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Birdman is officially back

The Heat re-signed Chris Andersen on Saturday. Heat president Pat Riley on Birdman:

"Chris Andersen has had two great seasons with us and without him, we would not have been able to win the 2013 NBA Championship,” Riley said. “I’m happy he decided to come back and we’re looking forward to a great season from him in the power rotation.”


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Joe, does The Heat have any room under the cap to resign Ray Allen , or sign anyone from outside ( Jameer Nelson,Eric Bledsoe, a rookie that is not wanted... fingers crossed for Hairston) ?

Technically, Bosh has not signed his deal yet, so if he wants to give a little bit back to help riley add someone , he can FYI.

Miami needs to bring back Michael Beasley

V G, Ray Allen is taking his talents to C-Town

Here's what bothers me about LeBron that the reports have not talked about....

Wade....Bron's best buddy...opted out of $41milion in guaranteed money hoping Bron comes back and there's room to sign a quality bench for the Heat. Meaning he was leaving money on the table to help the team improve. But primarily to give up money for Bron's max-money demands....

Then Bron keeps he team hanging and them leaves for Cleveland.

Essentially, Bron screwed Wade financially.

Bosh got his max-money, while Wade eats it.

Yes that money Wade left has helped sign/re-sign quality players.

But Bron didn't do his buddy any favors in this.

Wade' s play on/OFF the court screwed him financially.







THAT WILL BE 12 ROSTER... assuming the contract of HAMILTON would be guarantee by august 1, 2014...

we got a 3 vacant roster spot...












Chemistry is the Key, and having most of the team back and adding Deng n McRoberts who played well vs the heat in round 1 gives us 1 of the best -2-3 lineups in east. i would like to see Michael beasley come back.

I say bring back Beasley.
Bring in Jameer Nelson or try to grab Eric Bledsoe from the Suns.
Bring in a scoring two guard to help the bench scoring and to off set wade on certain nights.
I like that the heat is bringing in some young talent in Ennis and Napier, and still have Cole.. hopefully they'll actually let them play and develop. And maybe the Heat can find a diamond in the rough from the summer league and bring them in.

Reading the bleacherreport about the best available veteran options. I must say I agree with them bringing in Marshon Brooks, and Andry Blatche (If he can get in shape and stay in shape)

I like Beasley - Young Talent before another team gets him again

Beasley, Blatch (i like) and Jameer Nelson.

Matrix instead of Hamilton

Oden again - maybe (I know every year like the dolphins in the 80's - superbowl favs and maybe they will win it all - Oden is the equivalent - maybe this year he will be great)...

Hamilton put up great #s. He looks like a stiff white guy but the dude can play, hit the 3, has hops and made the finals roster, so, dont underestimate him-- he is a younger birdman with more range. any hints as to who the front-runners are to sign supercool? Just the ones at the top of the list, we don't have time to list ALL the teams that are clamoring for his services.


Lakers seem to be. There's something I dont't understand or like about Riley and Spo. Riley is a tyrant and needs to make a superstar feel like a superstar by giving in to some of their whims. Riley won't do that. Just as stubbornly, Spo won't let talent like Beasley play through their faults and fix the. As a matter of fact, Spo I supposed to mentor them and develop them, not make them super nervous and break their confidence.

Riley said he wasn't close to Lebron? Hardly talked to him?!? He should have mad himself a part of Lebron's life that Lebron would miss if he left and would want to never leave. Spo won't admit its his lack of strategy that Lebron didn't like, his stubbornness not to play players and stick to a set rotation that really wasn't winning the Heat any more games than they would have won by developing fact it most likely cost them games and a championship. Miami's window is closing..Miam may be able to make it back to the finals this year. I don't believe in Rose - he's been injured too many times and can't be that explosive as before...nor in Indiana without Stephenson. I do think NY with Jackson and Detroit with SVG may give the Heat some problems. I hope the Heat make some trades but they let Beasley walk away for nothing.

Also Lebron did some stabbing to Miami when he didn't do a sign and trade and let Cleveland keep all their draft picks and talent as opposed to how he came to Miami. Miami still owes a draft pick. If Riley had been on the Ball, he may have told Lebron Sign and Trade so you get max and we get Wiggins...smh

Riley is a tyrant? That's the first I've ever heard of him being described like that. If tyrant means being one of the best coaches/managers of any sport of all time...well, then, yes, he is a tyrant - and a very effective one at that. He needs to give into their whims? How about putting your ego on the shelf and submit to the team's needs. I think history shows that works better than management letting a superstar's homeboys run the show.

Spo won't let beas play through his faults. Well, no, the NBA is a big boy league, and it is ALL about winning, not making sure Mikey feels wanted. I don't know, maybe I'm just a different kind of fan that appreciates the unbelievable success the Heat had the last four years, regardless if some sucky-ass scrub gets minutes on a once-in-a-lifetime roster.

Back to the Spo has a set rotation (and doesn't play his scrubs) vs. Spo won't make in game adjustments? Damn, just admit it, e-bust. You don't like Spo, no matter that he did something phil jerkson NEVER did, going to FOUR STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS. It's tough to shed light on the subject to people that have had little or NO experience coaching ball at any level.

Lebron left because of location, not coaching. If the Heat and Cavs switched rosters (including coaches) right now, LBJ would NOT leave Cleveland to play with a coach in Miami that has ZERO NBA wins, ZERO NBA playoff wins, and ZERO NBA Championships. He wanted to play in Ohio, and that's his choice, no hard feelings towards the man.

But then you call out Jackson in NYC and Van Gundy in Detroit as teams that may give the Heat problems???? Any of those teams have playoff wins last year? Wow, respect level just dropped. Certainly Phil, who sat on his throne on the sidelines, could never be called a tyrant, right? His ego is of epic proportions, but he has that team player in Melo to help him out right? Detroit has Josh Smith to lead them, right? (I'm laughing at that idea as I type it).

LBJ is not stupid, and he would have been to do a sign and trade. You think he would be good with giving Miami back, let's say Irving and Wiggins, and then go play with a bunch of nobody's in Ohio? C'mon, he isn't stupid.

And, we don't want or need Wiggins.

