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Need a reason to go see the Heat destroy the Bucks? … Playoff tickets will be on sale outside Section 119

Playoff tickets will go on sale to the general pubic at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 4, but fans who attend today's game against the Milwaukee Bucks can purchase individual playoff tickets at a table outside Section 119. Tickets will be available from the time doors open at AmericanAirlines Arena until the end of the game.

Yes, this is a sneaky way of getting as many fans in the building against the lowly Bucks, but does the opponent ever really matter when it comes to the Heat? LeBron James does incredible things every night and the Heat is in first place in the Eastern Conference standings and playing some of its best defense of the season.

Hey, you can always say you were at the game when the Heat held the Bucks to 60 points.


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To say that they're going to "destroy" the Bucks tonight is laughable, when their track record this entire season has been to squeak out these types of games. I've seen them throughout the year require a Superman-like performance from one or all of the big three to squeak out wins late in the 4th quarter against the Bucks, Cavs, Majic, etc. They have also lost to several bottom feeders. This is by no means a given and I would not be surprised to see this game go down to the wire. I also would not be surprised to see them win by 20. What I'm saying is that this team is about as unpredictable as Vladimir Putin.

mmmm, I have to agree with Joe.. Yes the heat do sometimes relax against lower rated teams.. BUT not only do the Heat have the number 1 seed now, its nearly playoff time. I think the Heat are going to be dialed in and destroy the Bucks lol.

Get W...and some rest for LeBron & CB.

They are not going to destroy the bucks......they are going to annihilate them

Keep it rolling!

Congrats to ZO!!

Embodied what Riley brought to this organization - class and determination!!

Congrats to one of my all-time faves - Zo.

Now...does anybody remember this ? During final few chmpionship games vs Mavs in 2006...Ira dissed Zo big-time on Hank Greenberg's AM radio show saying basically he was just hanging on. SAY WHAT ! I just about drove off the road. Zo then went on during that series to basically kick anyone's ass who got in his way. Since then...I've tried several times to contact Ira for clarity but to no avail. Anybody remember ? One of the worst observations that still to this day gives me reason to think - no one could ever be THAT wrong !

Well, another game that Mario Chalmers BLEW again!!!! How much more can we take this!!!???? 1:02 left in regulation and LITERALLY hands the ball to Rubio!!!??? What the hell is he doing out there???? And don't even get me started that he goes 1 for 2 at the FREE throw line TWICE!!!! My god!!! Bench him at this point!!! Just put Douglas in there for Christ Sake.

Hey ! No worries ! Heat just adhering to the fighter pilot's motto:

faceless danger
numbing fatigue
fiery death

Did that just happen ? Probably the guy with the highest IQ on the floor (Battier) misses LeBron in the lane being guarded by a 180 lb guy (Brewer)..and inbounds for a 25 ft fadeaway.

Really weird mentality (again) last night. Doubt if they secure #1 seed by looking at both Pacer/Heat schedules now...unless Pacers totally collapse. Too many idiot plays by everybody to count. Do they really deserve the #1 seed ?

Well...they certainly played with a blasé mindset once again. That Timberwolve line-up was ridiculous. Never have I ever seen a team play with such inconsistency. How silly is this : maybe the Heat don't want the #1 seed so they'd avoid the current 4 & 5 seed winner - Chicago or Brooklyn - at the expense of potentially playing the 7th game at Indy ? Oh well...probably more half-ass play tomorrow.

Yeah BKY...dying to hear E-Ball's excuse for Chalmers although he did make some gutty plays down the stretch when it seemed everyone else had a pantload. He'll probably blame Cole who has apparently become totally error-prone forgetting how to defend anyone while also becoming the other team's best player whenever he has the ball in his hands. He has been absolutely terrible of late.

My beef is several times throughout the game...they had Brewer on LeBron. Total mismatch down low - eh ? Also, LeBron was wide open in the lane with the 180 lb Brewer on his backside when Battier threw the ball in. I'm a dumb-ass in the stands that can see that !

They'll be lucky to get the #1 seed now. Oh well...they all still get paid & go home.

Refreshing team effort...with Bosh finally showing at end.

Tough close for all these teams...I'm watching...everyone's legs are shot. Heat have major challenge with rest of schedule.

Who's NCAA bracket is still alive ? Mine took trip to garbage last weekend.

Chalmers is a big game baller. He gonna make his doubters look foolish in the end.

Well, from what I saw of Friday's game v Wolves, both LBJ and Chalmers had turnovers and missed foul shots at the end of the game. Is that correct? Did everybody see that, but we are just pointing our RIO and Batt's mistakes?

Wow, do we over-react with every loss?

Slow down, the playoffs are coming, and then we can take the hyperventilating to a whole new level. Just remember, this group has come back from being down 3-2 on the road before (Indy/Boston). When you trust your coaching staff and fellow teammates and your own HISTORY, these overtime losses at the end of the season are about that loss to Utah back in February, THAT was HUGE!

Didn't even fill out a JV league (college ball) bracket this year. I would have just been throwing my $$ away. I-I mean, there was no money being bet, (MR. NSA/IRS MAN, whoever, is monitoring this site). Now, I will make an NBA bracket and have fun with a few of my partners comparing the picks. Wonder who I'll have standing in the end? UD and the Heat, of course!

RIO has a bette A/TO ratio than LBJ right? Leads the team in steals, right? Has the highest 3pt % of any regular rotation player, right? Fearless, right? Big game player, right? Yeah, let's overlook that and jump on beas' bandwagon - he's got so many positive attributes, but can't seem to get on the floor lately, why is that?

