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Pregame video report from Barclays Center for Game 4 of #Heat and #Nets second-round playoff series


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Thanks again for LeBron once again carrying the team to victory and truly proving the real MVP of the league.

Scary how sketchy & spotty the rest of the team looked. Wade's quick muscle twitch is fading quickly and is almost gone. It's brutal to watch...he was once such a warrior.

Wonder why UD hasn't seen the floor ... and also some of Spo's rotations - odd.

And...LBJ would've had 60 without the stupid game called by refs.

Good win. Lebron is amazing.

Request to Jason Kidd: Let Paul Pierce continue to (try to) guard LBJ. Paul, not even on your BEST defensive day could you contain Lebron, and that's the Truth.

49 on 24 FGAs? That's efficiency that KD and Kome don't have.


I thought we were at our best with him on the court last night. Thought when he had 5 fouls that SPO held him out a bit long, especially since Wade and Ray were having trouble with turnovers, but again, SPO proved he knew how to handle minutes/rotations better than us. And nobody did a double take thinking that Russell Westbrook was flying down the lane last night for the Heat, but how about RIO's dunk?

CB was nearly non-exsistant on offense for most of the first three quarters, but damn if he didn't come up huge with that corner three!! Bosh even defending the bucket with some aggressive blocks, we don't see that very often.

Close this thing out Wednesday, and pull for the Wizards tonight.




Hey Black, The hell have you been? Spot on Eyeball. Go Wiz!

I bet anyone that Bron won't score 50+ on me in game 5!........What!......Yeah, I said it!

Lack of confidence was never a problem for you Truth.

Lack of defense was always a problem, that's the truth.

Gortat and the Wizards roll back to DC, with a chance to tie up that series!!! GO WIZ!!

One crazy win !

Thanks again for LeBron for not deferring to his teammates the whole game...just about 80% of it.

Thanks to DWade's muscle memory...will take it over the twitch.

Thanks to Ray for his clutchness...and also CB for his cameos.

Hope not to see the small ball lineup that has Ray & JJ on floor with no big. Ouch !

Go Wiz !

Nice of Lebron to show up in the 4th. He was out of it
the first 3 quarters that's for sure.

Looked to me that early on the Heat were running plays for Wade, not necessarily that LBJ was deferring. I think their game plan was to get Wade more opportunities on offense. Either way, it worked out.

Going 1 for 16 from behind the arc the first half and still being in a tight game wasn't mentioned on the TNT broadcast I was watching.

Joe Johnson was making some tough shots, but when it came down to make-or-break, you saw the best defender in the league (Noah, right?) smack the pill back at him.

RIO was a huge assist to Ray for that big 3.....speaking of big 3, CB loving that corner 3, isn't he?

Birdman with another steady performance, rebounds, blocks, tap outs, screens.

Let's go WIZ, give us another couple of rest days!

That Wade maintenance plan looking pretty sweet about now, right? Losing to scrub teams without Wade a couple of months ago doesn't mean jack at this point. Neither does going 0-4 against the Nets during the regular season. Ba-bye KG! Plenty of time to scowl and do pushups now big boi.





JJ was in a zone. His lack of touches cooled him down big time. Thank you PP and JK. KIDD drew up some really dumb plays at the end. When he finally tried to go BACK to a cooler JJ, Bron wasn't having it. Spo made some mistakes at the end too.

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