NOTHING about beas could make me happier than to see him sign with the bottom dwelling, ego filled roster of the LAKERS. Good luck supercool, have a great showing. You, Kome, Swaggy P - yep, more holes in that defense than the US southern border.

Shawne Williams - another long athletic wingman.

Can he play??? He's had a pretty inconsistent career so far.

What y'all got on him? I don't remember too much about his NBA game.

Terrible leg injury to Paul George. Godspeed my brother as I wouldn't wish an injury like that on my worse enemy. It was gruesome.

Am all for second chances...but if EBall liked Beas so much he'll really love this guy.

Say bye bye to Pacers next season...PG injury horrifying.

Still perplexed how LBJ, Riley, Wade, Spo, Micky, Heat got everything screwed up on so many levels. Just a total cluster f---...

RP, did you have any Joe Theisman flashbacks seeing that injury? Yuck! Hope it is only one season setback for you Paul George - you seem like good people

Heat got everything screwed up??? Hope they screw up the next four years like they did these last four!!


It's not about the talent...SVG over achieves. Did you see what he did with those Orlando Magic teams and with the Heat? He's just a winner and so is Phil Jackson...

Also read up a little more: Lebron was unhappy with Spo's strategy/adjustments/lack of playing people...its out there...all you have to do is read.

If you are Lebron do you become the media darling and say: I'm going back to Cleveland(a very talented Cleveland team where I wont do a sign and trade cause I want to keep all the talent there) or do you make everyone not think that you are always going to where the talent is cause you can't carry a team for PR and still end up on a very talented? You sell it as you are going home to win your home a championship, not, wow - cleveland has gotten talented and though i abandoned them years for a better team, now i want to be on that talented team.

Riley is a tyrant in the sense that you make a superstar feel like a superstar - give them some power in decisions and personnel moves (i.e. kobe in la, chris paul on doc rivers, etc.). Lebron didnt get that type of treatment. Hell let lebron's entourage have some liberties. Show the star you he's a star and he gets some special treatment. Riley doesn't do that.

I don't like Spo nor dislike him. I hate listen to his press conferences cause then you realize he knows nothing about b-ball. All he can say is: it's the human condition, grind it out, etc, they were tough...I especially hate this one - were weren't prepared (what?!? you are the coach - you are the one that should do the preparing so that's your fault). I think Spo gets a pass for a talented team overshadowing his inept coaching. He's no SVG, but I never said fire him. I say get him some HELP. Hire an offensive minded coach to put in a real offense and a defensive coach to stop all that stupid switching which 1) makes our players lazy because they don't have to run through screen (as it showed with Spurs) and 2) switches can be manipulated to the point where the other team confuses the players and defense breaks down and leaves wide open shooters. Bring Spo some help.

HEAT ROSTER 2014-2015 has 13player on board:

we still have 2 roster spot available...







FOR ME:(if ever COLE be traded)I PICK THIS ROSTER:










I believe if the sf signing - you have to sign beasley just makes so much more sense. Miami lauds themselves as the best development of young talent, yet the defensive system suffocates offensive minded players - everyone's ppg suffers when they arrive in Miami and takes off when they go to other teams...players we call scrubs become good players...I can go from waaaayyyyy back to Jamal Mashburn and Eddie Jones ppg > before/after leaving Miami. That's the Miami system holding back and one has to wonder why Riley won't institute a 50/50 concentration on both defense and offense. It's harder to win games based solely on a defense game, hence the Miami Heat with the big 3 (2 of the top 3 playersin the NBA at the time) would only beat lowly teams by 3 points instead of blowout or always fall behind early...Offense must be addressed. When you have a bad defensive year as the Heat did this year, you at least have an offensive strategy to fall back on. Unfortunately the head could only rely on that 12-15 AAU offensive strategy which couldn't cut it against a team like the Spurs. The Heat was winning on willpower alone but by the time they reach the spurs, they were spent from exerting so much energy to win against lesser teams and weren't confident in offensive sets and basically gave up against the spurs.

Eddie Jones, Jamal Mashburn (since Riley), Pat Beverly, Michael Beasley, all have been developed and become vital pieces to teams...Spo really needs to take time/extra time if needed to develop Beasley defensively cause offensively the guy is still a beast so to let him walk away for a SF with 5.1 ppg and 3.1 rebounds because his defense suffers at times, but he can bring 15-20 ppg is just not that logical. I hope its a matter of him seeking a long term deal worth more than the minimum. Even other teams are looking at Beasley siting his "teams liked his growth in maturity and steady play with the Heat last year..." so we let him walk away for nothing?! Sign him and package him with Norris Cole at least. That's reason Miami isn't part of any major trades - we get broken vets with not many years left and people want young talent...Hence we can't get a Kevin Love, Lowery, Bledsoe...who do we have to trade if we let all our youth walk and keep signing guys with only one year in the tank left?

Come on EBall...sure you read about it. Based on what Riley has said...seems there was just a massive on-going failure to communicate. How the whole Heat org got blindsided is befuddling. He picked up McRoberts & Granger based on Lebron staying. Then Wade opts out essentially losing about $11 mill. Then Bosh is left hanging. Guess that's what friends are for !

Big indictor was Lebron not answering Riley's text message's & not helping recruit anyone. Lebron obviously knew he was leaving way before he went public. (When did Wade really know?) Then it seems all of Lebron's minions were frustrated for years without the perks they got in Cleveland. I'm calling this whole fiasco the Lebron effect. Yes...great player = great results...but this is price you pay. Lebron totally affected EVERYTHING and not all conducive to the perfect world 98% of the Heat fans think. Over wore thin.

Now, as I've really looking forward to watching this new team. Have always enjoyed watching the past non-title Heat teams play...admittingly even more than last season's Heat team because of more of a team dynamic. Yes, of course, the past 4 years were epic...and I think Lebron will realize this even more going forward.

Obviously, the biggest concern next season is Wade and his health. He was always such a warrior but see his hunger waning. He definitely needs to alter his style - dang even Vince Carter shoots a 3 ball now. Wade's many off the court distractions plus getting married again soon certainly pose challenges.

The league is always improving...Heat need that proverbial chip to make it interesting.

Go Heat !

