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Spoelstra on why the Heat chose rest tonight with the No.1 seed potentially still on the table

SPOELSTRA: "It was out of our control at some point, and those guys have put a lot of mileage, like I said. Our schedule was fairly extreme down the stretch. I have never been a part of a group that have played that many games in that few of days down the stretch run. It’s not an excuse. We just want to make sure our guys are feeling right, that they’re sharp, that they’re feeling healthy and they have minor ailments that a couple days will do wonders for them.”


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Heat to Wizards - "this way to the layup line".

Emphatic illustration of what Heat look like without Lebron.

Lebron is the MVP,I don't care what others say. Mm mm mm mm just scoring machines shouldn't get the MVP, all around players should consider all the time. There's no better all round player than Lebron in the league right now. But we all know he is not going to get this time. LETS MAKE IT THREE IN ROW YEAH..!!!!

KD is the MVP. This is the only year besides the great year Wade had , that I can remember saying someone had just a better year. Something was off this year with him and the whole team. I don't know, I think I just miss the old days when ever game matter. The Bulls won 6 titles in 8 years with that philosophy. That averaged 65 wins a year with dominance. The Heat look like that team last year. This year has been a different story. The exicitement is lacking just like in this year's Master The Spurs were boring while they won championships, hopefully we can do the same THIS YEAR.

^^agree with you 100%...KD should get the MVP this year.
we can potentially have 28 losses this season, which is a lot...but hey everyone starts 0-0 in the playoffs.

mmm... I dont know why Steph Curry is not in the MVP talks... that man has been playing extremely awesome basketball!!

Well okc has lost 23 games, heat 27, Heat lost 2 times to Boston, 1 to philly, 1 to Utah, three 1 pt losses to Brooklyn. We all know the reg season really doesnt matter, but they are a few plays from being 61-62 wins(Not counting the brooklyn losses and losses to good teams).

When the heat have had to beat a good team, they have. Last time vs OKC, spanked them on the road. last time vs Indy, sent a message. I mean, wade missed almost 30 games.

Lastly, Lebron shot better this year than last in his FG%. he is 7% higher than KD. KD just takes more shots , like 5 more per game. Media has done everything in its power to give it to KD. KD only leads in scoring on his team, where as lebron leads in 3-4 categories.

Lebron is super human =pull up Rose's 2011 #s and lebrons. That year. lebron was better in almost every category then rose. But because lebron was the villan, leaving CLE< he wasnt getting MVP that year. He'd be going for 6 straight if it wasnt for media that year.

Right now, We get Charlotte then most likely Toronto in Round 2. the 2 seed has the better bracket if Toronto and charlotte hold their seeds.....

Dom for President!

Let's not forget the one year Wade had better numbers than LBJ and didn't win the MVP. His blocked shots that year were amazing.

Media in the bag for anybody BUT the Heat?? Who knew?

Spurs play the game the right way - and it that doesn't fit into the media's marketing scheme, screw them. I don't think the Spurs are boring, but then again, I doubt most of what is shoved at us through the media. Maybe they need to hire Stephon Marbury, Roy Tarpley, Andrew Bynum to get respect, but they'ld lose games - so Pop and Co. are smart enough to avoid the egg-heads and just hire based partly on strength of character, not number of tattoos. How is that working out for them?

Master's ratings low, oh well, they should have put a Kardasian on the show - ratings would go up, and I'ld still not watch. TV gets bit by being self-fulfilling. "You will watch these guys, because we told you this is who to root for. We'll keep showing little personal life stories with some soft background music, and soon you'll adjust to liking exactly who we promote." Then when the unthinkable happens, and that person/image retires, gets injured, does jail time, etc...the media will cry because all it's golden eggs are broken and whoever is winning the sport isn't who we promoted - there are nobodies winning, boo-hoo. Guess that's why you don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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