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Gregg Popovich pokes fun at LeBron and Heat during Spurs' victory parade

This will certainly fuel the motivation during those offseason workouts. During his team's victory parade on Wednesday, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had some fun with LeBron James' famous "not one, not two, not three" championship line from the Heat's 2010 preseason rally.


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I believe Pop was referring to how many championships the Spurs have won!

Yes, he's counting the rings the Spurs have won. Pop too classy to take a cheap shot like that.

What poor professional Popovich mocking of someone else. This is not good example. Great coach poor person.

How in the world are you spinning this as mocking the Heat? He's just counting the Spurs championships - something multiple championship teams have done at victory parades long before Lebron. If you have any integrity at all you will take this ridiculous story down.

It is what it is- to the victors go the spoils. He is mocking Lebron, however his team did win, and he can say whatever he wants to.'s pretty funny. His team was Spurs team EVER.

Will be hard for Heat to recover from this pounding. Had this been a prize fight...not only would it have been stopped early but also everybody would've been taken to the trauma center for evaluation.

Without any reference to James, interpreting what Popovich is doing as "poking fun at LeBron" requires a seriously high degere of self-absorbtion. It appears that he's simply counting the number of championships the Spurs have one. I defy you to produce an example of that coach mocking an opponent.
Miami is a lovely and important city that has produced several sports dynasties. Still, have you thought that perhaps--just perhaps--not everyone in the world is thinking of Miami during every moment of every sports victory celebration?

Good for Pop: LeQueen is an arogant narcissist; Not one, Not 2, Not 3 yes three Finals losses for LeQueen.

Just a quick question for you LeA$$:

If you think that about an athlete that left money on the table to come to Miami to compete for Championships, who constantly praises his teammates, coaches, and organization, and (unlike anybody ever associated with phil jerkson) who can actually compliment his opponents when praise is due.....what is your opinion of kome Bryant and mj?

and you can throw shaq, aka the big league minimum, in that question as well

what a idiot to be calling the like i said, the best player on the planet queen , you sound like a queen player

Truth is one but LeBron came out publicly and ever stated...not 1,not 2,so on and so on.Pop really is joking clearly with intent to relate to they say ..."imitation is a form of flattery".Obviously...Pop is still smarting from the painful loss the Spurs encountered last year.(Well- not anymore anyway.)Nonetheless it s no big deal and was kind of funny seeing such a serious Coach goof off finally.Spurs played great and deserved this Championship big-time.

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