I'm not so sure the whole HEAT organization got blind-sided. If LBJ had not committed to the team personally, then I'm 100% sure Riles and Co. had plans for that. They aren't stupid, remember, they are the ones that pulled off one of the greatest off-season trades/acquisitions of any team ever in the summer of 2010. You guys read about that, right? Riley got a lot of young high draft picks that panned out to.....wait, he got MATURE VETERANS to willing come play with the Heat, and be coached by SPO. That insight into character, and salary accomodations, led the HEAT to do something epic the last four years. Riley didn't forget how to manage a club, just because LBJ played out his contract and wanted to ball in Ohio. (And again, if you switched the rosters today between Cavs and Heat, Lebron would be playing in Ohio tomorrow - he didn't leave because James Jones wasn't getting enough burn)

E-Bust, you are slipping into rockstar respect area. Yeah, Kobe playing GM has worked out quite well for the Lakers, hasn't it? Players play, coaches coach, and GM's manage. You taking Lebron's player evaluation over Riley's?

And for goodness sake, comparing VCarter chucking up 3's with Wade's almost nauseating. Vince went how many years in his career before his team ever won a playoff round?

So sit around the barber shop and Buffalo Wild Wings and talk about the Heat's defensive minded squad, and criticize it, then call ZO or Pop and get their opinion - see how much it differs from yours. Glad my kids don't play on your YMCA team - assuming you have ever coached a team in your life.

Of course the media is going to bend blame toward the Heat for LBJ leaving. LBJ is back to being the golden boy. You think he's going to get hit twice in the face on a drive to the basket, breaking his nose, and get no foul called again?.....NEVER, ain't going to happen. He will once again go back to getting those mj phantom foul calls, bank on it.

Just watched a little NBATV this morning prior to church, and they were showing what they considered one of the top 10 games of last year, it was Warriors v Heat in February. (LBJ hits three at the end of the game for a Heat victory). During the game, 4th quarter, one of the commentators actually made the comment that the Warriors were specifically targeting whoever Beas was covering to run their offense in that direction. See, when you take those rose colored glasses off (some Miami fans) you can see the gaping wholed in Mikie's game. THAT IS WHY YOU DON'T PLAY THIS CLOWN WHEN IT COUNTS...and every other NBA coach knows this about supercool - just some fans that can't see him for what he is.

EBall...your loyalty knows no boundaries & I usually wholeheartedly agree(with many chuckles included) your opinion.'s real simple based by what we know as stated by Riley & the Heat were not just surprised but blindsided. Do you really think Riley would've even signed McRoberts & Granger... then Deng to the contracts they received. And don't forget about Bosh's max deal. I don't...not for a second. Riley had to scramble like a dog since Lebron unnecessarily played the diva act. Go ahead and hang his jersey in the rafters but the whole process at the end wasn't classy.

I dont think Mario Chalmers will be very effective at playing the 2-Guard spot. We've seen VERY brief flashes of Rio's scoring abilities.. when he can get to the hoop (very rare) he's actually pretty good, but most of the time he'll settle for the 3-pt shot, and after last years HORRIBLE shooting from him.. idk.. I dont see him as a 2-guard...
I hope the heat see this and bring in Marshon Brooks.. or Ill take Seth Curry.. I have no idea how Seth didnt get drafted in the first play the kid can ball! it'd be awesome for him to come off the bench for this heat team..
Four potential signings for the Heat
*Marshon Brooks
*Jordan Crawford
*Michael Beasley
*Seth Curry
Only a few spots left .. If they can work a sign n trade with Rio for Jordan Crawford, bring in Brooks and Curry... I think we'll be ok. I am still a Beas fan.. The guy can score in bunches.. If you need some instant offense - put him out there.. but Idk .. I trust The Heat organization

Not sure how signing McRoberts and Granger proves Riles and Co. were blindsided by LBJ's decision to play ball in Ohio. Hadn't they signed these two prior to LBJ's decision? Meaning, they planned to add these guys to the roster regardless of Lebron's future employment state.

The Deng signing definitely was after the fact, but was about the best we could do with what was available.

The Bosh max deal was expected after Lebron's salary became available.

How are we looking at this as a mess, or that the Heat didn't execute signings extremely well, after losing the best player in the league. What scenario or signings did we miss out on?? Was there a better SF out there, other than Melo, that would have been a better fit for this team than Deng? (no, supercool isn't the answer here)

....also, the whole Heat organization would have to be idiots, if you total all your comments together.

LBJ didn't communicate with Riles because he was mad that JJ didn't get much burn, or that his homeboys couldn't run Mickey's show - the Heat had to be aware of this (as all of southern Florida's Monday morning quarterback class now knows) - and even though they knew of this lack of communication - still were completely 'blindsided' by the events that occurred.



There was this huge communication wall up between player and management, and NO ONE had an idea that the player would chose to play with another organization after his contract was up.

Those story lines can only lead to the Heat organization being absolutely stupid - which history shows they are clearly NOT.

EBall ... don't agree - sorry.

Exactly... they signed thinking Lebron would come back. In fact ...that is exactly what Riley told these guys. Translation - blindsided. What's your definition of communication ? Guess you know more than Windhorst, Skolnick, & Lebatard.

Of course, Riley rallied with his signing of Deng.

But his number one free agent choice was Kyle Lowry (you didn't know that ?)...because of the ineffective play of Chalmers primarily.

Here's one for the ironic factoid. Wade was the reason Lebron came to Heat...but also big reason why he left.

Also...don't diss Vince Carter. He's morphed his game since Vinsanity. Why else would he'd have signed the contract he did with Memphis with many suitors. Better on ball defender than Wade...and can hit the 3. #3 could take a page from his aging with grace book. That said...I'd still take Wade.

That's all good, RP, but I'll respectfully disagree with you on a few points.

1 - I believe most people (me included) thought LBJ would sign with the Heat again. But to say I was blindsided, ah, nope. The possibility was REAL, I just thought he would choose to stay in MIA. Now, was Granger and McRoberts surprised at his decision to leave, probably like the rest of us, yes, but McRoberts is on a better team now, and Granger will definitely get more burn with the Heat this year than he did with the Clipps last year. I don't think either one is regretting their decision.

