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Cavaliers wheeling and dealing for LeBron in hours before Heat's meeting in Las Vegas

With a meeting between LeBron James and the Heat scheduled for Wednesday in Las Vegas, the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing a move that will either be consider brilliant or desperate once LeBron decides on his future.

In a three-team deal that also includes the Boston Celtics, the Cavs are set to trade Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday to create additional salary-cap space for LeBron, according to a report by Meanwhile Cleveland has sent Tyler Zeller and a future first-round pick to the Celtics. The Celtics also reportedly will acquire Brooklyn's Marcus Thornton in the deal.

The Cavaliers also have reached out to Ray Allen, ESPN reported. Allen has stated that he would like to play with LeBron next season, but the 18-year veteran also has considered retirement.

The three-team trade cannot actually happen until 12:01 a.m. on Thursday when the NBA's moratorium on free agency ends.

The timing of this massive trade news is no coincidence. Riley and the Heat will pitch LeBron on remaining in Miami today.


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I will officially admit that I am not nearly as confident as I once was. It is still mind boggling that Lebron would return to work with that scumbag owner, an unproven coach from Israel, with an unproven roster and always injured Kyrie Irving. It is a much bigger risk for Lebron's legacy to return to Cleveland, then if he returned to Miami, where they would clearly be the favorites to return to the Finals a 5th straight season. What if Kyrie gets hurt, what if the new coach is not fit for the NBA game, etc. There are definitely more if's then if he returned to Miami. We'll see, but I'm leaning towards him possibly making a return to Cleveland, even though it may end up burning his legacy in the long-run.

Legacy. I think LeBron making amends with his hometown does more to enhance his legacy than anything. Sure Dan Gilbert is a scumbag and Cleveland will never be mistaken for Miami Beach, but home is always where the heart is and the heart sometimes wins over the brain. Sure there are many unknowns in Cleveland, but the same could said for the Miami Heat. D-Wade is definitely on the down slide and Chris Bosh has a max offer to play with Houston. Bottom line, the Cavs roster has more upside than the Heat's and let's be real, LeBron led the Heat to four straight Finals appearances and two championships. He is the unquestioned best player on the planet. He's already taken a team in Cleveland with a mediocre roster to a Finals appearance in 2009 and with a Cavs roster that includes Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins and Dion Waiters is markedly better than that team. People tend to forget that Eric Spoelstra was a relative unknown coach who had done nothing in the NBA until LeBron's arrival and look what LeBron did for him. Miami Heat fan. If LeBron really wants to challenge himself, going back to Cleveland and molding the young guys there into a championship contender would only cement his greatness even further. Heat fans let's be real, all runs come to an end. Just ask the Bulls, Lakers, Pistons and Celtics. It's a toss-up now, but LeBron going back to Cleveland wouldn't surprise me and I wouldn't hate him for doing it (and I'm a Celtics fan living in Miami Beach who appreciates NBA basketball and it's business). It's FAN-TASTIC!

I amend my 2009 Cavs Finals appearance to 2007. My bad.

You can talk molding all you wan but if he goes back he's not winning anytime soon...Irving has played less games than wade the past 3 yrs had a major injury that forced him to miss his college career, bosh would not leave if LeBron wants him in Miami, Dion Cant play with irving, wiggins is unproven and un top of that most ppl believe parker is the better player. with Anderson and an unproven coach that is a ?... really your going to tell me this young team which young teams never win with that coach is going to beat pops spurs or docs clippers even dallas please

kyrie irving is 9 yrs younger than dwade, and is every bit as injury prone. that would be lebron';s ace teammate for the next 3 yrs.

wiggins could be the real deal, but if lebron's priority is to win titles, he does not go to cleveland. pundits like to pt out wade is on the downside....downside for wade is as good as irving's present. bosh impacts a basketball game more than anybody on cavs roster.

if he goes to cleveland, its for sentimental reasons. cavs wont be title ready for another 2-3 yrs. and thats IF irving stays healthy (he never does), and if wiggins matches the hype. dont forget, in 7 yrs in cleveland, lebron and all his skills were able to recruit a washed up antwan jamison and an ancient shaq. thats it as far as sidekicks. he's playing with 2 hall of famers right now.