Eyeball, Sorry to say but you flat out just don't get it. Beasley is a bench player. The loss at Utah was in fact HUGE, throw in a couple of other games this year we had no business losing this year that will cost us home court in the Finals against the Spurs or Thunder etc. Rio has made so many mistakes its a joke, and you know it.

Just asked if anyone knew why he isn't getting rotation minutes anymore?

OK, looks like after all the hand-wringing, sky-is-falling, estrogen-filled rants that we WILL maintain the best EC record, but now we've switched the goal line to the best record in the league, which we won't attain. Being to 3 (probably more) straight finals, having one of the top 3 regular season records in the NBA isn't good, you just can't please some people. Oh ye people of little faith. I'm glad I've enjoyed the HELL out of this Heat run the last 4 years. Yeah, 4 years! We won't go 82-0. We will lose to crappy teams. We won't win 27 games in a row every year. But we will compete at the highest level when it counts.

OK, BKY, so Chalmers is your whipping boy, have at it. You didn't bother to touch on the fact that LBJ had a turnover and missed FT at the end of the Wolves game to. Can you just acknowledge that so I know you are thinking clearly? Hell, go back to living your life through your phone like the rest of the zombies in the stands when RIO is on the court, and look up when supercool enters the game. That might save you some angst. You might miss RIO's highest scoring game of the year, but you can keep your talking points if you like them, period.

We haven't done too bad with RIO at the point for his years in the league.....and yet, with him, the glass is ALWAYS half empty.

I like Rio. In fact , I would rather have 10+ more years of him than 2- years of Wade if I had to choose. My beef will be if this team is not rested and healthy in the playoff. The strategy has been to be healthy and rested in the playoff. If we're not, then it would be a failed strategy. I said from day 1 that when you play not to get hurt is when you get hurt....Where is Wade by the way... He's gonna have to go all out when the playoffs starts. You can easily get hurt (Indy game)when you push yourself and you're not used to going all out. We didn't win 3 championships with not going all out. I know that it's a aging team but missing 25+ games. I wouldn't have a problem with losing or winning with a Healthy Wade. Just don't be gassed or pull a hammy trying to push it.

The only time I criticize a player and coach for injuries is win you play not to get hurt .......and then get hurt! Flashes of a fat Shaw playing not to get hurt but always getting hurt come to mind.

Fat Shaq

Hammy's aren't anything to mess with. He'll be alright when we need him....start of the second round, latest.

Remember he was coming off summer surgery last year, and from everything we are told, has worked his rear off getting into/staying in shape. When he's out there, he look's good. He's a warrior with some mileage on those wheels....I'm not betting against him.

Yes Shaq was fat and lazy - sort of the antithesis of ZO.

I do in fact remember Lebron's missed free throw and turnover. But he can't be PERFECT EVERY GAME. Rio makes mistakes game and game out. Just flat out embarrassing! Beasley is a bench PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Beasley comes in the game the fans do in fact put their phones down. And no, I don't stare at my phone like the people in the arena. I saw Rio's 24 point performance in person, and I could care less about his season high, when I saw him HAND THE BALL to Rubio I lost it. He is such a moron! That cancels out everything for me. End of discussion.

How do you blow a dunk ?

Another idyllic season starts with a Gatsby-like cruiser loaded with all the gaudy gadgets. Everyone from the participants to the fans in the stands are dressed for the part. The first half of the race suggests the euphoric times will never end. almost timeless change the cold, harsh reality of life enters. The once ebullient, epic moments turn dark and menacing. This vehicle of joy has morphed into a rusty jalopy. The players of the script have all become haggard and toothless looking for a place to rest.

May God grant them that wish....

Damn, RP, flashing your writing skills today, nice! Joe might want to step up his game (or restart it) or he might be looking for another paper to sell his wares.

more to come....

Home at lunch today and couldn't believe this subject was even broached: The one ESPN talking head asked (when reviewing the last play) 'would michael jordan have gotten the foul called on that play?' and the weak almost apologetic other talking head said, 'yes'. Now, I KNOW 100% that mj would be shooting FTs at this point, I'm just surprised that ESPN would admit to the LBJ bias. Rewind to last night:

I'm the biggest Birdman (as a Heat player) fan there is, but HE (not RIO) might have cost us that game. He looks to be a little tentative, like he's not completely healthy. Missed dunk, turnovers, too many pump fakes at the rim.....I'm sure it's only temporary, but that wasn't one of his better games.

Like Shard as well, but that pass he made out of the corner to Ray that, I believe Thorton, picked off for a layup, took some air our of our sails.

Thought Plumlee's block of CB's shot at the rim was goaltending.

I did like LBJ's response to Craig 'Huggy Bear' Sagers' question about the Nets being our toughest out in the playoffs. a$$ clown media!

Time to bounce back tonight. We have one of the best jalopee's on the lot!!!! It's received best of show awards the last two years - and I'm not betting against it this year. Not time to rest until they put that blue ribbon on us again, and against all wishes and hopes and prayers and prognostications from HEAT FANS?, I believe it will happen.

Marioooooooooo Challlllllllmerrrrrrrrssss! - for you, Terminator

Also notice a lot of 'flu symptoms' with the Heat - Ray/UD/etc....

Is this just a SPO pulling a Popovich and resting his vets?

Without getting into the a lengthy - is beas good or not, he was getting regular minutes and now barely getting off the bench. Anybody got any insight?

I have insight but you refuse to understand so I've lost interest in repeating the same thing over and over again.

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