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Here's your Eastern Conference finals schedule

Game 1 - Sun  May 18 Miami at Indiana                   3:30PM  ABC/R

Game 2 - Tue  May 20 Miami at Indiana                   8:30PM  ESPN/R

Game 3 - Sat  May 24 Indiana at Miami                    8:30PM  ESPN/R

Game 4 – Mon  May 26 Indiana at Miami                   8:30PM ESPN/R

Game 5 * Wed  May 28 Miami at Indiana                  8:30PM  ESPN/R

Game 6 * Fri  May 30 Indiana at Miami                    8:30PM  ESPN/R

Game 7 * Sun  June 1 Miami at Indiana                    8:30PM  ESPN/R


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Heat in 6. Miami takes game 1, 3, 4, & 6.

Indiana still not back in line but they will be a tough out at home.

Miami heat will win the series 4 -1

Careful what you wish for Pacers.

I'm with Joe. Heat in 6.

The Heat will take Games 1,4,5,&6...

Heat in 6.... Let's gooo.... 007....

I guessed the winners and games for the Heat and Spurs series, but failed on picking the Pacers and Thunder as winners - so I'm going to sheepishly back out of guessing the number of games this next series will go. I won't waiver on who I think will win, da HEAT, but I don't know how many games it'll go. Love to see a sweep, but I don't think that's in the cards.

UD - you ready?

Shard - you are going to see some time on West as well.

True or False, We are getting nothing from those minutes rashard gets, and lately JJ. If UD is starting, to give us a punch, I say Spo plays beasley those 10/12/15m off the bench at the 4 spot. It cant get worse than now, and beas shot 50% this year and almost 40% from 3. I know the Pat Riley School has Spo playing the vets, but INDY has mo match up with the 2nd team for beasley ,and scola would have to guard him probably. It would allow beas to play w/ wade and then lebron at parts of the 2nd and 3rd or beg of 4th qtr But, he can take them off the dribble and they have to worry about his scoring.


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