LeBron needs to stay in Miami. He is not welcome in Northeast Ohio. No offense to Miami Heat. They picked up a true superstar when they convinced James to come to Miami but James has forever angered a very loyal fan base in Ohio. Long live the King in South Beach. You are not welcome in Ohio.

Sorry Heat fans (all two of you), LeBron is coming back home...O-H!

I am a Cavs fan. Always have been, always will be. All the way back to Nate Thurmond, Bingo Smith etc.

Life is about more than sports. LeBron needs to learn what loyalty means. LeBron needs to learn what dedication means. LeBron needs to learn what it means to be an adult and live with your choices and decisions.

For goodness sake LeBron, grow up and act like an adult. Don't string along thousands of loyal Heat fans with your incessant need for attention and zillions of dollars. Simply say, "I am a Heat player, for today and until I retire." You will finally show a level of maturity and grace.

Cleveland is history. You made your choice, now live with it.

Miami sports fans are the worst, that alone is enough to leave. Welcome home Lebron.

Yea Jimmy, because there's a TON of Cleveland fans, right!!! Nobody gave a damn about the Cavs, including people in Cleveland, until 2003. Go back to your cesspool.

Let's not blame Lebron for his right to decide. We don't have to root for his success, but he is owed cheers for all he has done in Miami and WE ARE NOT CLEVELAND FANS.

Unfortunately what may cost the Heat Lebron is Riley isn't willing to make the moves Sterling is - from making trades to upgrading at the coaching position by adding offensive coaches...Riley is only talking defense and that's what Spo needs to handle - being a top 5 coach in defense, but did he look at the offense?! Yes defense is good, but defense expends a lot of energy when there is no offense hence you have a team with superstar players but who are too tired to score and only win games by 1 - 5 points...Offensive game planning is actually worst than the defensive failings...

4 finals, 2 wins - DWade seems to be more on upping his social status than his game, Spo regressed as a coach, and Riley's lack of can you blame Lebron and that's coming from a Homer, HEAT fan since day 1...

I have no idea where LeBron will end up but only a Celtics fan could write the moronic dribble that "Chucky Z"

I agree with the posts regarding the Cavs not being ready to win anytime soon. I'm very surprised at the amount of analysts who are saying the Cavs give LeBron a better chance of winning than the Heat. The Cavs were 33-49 last season. Irving is injury prone and Wiggins has yet to play a game in the NBA. Waiters had a decent season on paper, but someone has to score points. The fact is that with Irving and Waiters the Cavs were still a losing team in a very weak Eastern Conference. Also, can anyone tell me anything about their new coach without looking it up on google?

Meanwhile, the Heat just went to their 4th consecutive NBA Finals. Yes, they lost convincingly, but people aren't giving the Spurs enough credit. They shot lights out and were simply the better team this year. They were also a terrible matchup for the Heat. I still believe Miami would have beaten OKC or the Clippers if those teams had made the finals.

Having said this, if LeBron chooses to go back to Cleveland, I will understand his reasons. I am thankful for the terrific 4 years he has provided us fans. But please don't tell me he is leaving because the Cavs have a better chance of winning.

4 finals, 2 wins Maybe lebron's bar was set higher than Spo's - DWade seems to be more on upping his social status than his game, Spo regressed as a coach, and Riley's lack of can you blame Lebron and that's coming from a Homer, HEAT fan since day 1...

Honestly, look at the way the heat lost in the finals...always down 20 points...No coach lets that happen. That's a coaching problem. You may get swept (not with the talent the heat has), but one game you lose by 20, the other by 1, etc...but when you constantly lose by 20 pts for 4 games, then that means coaching didn't do their job or make the correct adjustments. Maybe Lebron knows Spo isn't leaving and he can't be successful with Spo, so he's ready to move on...