2 - But let me just tie these two thougths together one more time:

Riley (and by extension, the whole organization) knew that LBJ had this huge communication wall up (as told by many after-the-fact journalists and bloggers) between himself and management. Now, with any other player in the world that puts up this invisible wall and has an opportunity to roll out after the season, would we be surprised (blindsided) that he would choose to change teams?? I think not. A player is disgruntled, for whatever reason, and has a chance to change employees - how would any GM or organization be blindsided when they leave. Will the people in Minnesota be blindsided when Love leaves town?

2 - Wade is a better on ball defender, a better player overall than VC, always was, and always will be. VC chucks up too many 3's, cause he can't get to the hole as well as Wade. Wade plays on winning teams, VC puts up individual numbers. Change the role around and if LBJ went to Miami to team up with VC, do you think he would let LBJ be lead dog? Wade did, and the team had GREAT SUCCESS!!

So Vince goes to Memphis, is he going to be the defensive stopper on the perimeter in front of Allen and Prince? I'll give you a minute on that one.

Windhorst, Skolnick (from Revenge of the Nerds?), and Lebatard have stories to write and ads to sell - I don't take everything they say as gospel.

Sry Eye,I call it Like I SEE IT (Pun not intended).

I'm not a fan of Spo. I was a fan of SVG. I think Miami can do so much better...i want Spo to stop trying to be known as the by the statistics coach and the numbers guy and get a feel for the game that is more intuitive. He always has the numbers things down, given he is using the numbers correctly. He's not autistic or OCD and should know that you can't always sit players cause the rotation says so. You can't always discount players cause you are looking at defensive stats, but not what the player brings offensively...also you have to count your own short comings...if you had a better system, would these players offensive over shadow their defensive woes. Since he by the numbers, he may also need to go find out why players scoring go up once they leave Miami Heat system and players we let walk away for nothing become vital parts on other teams and then figure out how to solve these equations. ijs...there is a LOT of room for SPO to improve. I still see the current heat as a top seed, that if coached right, can win it all. Pop kept Spurs relevant after David Robinson retired. Phil Jackson kept Lakers relevant after Shaq left. Let's see what Spo can do.

Coaching does matter. Given the roster Phil had later and still won and given the more talented roster D'Antoni had, you have to understand that the coach is the 6th man and when two teams are evenly matched talent wise, the coach is what breaks the tie.

I'm hearing D-Rose is back. but Paul George is no worries for the heat...they just have to switch their concentration on which team is more of a losing Stephenson had already knocked Indy down...

Napier - I was hoping could be Chris Paul like but he doesn't have the ups...I just don't see him being more than Derrick Fisher at the most or a back up.

Riley had to talk Lebron into doing a sign and trade so we could at least cancel draft pick next year we owe Cleveland and maybe get a couple of players...I know Lebron isn't stupid, but as GM, Riley has to make that happen...make it where the trade happens later and they become a third team in the Lebron/Love to Cavs for some 1st round picks and talented players...we got nothing for the BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE. Epic failure.'re mis-construing some things.

Have you heard Riley's latest comments? Again...Lebron not responding to Riley's texts. (strange to have only a texting relationship after 4 years) Then without knowing of Lebron's status...drafts his favorite college player in Napier then signs McRoberts & Granger. Now it's being reported Lebron said nothing in exit interview with impression - all good. That's sure a bungled approach to structuring a team roster. Again (cover your eyes & ears) Kyle Lowry was the Heat #1 free agent based on Chalmer's ghost at PG. Too bad it seems the Heat had no legit cap space and guys were not fawning over taking less $$$.

Also...never said Vince was better than Wade. Said simply Wade needs to adjust his game like Carter did. Didn't I say I'd still take Wade ? Do you really think Wade can survive another season without altering his game ? After getting smoked by Danny Green the last 3 Finals games should provide the answer. Let's just hope he can retain some semblance of something effective without missing 30 games.

So we move on....with many pundits not even mentioning Heat as contenders. Here's my in any sport there's almost always a team that catches that lightening in the bottle. Despite Riley's juggling act to assemble a respectable roster...the Heat will find that team magic to surprise in the East.

By Zack Links of Hoops Rumors:

This is entirely speculative, but it’s conceivable that the Cavs, who are looking to add frontcourt depth, could be interested in Beasley. The Cavs hosted Shawn Marion for a visit yesterday, but they’re not the only team looking to add him, so Beasley could be a Plan B if that doesn’t pan out. One potential roadblock there could be LeBron James and his reported dissatisfaction with Beasley’s play and focus last season in Miami. According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, James was furious with Beasley and his spacey antics in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Still, there could be a fit if Beasley can convince Cavs management and the club’s star player that he’s ready to zero in a bit more on the court.

Soooooooooo, if we are to believe everything a beat writer says about the Heat, maybe supercool is to blame for LBJ leaving.

Let the backpedaling begin.

....maybe LBJ was upset with SPO for playing this fool

....maybe it wasn't Wade missing games

....maybe LBJ's wall went up with management AFTER they won 2 championships and then signed this P.O.S.

....maybe this valuable TOOL will sign for league minimum somewhere and be the hell out of our system!

RP, I'll get with you in a minute, gotta set E-Bust straight first:

Phil Jackson with the Lakers, after Shaq left - "Phil Jackson kept Lakers relevant after Shaq left."

05-06 Lost to Suns in the first round, after being up 3-1

06-07 Lost to Suns in first round 4-1

07-08 Lost to Boston in Championship 4-2 (and if I remember correctly, they got THOROUGHLY TROUNCED in close out game)

08-09 Beat Orlando in Championship series

09-10 Beat Boston in Championship series 4-3

10-11 Got swept in the second round by the Mavs 4-0

So 'relevant' (prior to acquiring Pau Gasol for yesterday's newspaper and a bag of chips), was 2 years of NOT WINNING A PLAYOFF series. Next year, losing in championship (which to SOME fans in Miami, constitutes a failed campaign), then winning two, and then getting SWEPT out of the second round. Safe to say, we have different opinions of what 'relevant' means.

I have NO idea where you get the SPO is a statistics man, but after belittling him for that (supposed) stance, you tell me how ex-Heat players' stats go up after they leave MIA. Uh, WTF??

You telling me how much role a coach plays in a team's success, will be the funniest thing I read today.

Riley was in no position to 'convince' LBJ to do a sign and trade. LBJ had all the cards, as he fulfilled his contract and had the option to leave with no retribution coming back to Miami. You sure you know how those contracts work?

