear any of that, or was that criticism solely aimed at LBJ?

All the LBJ news is positive - just like all the news 4 years ago was slanted negative. Notice nobody gives a rats behind about the Heat fans feelings, as opposed to the Cav fans crying in the bars, which we were all supposed to 'feel their pain'.

I don't watch PTI that often (I tend to like Wilbon's comments) but Kornheiser gives the Heat no chance of doing anything next year. He's good at spouting the company line, isn't he?

How to build a team in the NBA? Be a team in a declining awful city to live in. Have terrible ownership and a dysfunctional front office. Be so bad you get the #1 pick and draft one of the greatest of all time. Don't surround that player with talent and lose him in free agency to a team in one of the hottest cities in the world managed by a great owner and one of the greatest basketball minds in NBA history. Have your owner publicly call that player a coward. Then be a lottery team for four more years and luck into three #1 picks. Here is where it gets tricky. Somehow you have to convince that player who your owner called a coward to leave the world class city with a world class team/owner/GM who has done everything they promised they would do. You need one more element to make it happen. You have to hope that the 5 guys surrounding that player are upset that they don't have the run of the organization and beg the player to go home again. Then finally against all odds you get that player back from the organization that proved itself, you have to hope that he will steal some of his teammates to come back with him. WINNING FORMULA!

LBJ had talent around him in Cleveland first time, just didn't have the coaching staff to win it all, like he did in MIAMI.

eyeballtwo, he had TALENT!?!? really!?!? Ira newble? drew gooden? Donyell marshal? damon jones? Mo Williams? delonte west? sasha pavlic? really????

I am anticipating a LBJ's frustration comes playoff time. He may have to blame coaching staff for poor preparation when losses files up. LBJ may opt to coach himself or request Ray Allen to oversee the coaching. I do hope he learns that winning can not just be accomplished by only single superstar but by multiple players. History will judge LBJ if he can win more titles while he is away from his college experience at Miami Heat.

Roly, the cavs will win the east

Shaq, Antwann Jamison, Big Z, etc...

But, I am a bit confused, as to why you would say he didn't have any talent around him during his first stint in Cleveland (which include guys that had made the All-Star team), but now you are claiming they are going to win the East with the roster they have now????? Is Sideshow Bob going to have a break out year?

Seems Lebron really had bad blood with Heat Spo for not paying this guy and Spo's rotation/strategy (I sort of agree) and Heat management for amnestying Mike Miller and keeping Spo as coach. I think it was more about management that made Lebron leave - i.e.With Coach Spo, the championship window closes quick cause he can't get Manu Ginobli production from aging DWade (or Tony parker, given Wade is younger than parker)and can't even get Tim Duncan numbers from a more athletic and in his prime Bosh. And Riley needs to stop with picking up bargain basement, broken players. His amnesty pick ups are cool, but his free agent wish list is less than stellar (McRoberts, really?!?). Sometime quality is better than quantity. One good player may be better than 3 broken players playing off their ex all-star skills like Juwan Howard or Granger.

LBJ isn't that stupid - to leave a team with a Championship coaching STAFF, and go to a club with a coach that has ZERO NBA wins, because he didn't play your boya enough minutes. Who's minutes was Jones supposed to take? Ray - nope. Battier - nope. Shard - nope. supercool - OK, we may be onto something here. Every player has a different rotation that what the coaching STAFF has, but I'm sure that isn't why LBJ left Miami.

And, again, we judging the last four tremendously positive seasons on the last 3 games they played? That's a stretch - like seven people at the IRS ALL having their hard drives go kaput at the same time. Probably coincidence, but we'll never (stonewall) get to the (stonewall) bottom of that (stonewall) little diversion, now will we.

Boris Diaw was a bargain basement pickup for the Spurs. Danny Green had been cut from the Spurs club before he caught fire. You can put all your eggs into one big free agent pickup, but proven veterans usually win titles, while the flava-of-the-monff gets the (regular season) headlines.

none of those guys I mentioned were allstars in the 07'09' roster yes shaq 10' but he was old and moldy hardly ever contributed to cavs wins.