DWade should have pushed harder in the off season also.

From the writing on the wall, with Bosh still holding out, I think Lebron may be leaving and so may Bosh.

LeBron is a jackass

Hey TK, if Cleveland fans are so great how come they lost a hockey team, a football team and their baseball team consistently flounders near the bottom half in attendance. By what parameter do you know how great your fans are. They are 30th out of 30 teams in attendance in baseball. Oh I get it the phantom fans you made up your mind.

If LB were a youngster in his 1st or 2nd year, I could see going where the $$$ takes you, but for the love of God, he DOESN'T need anymore $$$, stay with Heat, we got a great new draft pick and some good FA's, and if he comes back then surely Bosh and Wade will, and we can get that no. 3, then 4, then maybe 5. Have some loyalty for crying out loud, and make Miami a dynasty.

"Miami sports fans are the worst, that alone is enough to leave. Welcome home Lebron."

Like the "fans" in Cleveland who wouldn't show up to the ballpark to watch the Indians playoff push in 2013. If you want to pay "who's the better sports town" then try supporting the only decent franchise in your city, for starters.

Sign Lebron, Paul Gasol, UD, Ray Allen, Birdman and Deng. Let Bosh go. We will have enough big men to compete then.

LeBron, become a man. Jordan did not win a championship every year with the Bulls. Kobe has not won a championship every year with the Lakers. Great players, no legends, have commitment in their eyes, not dollar signs. You have to forever live with the crap you extruded onto Cavalier fans, tough. Live with it. Don't make it worse by doing it to Heat fans too. Just stop the theatrics for God's sake. I am starting to think you are a just 3 year old who loves the attention.

Gary. "Moronic Dribble"?? What the heck are you talking about? You must be a Miami homer because if you analyze my post without rose colored glasses, you could actually see the points I'm making. You see, Gary, I've actually traveled to Cleveland and Akron in my lifetime (and yeah it's no Miami Beach) Second, I moved to Miami Beach from the Boston area, but UNLIKE LeBron, I do not own an $8 million dollar mansion in my home state and I do not bank close to $100 million a year in salary, therefore limiting my option of returning home. Thirdly, you can rant all about how injured Kyrie Irving is, how Andrew Wiggins and Dion Waiters are unproven and their coach is a no name, but if you look closely other than Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger, Norris Cole and Justin Hamilton can you name another player on the Heat roster? NO..You cannot.Before 2010 NO ONE outside of Miami (other than hardcore Heat fans) knew who Eric Spoelstra was. So Gary, take off them rose colored glasses and face reality. LeBron going home and making them an instant contender is a great story line and will do nothing but enhance his legacy. The greatest player on the planet makes ANY TEAM he goes to an instant contender in the East. Coming back to Miami guarantees NOTHING because outside of the players I just named, Miami has NADA. Bottom line, I hope LeBron leaves so all the cheese and wine bandwagon fans jump off and I can go watch some NBA basketball for a reasonable price again. All good things must come to an end Gary. Just ask Chicago, Detroit, LA and Boston about that. And in my best Dan Gilbert voice, Enjoy it when the Boston Celtics win another championship before the Miami Heat do. Thank Danny Ainge while your at it, because of him, YOUR KING is going back home to Cleveland for the REDEMPTION SONG! CELTIC PRIDE (Care to dribble another ball off your mouth and out of bounds for another turnover, Gary?)

This is crazy. Keep dreaming NE Ohio. I am from OH born in Sandtown. Danny Ferry had 7 years to put together a roster he could not. Lebron is staying in Miami and Melo will be here to play with him. Hype all you want. He will not go play for a coach that he does not know. I am a huge CAVS fan. I also am a HEAT fan. Sorry, Lebron does not go back and play for the owner that for 4 years kept his comments public for all of us to see

Miami Fans ignorrance to this entire situation is beyond even commenting about. The only thing I will comment on is the fact that it is ludicrous to say that Cleveland has bad fans. C'mon, are you kidding me. 50 years without any kind of championship, and still the support of the sports teams is incredible. NEVER and I mean NEVER would fans walk out of an NBA finals game, win or lose before the outcome. There would not have been a seat in the house that was not on their feet cheering for the ride, win or lose.