Agree with most of your post RP.

Re: Kyle Lowry - GMs are always looking to get better at every position, so naturally, our GM was looking to upgrade at every position that made sense financially, as well as on the court. And while RIO gets most of the 'heat' for playing subpar in big games this last post-season, Cole was just as inept. Now, I love both players, but let's keep it balanced, Cole had some stinker games as well.

I agree with you that Wade is/has been/will always be better than VC. I just disagree that Wade needs to make some sweeping changes to his game. He did adjust when LBJ got to MIA. He did make the effort to stop shooting as many 3', and I believe he had his highest FG% of his career this past year at 54.5%. Just by comparison Kome Bryant had never shot above 50% for his career. You still waiting for him to reconstruct his approach to his game, right? And with the plethora of 3pt shooters that the Heat put on this team, Wade didn't need to shoot a lot of 3's.

Danny Green 'smoked' Wade the last three games? I'ld have to go back and watch the games to specifically see how many stops/missed shots that Wade effected when playing Green compared to other players. Was Green hitting shots after the ball was reversed and the Heat were rotating on defense - sure he was. Do those baskets count as Green 'smoking' Wade? I just can't go be total points scored, without looking more closely at the dynamics of the individual matchup, to come to your conclusion.

But it's all good. Heat have done well with the hand they have been dealt. Looking forward to seeing the product that they put on the floor in a few months, and like you, think they are getting way to devalued in the press. Let that motivate them. Good banter, have a super day!


I said Players statistics go up when they leave the Miami want to debate to win, not look at think in an impartial manner...It's cool you are super loyal to the Heat Management that you defend everything, but I'm loyal to the MIAMI HEAT ORGANIZATION and sometimes we need to drop dead weight...

I still don't see how Lebron is so mad at Beasley. He came in with energy. He didn't make every shot, but he rebounded, went at Tim Duncan etc. Of course, he didn't have much game time experience since earlier in the season, so he got lost on defensive switches...anyone who played sports will tell you practice and real games are entirely different. He came in after the Heat were already down by 20, so I just don't believe that too much and it makes sense Cleveland's looking at him.

Why was Bease taken out of the rotation in the first place when he was scoring efficiently early in the season and actually being praised? Never made sense.

I stand by my argument...Pat Riley had to have Lebron leave via Sign and Trade so Miami could get something back. Cleveland didn't let Miami get Lebron for nothing and neither did Toronto allow Bosh to leave for nada.

I'm not super loyal to the Heat Management - as I am still completely befuddled why last year, on 9/11, we signed that P.O.S. supercool (speaking of dropping dead weight, here is where we agree). Riley would need a lot of time explaining that one to me.

Beas didn't have game experience because he didn't earn game experience in practice. The NBA is a big boy league, and not the Boys Club. You don't get on the court just because you have a uniform or because 7 years ago you put up good stats in an inferior league (college ball). Being around athletics most of my life, and am damn sure the idea that 'I'm not a practice player, but I'll excel in games' never has floated with me ever. If you can't excel in a controlled practice atmosphere, you will not have the confidence of your teammates and coaches come game time. Everything you promote about supercool has to do with scoring - not passing, not setting screens, not moving the ball, not defending the ball, not rotating on defense, not getting rebounding position, not running the floor, etc.....just 'scoring'. I see you two are of a like mindset, you should probably be his agent. But the realization that other coaches look at the game a bit deeper than you and ESPN, will make it hard for you to land another job in this league. Oh, someone will throw a minimum salary contract at you, but they will do it hesitantly.

I still don't know how Riley could force LBJ to send the Heat some Cavs players. I thought LBJ had the players option to opt out of his contract after the 2014 season. If he opts out, he has no obligation to stay in Miami, and he damn sure has NO power over what pieces Dan Gilbert would want to part with. last take on this. LBJ timed his Return just a few years too early and the Decision 2 timing handcuffed Riley to retool his roster. Too many 'we'll never know " type scenarios to count.

But now the Heat will have the opportunity to get back to a real "team" dynamic. The "chip on the shoulder" motivator should work to the Heat's advantage with all the pundits dissing. Yeah...plenty of unknowns with Bulls & Cavs too...with so many new players. Western Conference still a grinder...good luck with that Spurs.

Other notes:
Would free agent Emeka Okafor work as a back up big ?

I thought Tyler Johnson was the most exciting player on Heat Summer team.

Lastly...sure hope McRoberts gets a haircut !

I glad you knew there was an opt out...usually those are used to leverage a better deal with the same team because they can pay you more than any other team and you have the threat of walking away for nothing. That's how you entice Lebron to do a Sign & Trade. You can make a true max.

I wonder what the progress was with Oden. I didn't say Bease should be rewarded for not playing defense or think of defense as an after thought. From what I remember he was scoring efficiently and still taken out of the rotation by Spo and thats why teams are after him now - he was lauded for his steady efficient it. If he's efficiently scoring, whip defense in his head...Ray Allen stayed on court, but he definitely had a lot of defensive lapses due to his age and slowing down and so did Wade, so please don't go with Bease being a defensive liability - otherwise Haslem would have played more, no?

Anyway, I still stick to my word - the current team can go all the way but coaching will play a big part...

A good coach is like having a 6th man on the court and the tie breaker between two equally talented teams...Here's the kicker - a good coach can also elevate his team to be superior over and more talented team. This is Spo's judgement season...I hope he gets himself some coaching help offensively. I think this was the better blueprint for the big 3 and I want everyone to pay close attention at the coaching and see if maybe there how far Spo was off in utilizing his players...Pop used his San Ant big 3 to perfection with movement and each play had a shot for each of their big 3 with there of course being a 1st option, 2nd option, etc given how the defense was playing...Phil Jackson used his big 3's Jordan, Pippen, Rodman or Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, superbly, not only playing what the defense gave, but making the defense bend til they got the shot they wanted (plus it didn't hurt that Jordan's will was to break the defense, not change his offense). Spo was new to coaching it was, so let's see how another coach with so much talent and assets at his whim performs...Will he have 2 of the big 3 play different games than they were comfortable with - Bosh standing away from basket when we needed a post player which he did in Toronto..Bosh playing center...Bosh shooting 3's...Lets see if a less experienced coach can actually utilize each piece of a big 3.