Antwon Jamison was a mistake by Danny Ferry, should have gotten amarie stoudmire.

Ray Allen wasn't an All-Star any years with the Heat, and he proved very valuable to the franchise.

Danny Ferry was going to sign Amare, but couldn't get around the fire codes in Ohio that stated he couldn't remove all of the wall extinquishers. Yeah, the Knicks signing Amare has turned out to be a real nice pickup for that franchise.

Shaq still was talking like he had game when he was with the Cavs, you tell him he was moldy. The Big League Minimum.

Danny ferry was never going to sign Amare. It would have been through a trade with Phoenix and everybody thought he was going to do that. He didn't he even said that was a smoke screen because he wanted Antwon and big z had to been traded to the Wiz but would been released and resigned by the cavs.

Guys, that's how Lebron & his high school buddies...I mean his agent and closest friends roll. THEY are going to run that the Cavs even more than before. I didn't particularly relate to Riley's press conference...but do believe he did draw the line in the sand with Lebron's knuckleheads. Now...that said, Lebron has obviously benefited from some type of support having almost zero issues off the court.

Still think Heat will reflect more of a team dynamic...more everything from Spo's coaching to other guys stepping up - totally a better fan visual win or lose vs Lebron's Cavs with him shouldering the load more than ever. Think anybody picking the Cavs to win East are dead wrong.

your saying LeBron had talent around him in Cleveland. No he just elevated everybody's game. that's why we won 66 and 61 games respectively. however only won 19 games when he left.

yea the cavs won 33 games last season but 11 games they should have won losing a 12-15 point lead going into the 4th quarter. they win 6 out of 11 and they make the playoffs. they were 17-16 after all star break. It was poor coaching on cavs part.

The Heat never offered James Jones so it's wrong to say LeBron took him from us, he was not in Riley's plans.

I don't see LeBron winning in Cleveland, when you have a losing culture like that franchise has it's too difficult to overcome without cleaning house. It might get ugly before it gets better.

Love the way the Heat are retooling and I'm looking forward to owning LeBron and the Cavs this season.

Marios, I guarantee The cavs will sweep the heat this season.

I'ld take some of that action DBO, but if history is any indication, you won't be on this blog in November. You're just a drive by commenter, like the Celtic and Kobe fans that show up occasionally to take shots at the Heat fan base.

It's all good. You know where to reach us, and it won't be on the Cleveland papers' sites. Come gloat early in the season, because we won't hear from you come playoff time.


actually eyeballtwo, I am not a drive by commenter. I am an avid Dolphin fan and you can see me a lot on Armando's blog now and during the season. I have to keep Trolls honest such as names of 2watt, homes, and ape tamer and keep them under control. So your saying the cavs wont make the playoffs??? lol

BTW Go Dolphins!!! I am really hoping for playoff with them.

Cle is not winning a title n will not make the finals this year. dwade will come back on a mission as his best friend basically dissed him . Who leave a team that goes to 4 straight finals? '

He should not be put on a pedestal in MIami, and those of U that dont remember MCROBERTS DOMINATING the heat in round 1 vs charlotte, U dont watch basketball . GREAT PICKUP-- Bosh, deng, wade, n NcRoberts as a 4 some is pretry good, and we have more depth than CLE.

Hope the heat play CLE in the playoffs....

LERBON FANS-- If U believe his 2 yr plan is for the 2016 CBA your idiots. Why did he need to be a free agent next sumemer than/ he has a 1 year deal with option. ? HE WILL BOLT IF THEy dont wiN

Lebron, Love, Irving = eastern conference finals. and yes it is for 2016 cba. get a clue. he is not going to be a mercenary. and some here thinks its is to lure Durant here in 2016 if love doesn't come. Don't you remember when Lebron invited kevin Durant to work out at Akron University? Oh and youtube LeBron and Durant flag football game inside the zips indoor practice field. He wanted to show him around NE Ohio.

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