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Post-game quotes from #LeBron on Game 1 of the NBA Finals

LeBron James on not being able to finish the game: 

"I mean, it's frustration and anger, but at the same time it's something that you try to prevent, you try to control.  I mean, I got all the fluids I need to get, I do my normal routine I've done and it was inevitable for me tonight, throughout the conditions, you know, out there on the floor.  I lost all the fluids that I was putting in in the last couple of days out there on the floor.

"It sucks not being out there for your team, especially at this point in the season."

On why he couldn't finish the game:

"The best option for me to do was not to move.  I tried and any little step or nudge, it would get worse.  It would lock up worse and my muscles spasmed 10 out of 10.  Best thing for me to do was just not to move, and, you know, it was frustrating."

LeBron tried his best to prepare himself for what he knew would be a difficult second half:

"Drank a lot at halftime, even changed my uniform, just tried to get the sweat up off of you.  Our training staff tried to do the best they could by giving us ice bags and cold towels on timeouts, keep us dry.

"It was an unusual circumstance, I never played in a building like that, it's been a while, like high school game or CYO and everybody is sitting on top and you feel good being in a building like that."

Looking ahead to Game 2 and needing rest:

"I need it, I need it, I need it.  We're going to start tonight, continue to get the fluids in me and get me ready for Sunday.  Thankful for the fact that I can get on it tonight, and put myself in a position where I can be out there for my team for the long haul.  And sitting on the sideline, you know, if I'm not in foul trouble, is not good for us and not good for me.  Look forward to Game 2 and go from there."

DWYANE WADE, on seeing LeBron carried to the bench:

"You don't want to see your best player come out of the game, anytime, especially when he couldn't put pressure on his other leg.

"I don't know what happened, all I know is they said we had to get him off the court before we got charged a time‑out.  So we were trying to get him to the sideline because we only had one left.

"But he'll be fine.  He has some days in between.  That guy is ‑‑ he gets sprained ankles or certain things that happen to him, he bounces right back.  So he'll be fine.  Obviously tonight we would have loved to have him in there to finish the game, but we gotta finish the game better, no matter who is on the floor."


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Rough to lose a winnable 1st THAT.

Obviously, Lebron has history of cramping up. Wonder why no one had the foresight to give him an IV at halftime based on the conditions ? You could see it'd think someone could've thought of the possibility as soon as those conditions arose.

Also...Spurs depth & pace posing ultimate challenge. It's almost like Heat will need to slow down game to have best chance. Usually a faster pace is to Heat's advantage...but not like this. Maybe more of a half-court style would work best. Scoring is not the problem but slowing the Spurs offense is.

And, of course the refs sucked....

Winnable game, for sure. Up when LBJ went down halfway through the 4th, so after 3 1/2 quarters we were in front and Green hadn't hit a shot. I'm OK with that.

OK, we make minor game adjustments. Looking forward to Game 2, as this Heat team doesn't lose back-to-back games.




It's clear they had something to do with the A/C being off. That wasn't professional. I am a new fan to NBA, and James was the reason why. If these teams are allowed tamper with a hugh game like this, and take out MVP playes like that, this will affect the NBA, alot of new fans will turn away from the sport.

Troy: "It's clear they had something to do with the A/C being off. That wasn't professional"

What an idiot... might as well go watch soccer or something else, be a fan of another sport!

What an asinine statement... like the Spurs would also intentionally jeopardize their own players health and potentially have spectators passing out and causing more serious problems just to give LBJ a cramp... what a moron!!

Commander Cane... another idiot!

What a great athlete, the old guys can take the Heat but not the KING, DUDE IS A DRAMA QUEEN




48 MINUTES.....

WIN GAME 2.....


Gotta believe another war on Sunday. We obviously need more from Chalmers & Birdman. Way too many bullshit calls for Spurs - ridiculous. We turned them over plenty...but didn't convert enough. Spurs don't really have much inside D. I'd say drive on every opportunity...then kick out. Spurs tough at home...need just one.

The fact of the mater is that the Heat bench players are not up to par with the Spurs bench. That allowed more substitutions to get the starting five more time off the court, more time to cool down and hence be available for crunch time. You can't blame the lack of James for the offensive outburst that carried the Spurs to victory and for "bullshit calls";everytime James puts his head down it's a charge but he gets the blocking foul.The hell with this "star" status that allows players like him and Shaq O'Neil to get special treatment.

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