I like Love better in a big 3 than Bosh. Kyle Irving would be the only one of the 3 that I wouldn't consider big 3 material as of yet.

I see Allen going to Cleveland if there's a roster spot before choosing to retire.

Miami has to sign Beasley at this point just to keep up with Cleveland imo. The guy has a physical game that one wouldn't think...He's way more physical than Bosh.

Let's go Heat!

Jackson was so good at using his players but could NEVER SEEM TO GET TO FOUR STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS, now did he?

Pop is a great coach, best in the league, so for anyone to compare SPO to him is a compliment to SPO, but ah, where was Pop's coaching last year, when the SPO led Heat ACTUALLY BEAT the Pop led Spurs??

Just to bring e-bust up to speed, this isn't the 1980's or 1990's where most teams had a big stud in the paint that they would run there offense through. You remember teams playing 'inside-out'? Sorry, I'll slow down, this is obviously all new to some. Today's game is different. Most teams have very little back to the basket post players, because just about every player now envisions themselves as perimeter shooters. A stretch 4 or 5 is a commodity and NOT a liability. Drive, draw, and dish works well. You can create miss-matches on the offensive end by screening, dribble penetration, and ball movement, you don't need Moses Malone fumbling with the damn ball in the post all night.

So you can criticize Bosh for taking, and making a bunch of 3's last year, (oops, sorry, you were criticizing SPO, not Bosh) but Houston didn't have a problem throwing much $$ at his perimeter game...and damn if they don't have one of the last true post men in the game on their squad.

The Beasley comment is beyond rationalization - good luck in therapy, dude.

I dont criticize bosh. I criticize the system that has taken away a lot of bosh's game because Spo cant find a way to use all his player to their abilities. Its not like spo had to develop or guess these player's abilities. Watch the youtube. Beasley plays physical. U still havent addressed why spo slowed beasley's momentum by pulling him from rotation when he was playing efficiently...4 championships series in 4 years. Lets be honest. Each year there has been catrophic injuries to rival superstars and the east has been super weak would u not agree? Jordan retired a few years also remember and thats what broke the bulls string of consecutive championships. Come ononan I'm not just one of those chumps who talk to hear himself speak. Im dont say anything that I cant support with sound logic and facrs.

Facrs = facts

SPO couldn't find a way to utilize all his player's abilities??? Well, even so, other than one playoff round against the Mavs and one against the Spurs, NO TEAM COULD STOP THEM WITH HOW SPO DID UTILIZE THE PLAYERS!! (Heat are 14-2 in postseason series' the last 4 years - and we are bitchin'? - that's an incredible run, and EVERYONE associated with it should be proud) In 2013, the Heat beat EVERY TEAM in the league!! That same year they won, 20+ games in a row, with SPO's method of coaching. ONLY ONE TEAM HAS EVER BEEN ON A LONGER STREAK!! Didn't LBJ and Wade both put up career high FG%'s under SPO's coaching? Efficiency over volume is a beautiful thing. Why were they more efficient under SPO, because he knew what the players strengths were, and MAXIMIZED their production! Take you PPG stat and hide it someplace dark - it pales when compared to team accomplishments.

Furthermore, Bosh IMPROVED his game while in MIAMI, he didn't regress. His worth went up, because he was used as more than just a post player...can't believe that is hard to understand. He goes out to the perimeter, with his improved stroke, and pulls a big man out there with him. Does that make the lane more inviting to drives by perimeter players, well, yes - yes it does. Advantage - Heat.

Beas playing 'efficiently' means beas scored a few buckets, right? Quick story: Coaching high school basketball in the 90's, (and we're pressing defensively) and just subbed for a kid that had scored the last 6 points. A player sitting on the bench (who had that same mentality that beas and, apparently, you have) started bitching at me about taking him out cause, 'he's hot right now'. When the subbed player got over to the bench, I asked him if he needed the blow, and he said, 'yes'. You know from your coaching experience that there are many many variables that go into who plays when. Just to say SPO is wrong for pulling beas out of a game, takes no consideration as to who came back into the game (was it LBJ?), who was on the court for the opposition, how long had beas been on the court (some people argue that you should have 'set' minutes for these professionals, so they aren't surprised when they play or don't play - I'm not one of them) what part of the game is it, what's the score, who's got momentum, etc....Heck, the Heat used UD and Battier differently, depending on the playoff matchup this year, and being professionals, were up to the task (of playing or not playing).

I don't know about the East being super weak. I do know that EVERY YEAR injuries play a part of every sport's championship run. 1989 the Lakers did not lose a game until the Championship series, swept through the playoffs. They were on the verge of three-peating, when Byron Scott goes down in practice, and Magic pulls a hammy in Game 1 vs Detroit. Ain't no asterick on the Pistons trophy, sighting these injuries, and it's insulting to think that the Heat should have one on their's, because someone on another team got hurt. When ZO went down with his kidney ailment - no one said the championships won those years were not valid. It's part of the game.

Yeah, Jordan retired - three times (that's more than Brett Farve). You implying Phil can't coach unless he has the best, or two of the best 5 players in the league, on his team??? I feel you, bro. Sounds like you are making excuses for him.

RP - I'll agree with you - Heat were handcuffed, but, not blindsided.

Okafur sat out last year with back/disc/spine issues. Like his game, I'ld at least look at him.

Heat 2012-2013 played some of the best TEAM basketball ever played, on both sides of the floor. There will still be times when they isolate players on the perimeter and go one-on-one, every team does it. It is annoying to see - I agree - but it is a league-wide issue.

Okafur is too old these days...When you need a post presence and Bosh is know for exactly that, you don't have him play away from the basket...btw, check DWade's stats, his efficiency was always usually higher than Kobe's and Lebron's, usually at 50% (49% was lowest I think). When Lebron came to Miami, Miami had arguable 2 or the top 3 players in the league. Bosh being maybe a top 10 player. You are still ignoring a lot of my statements...Jordan retired. Otherwise, Bulls would have went to finals and probably won and there's not denying that. There's also no denying that the injuries occurring in the East are mind boggling (i.e. George Paul, Derrick Rose not to mention the west Westbrook (Miami didn't have to play Thunder), Nash + Howard + Kobe played how many games together when they were supposed to compete with their big 3 against Heat, even Kobe...let's be honest...That many superstars injured is unprecedented. But with the little bit of talent there was already in the East, the east was extremely weak...look at if Paul goes down, what do the pacers have to offer.