Steve, I've been a NE Ohio sports fan since I was born. I'm not sure if I agree that Cavs fans would not have walked out of a championship game for such a poor performance. The Heat are an elite team and they should never have been blown out by an old Spurs team.

Something is very wrong inside the Heat organization. Maybe it is LeBron himself who is creating the tension since he refuses to simply man-up and state his intentions. How does it impact his teammates when they look at him and wonder, "Are you here next year dude?" Why should they lay themselves out for LeBron? He has yet to prove he can withstand adversity. He is not yet a grown man.

LeBron (or LeBum) makes me sick with his, "oooooooo, woo me!" "Tell me how wonderful I am." "Throw all your money at me." "Get me great teammates so I don't have to be a leader." What a sad excuse for a teammate.

Did Jordan ever create this kind of side show, carnival atmosphere? No. He was all about winning. Business was on the side. Could Jordan have made more money by going free agent and shopping himself on the market? Of course.

Superstars like Jordan and Kobe realize that their team was about winning championships. Their business was about merchandising. Win, and the business takes care of itself. Whine and you are forever a loser no matter how rings you have.

Well, read a lot of BS in the last few days, but JeffZ, you my man, take the cake.

Did Jordan ever create a side show, carnival atmosphere? When were you born dude? After 1993? Jordan ALL ABOUT WINNING? Remember those DC years? I do? Was that winning or distraction? Did he set that organization back a few years. I think they made the playoffs before he got there, but didn't when he was there, right? And that Kwame Brown signing will go down in history.

You don't remember Jordan hammering ownership in the media? Yeah, it wsa the owners who ran Phil out of town, right?

Kobe and whiner go hand in hand. How many years did he pout and whine and bitch in the media about his organization, threatening to leave if this or that didn't happen?

Go back and do some research, or did your hard drive mysteriously disappear with Lois Lerner's.

And you can tell the fools on here that have never coached basketball at any level. Stop hating on SPO, or we'll call you racist for hating on a Philipino.

Bron is going to Cleveland.. Love to keep him at Miami, but I can understand if he made the move back. Now, I would ask for a public apology (Op-ed letter), posted on the website from the owner before he signs on the dotted line. But with him signing Johnny football, family, business, and the allure of leading the Cavs to a title, will be too much.. Now, if he signs for Miami, it will be a 2 year deal, worth 25 million or so..That leaves us in the same situation as last year. It's best to say Thank you for the ride, because most teams never got to experience it, good luck, and hopefully we'll see you in the playoffs.

Hmm....No commitment after the meeting? Why do you suppose that is? If he was coming back to Miami, why no announcement to that fact. Time to get nervous Miami.

James is doing what he should do: Testing the market, receiving offers and following up on the bettter, more credible ones before he decides. He is in the catbird seat and ought to make the most of that. For a guy who never went to college, he's smarter than a lot of guys who did. The trouble here is that everyone figures James is or should be thinking the same way we are. It ain't necessarily so.

let s go bron let s go heat

Hey, eyeballtwo, I'm talking about when Jordan was a player, not a front-office exec. Jordan was all about business. Did Jordan ever shop himself around like a whore to the highest bidder? Why can't LeBum build up his teammates and make a whole greater than the sum of the parts? Jordan had Pippen and a bunch of other role players. But he made the team into champions. Jordan was not afraid of taking the team on his shoulders and that does not mean by taking every shot. Jordan built up his teammates into champions.

LeBum's antics are disgusting. Commit to a team. Stop whining about where he can go to give him the best chance at winning a championship. It is like he is playing poker but walks around the table to see who has the best hand. He sickens me.

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