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Thought he was weird in Game 5? Lance Stephenson will be in full bloom on Friday, even if that means his value on the free-agent market is withering on the vine

First, in the spirit of all things bizarre, here's the latest feature story on Birdman's cat-fishing scandal. Nice work by writer Flinder Boyd.

And now about Game 6 ... 

So much weirdness, but Lance Stephenson sticks out. I'm sure you've seen the video by now. At one point during the game, the Pacers' excitable guard tried annoying LeBron James by blowing in his ear.

 I don't think Stephenson succeeded in annoying James, but the pestering isn't going to subside after James' poor game. James had five fouls in his first 13 minutes on the court and finished with just seven points, a career playoff low.

"Just playing ball," Stephenson said after the game.

"Buffoonery," Ray Allen called it.

Whatever is was, expect more of it on Friday. Yes, Stephenson's special brand of trash talk will be in full bloom for Game 6 even if that means his value on the free-agent market is withering on the vine with every eccentric outburst.


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"Stephenson likes to blow Bron".... should be the headline.

Since Lance is such a hothead, I would send one of our bench players, maybe batter since he is not doing much to foul him very hard and he will probably retaliate n get ejected.

What about the Spurs?? We were lucky last year.






Well, we won't send anybody to try and 'out-stupid' Lance, not how we roll. Oh, we won't back down from confrontation, but we aren't trying to limit our bench options, either.

Lucky? Isn't luck the intersection where preparation/hard work meet opportunity?

Stevenson's antics don't surprise me, and I don't think his teammates are on board with his shtick, but what irritates me is the media that thinks it's OK, and even embracing it. Yeah that whole 'Manny being Manny' excuse. It's only OK to them when it is done 'TO' the Heat. You think Birdman acting like that would emit the same response from those talking suits? Neither do I.

Slam the damn door shut tonight!

I'd have liked to see Stevenson pull that crap on a guy like Alonzo Mourning. LeBron is waaayyyy to docile!!

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