Can you deny that the Orlando Magic BEAT the Bulls, WITH his errorness playing, to make it to the Championship vs the Rockets? So 'probably won' is historically WRONG! The Bulls did lose to the Magic in the playoffs with mj.

Injuries in the east wasn't mindboggling - it is part of the game, happens every year. So if that doesn't work for you, throw in Westbrook and Kobe from out west. Really reaching here homey. Let's get back to destroying SPO's legacy.


Eye, if you say so. We will agree to disagree but imo, the heat and the pacers are the only team that would have made it out of the east and the rest of the playoff teams would have been west coast teams if playoff teams were selected by actual talent.

Latest ???? (s)

Looks like Lebron comes back to Miami with Cavs for X-mas matchup. But Wade is getting married in Miami in a couple weeks So...will Lebron attend his "good" friend's wedding ? Also...has Lebron thanked city of Miami or the Heat org yet ? I must've missed it.

Can you deny that the Orlando Magic BEAT the Bulls, WITH his errorness playing, to make it to the Championship vs the Rockets? So 'probably won' is historically WRONG! The Bulls did lose to the Magic in the playoffs with mj.

...LBJ thanked the Miami fans by helping/leading the Heat to FOUR straight championships, winning back-to-back championships. That's all the thanks I need.

Not me... regarding specifically his leaving NOT his playing performance and results...and I'm sure many in Heat org would've appreciated a more fluid, honest parting. Handcuffing Riley well into the free agent signing period wasn't right.

I know EBall you are eternally loyal to certain causes like Chalmers, UD, non-Super Beas, Riley (oops, apparently not this time!), Chalmers (oh, already mentioned him) & regarding the Heat in general but get real - yeah it's just business. he coming or not ?

I see your point RP, just I don't have the same outlook.

LBJ will be at the Wade wedding, as their friendship was formed before they were opponents, grew while they were opponents, and will continue as opponents.

Who had the better numbers during the final playoff series, RIO or Coles? Hypothetical question, just wanted to say I like both players.

Players stats going up under Heat's coaching system:

Supercoolbeas - last year shot the highest FG% of his career under SPO and staff

Supercoolbeas - last year shot the highest 3pt FG% since his rookie year

Supercoolbeas - last year shot the highest 2pt FG% of his career

Supercoolbeas - last year FT% was up from his previous two seasons

See, even supercool benefited from the Heat's organization coaching. A lot of good numbers there to swallow, might want to take a sip of something, help that crow get to the stomach.

Not getting the point... but both Rio & Coles sucked when it counted most in playoffs.

Hearing Heat looking close at Leandro Barbosa to help back up Wade.

Wish Tyler Johnson was taller than 6-4...that dude balls.

Other than Wade's play this coming season...another huge key will be Spo and his ability to mold these guys into some type of identity. Am not buying these pundits slobbering over Bulls & Cavs. Way too many factors to swing team's fortunes throughout the league.

Let's see if LBJ shows at Wade's nuptials. May be more than a few awkward moments mingling with the whole entire Heat organization who's invited !

RP - got to agree with the RIO/Coles analogy, this year. Just seems that Rio gets all the negative comments.

The beas stats were for E-Bust.

OK with Barbosa, dude can fly...but he still has to fit into our team philosophy or he'll just be another quick athlete that doesn't bring up the team level of play.

I don't think, and I'm not in Miami talking to the players, that all the Heat players are carrying a huge ax to grind with LBJ. I think they understand the business side of the game. Like I said earlier, they were friends prior to playing on the same team, and will be after they are done playing. LBJ, as far as I know, hasn't dissed the Heat players or organization by anything he's said - he made a decision to play in Ohio as opposed to Florida. I think he knows how hard it will be to take a new team of youngsters to the promise land...a lot harder than getting back to that 5th straight in he's taking a harder road to get there. I don't think that's showing disrespect to his former teammates. Oh well, I'll let you know how the wedding turns out, as I'm sure my invitation will be arriving in the mail soon.

I'll certainly miss (not really) your multi-platinum anti-Beas updates. He's as good as gone...think they gave his jersey number away already. Dude just must not have any clue about the NBA way. Oh well...see ya in China !

RP - Got to admit you were a little surprised to see some positive supercool stats coming from me....I like to keep my material fresh.

Got an extra seat for Wade's wedding, if you want to tag along, just need to RSVP chicken or steak for your meal. Would love to see Gabrielle's bridesmaid lineup, I bet it's stellar!

Yeah...hear it's gonna be spectacular ! still waiting for my RSVP though. Nice to know you're in charge of that.

Still hearing all the mush on Bulls & Cavs. Think Heat have real shot to shut them up. If I were on that Heat roster...I'd be so pissed I wouldn't see straight. Talk about Wade being broke..both Rose & Gasol are close to shot and the Cav players will be too busy running around trying to please Lebron. Plus you've got upstarts in DC, Toronto, Atlanta and Charlotte.

Gasol at the end of his career, no doubt.

And from watching some of the USA games on NBATV, Rose is moving pretty good. I think he just sat out a game, but when he was on the court, he still had his skates.

Got to see Barbosa play in the Brazil v USA game. Still a decent ball player, but I didn't see any of the speed he showed in the past (Phoenix).

Heat still have options, and I'm excited to see what they put together this year. Lot of doubting by the press, on Bosh and Wade, as if they didn't do $hiite the last 4 years. Oh well, they've got an agenda to push, and that doesn't include reppin the Heat.

See you at the reception.

So, Barry Jackson, why haven't the Heat resigned supercool?

"So why hasn’t the Heat tried to re-sign Beasley when it could use his offense?

A person with direct knowledge cited several reasons for the Heat's lack of interest: Inconsistency, lack of trust in his defense (and ability to execute the Heat's defensive system), and maturity/focus issues, which are still a concern even though he improved somewhat in that regard last season."

.....Can't put my finger on it, but it seems I've heard that reason somewhere before. Hmmmm, give me a minute on this one........

"But essentially, this comes down to lack of trust by the Heat coaching staff after working with Beasley for nine months. It spoke volumes that the Heat instead prefered a player (Williams) who has had just one good NBA season (2010-11 for the Knicks) and spent much of last season in the Developmental League."

Daggum it! What reason will I find this year to put my phone down and watch the game from my $100+ seats in AA arena?

Welcoming Shannon Brown to the Heat squad, and wishing supercool a stellar showing in LA. Please, PLEASE, Mitch, make this dream come true!! Sign this idiot so we can stop correlating him with ANYTHING Heat.

So who will have a better year? Bease, Shannon Brown, McRoberts, Granger or Deng? I put my money on Beasley and Deng battling it out if Bease goes to another team. Just shows Riley is signing broken down scrubs that sound like big names because they once were all stars...Isn't it now a good time to sign young talent and start developing?

developing = tanking

veterans = compete for title

Which do YOU want to see?

To answer your question: McRoberts and Deng, simply because they will get the most burn.

signing Shannon Brown, Granger, and other forwards don't result in tanking, but selling people a false dream that you aren't, but you can be honest and develop young talent?

I said Bease on another team like how he did on Minnesota and Phoenix, after he left Miami...

BTW, you aren'te being honest that Shaq aand Anfernee stopped Bulls. This stop happened first year after Jordan returned to b-ball which his retirement already stopped and his rust and Hardaway's brilliance made for 2 consecutive years of no finals for the bulls. Otherwise, had Jordan not retired, bulls would have went to finals for maybe 6=8 consecutive trips...I didn't really feel a need to answer, but since you are so passionate, I can respect that so there you have it.

signing Shannon Brown, Granger, forwards that average 3.7 ppg and 4.1 rpg, and other washed-up former big name all-stars won't result in tanking? It's called selling fan a false dream that you aren't tanking, but wouldn't fans rather honesty that the season isn't going anywhere, but at least let's take advantage and develope young talent?

I said Bease on another team like how he did on Minnesota and Phoenix, after he left Miami...

BTW, you aren'te being honest that Shaq aand Anfernee stopped Bulls. This stop happened first year after Jordan returned to b-ball which his retirement already stopped and his rust and Hardaway's brilliance made for 2 consecutive years of no finals for the bulls. Otherwise, had Jordan not retired, bulls would have went to finals for maybe 6=8 consecutive trips...I didn't really feel a need to answer, but since you are so passionate, I can respect that so there you have it.

Still waiting on the HEAT to bring in Andray Blatche. We need a mobile big with some offense and rebounding.

I think Blatche makes sense too...especially after losing rashard lewis. I honestly think the heat will go after delfino though. Miami has so much clutter...head scratching signings, but I hope they are just for training camp. I do think Miami could have another title run, but look at the signings they are making...Guess its back to Reality. Riley makes some good deals for shaq - he gave up a lot but it was worth it...not a one sided deal. For Lebron we gave up a lot and Bosh too, not one sided deals. Lebron was leaving anyway, so Cleveland would have taken 1 draft maybe and a Joel Anthony. We were in the drivers seat. Take draft pick or get nothing...that's what Lebron did to us this year. Riley needs to make some one-sided deals where he makes a big move for next to nothing and keep all his other pieces.
With players Riley is signing, Heat will be slow and play a half court game. This will make the offense stagnant and even harder for DWade to score given it will be even more of the same ol simple double pick and role from a stand still instead of dives to the basket.
We should have picked up the younger Curry, Blatche, Lowery, Crawford, etc...this team doesn't have a shooter's touch especially with Ray Allen, Lewis and Jones gone. So they will be easy to defend with how slow they are now. I would like to see a quick moving 3 - a point forward - who can play point forward - something neither Deng nor Granger can and both are a bit slow footed...A quick pg like cole, but who doesn't pound the ball so much and set up plays so late (Coles decision making seems slow, but his shot is pretty good). Bosh at five is good, and we can do much worst than haslem at the 4...he can't out jump anyone, but he grounded defense is still good and he stays in shape.

Ah yes, the asterick by the Magic series win over the Bulls. Who writes your stuff, Phil Jackson? Just like the fools who don't count mj's pathetic performance in DC. If they win, it's because of mike, if they lose, he's not to because of him or he just unretired. The suggestion that they would have won 6 or 8 straight is what I would expect of someone with your view of the game. How about this fact, the year Pete Myers replaced mj at the SG for the Bulls they won 3 less regular season games than the year before. 3 LESS! Damn Pete was awfully brilliant or mj contributions to his team were a bit overrated. Same Bulls team got beat by in the ECF to the Knicks (you remember the series where Scotty Pippy blew up and refused to play the end of the game because he wasn't getting to shoot the ball - mike's attitude effecting the whole team, right - Kukoc makes the shot and Pippy looks like an a$$.)

Now you go to the emergency room with a broken leg and you have the choice of who is going to work on your leg. One option is the hot new intern, fresh from college, the other is the 15 year veteran of the hospital that no one is talking about. Who do you want operating on your leg?

You can run that scenario over a million different times, and the answer isn't the shiny new toy, it is the effective proven veteran that will be fixing your leg.

How about airplane pilot?

How about cook at a restaurant?

How about your home being robbed and you ask for some assistance from your local police want the rookie?

Does your earlier question about playing time consider the fact that supercools talents may be in the NBDL this year? Or is it, hello Japan for him?

Asterick beside any of the Heat seasons when ZO went down?

Asterick beside the Pistons 1989 Championship when Bryon Scott and Magic Johnson were injured?

Asterick beside Lakers 1988 Championship when Isiah Thomas got hurt?

Anybody astericking any games that Larry Bird played in when his back was shot?

Asterick beside the Spurs 2014 championship because Derrick Rose didn't play?

Asterick beside anybody's championships or wins because someone retired or got injured? Hell NO!! It's part of the game. The further we get from mj actually playing the game, the more lies and manipulation we get from those that didn't live through it.

Oh yeah, forgot one - any asterick beside the Heat's back to back championships because Cedric Ceballos retired?

RP, how was the wedding? Looks like LBJ was there with you and friends. Guess that move back to Cleveland was about location and not about an organization that lacked, well, anything.

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