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Heat players show support for Clippers and Bob McAdoo remembers his Buffalo Braves days with Dr. Jack Ramsay

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a show of solidarity with the Los Angeles Clippers, the Heat’s players turned their warm-up tops inside out during the pregame lay-up line of Monday’s playoff game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

The NBA has been dragged into a controversy during the postseason due to racially insensitive comments allegedly made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling. NBA commissioner Adam Silver is holding a news conference at 2 p.m. on Tuesday to address the matter. On Sunday, the Clippers’ players turned their warm-ups inside out before Game 4 of its first-round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors.

“This is obviously a very difficult and sensitive time for all of us, and the toughest thing is your heart goes out to the players and staff and the organization that is still dealing with this in L.A.,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.

Both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James said the distraction caused by the controversy has affected the Clippers on the court. The Clippers lost to the Warriors 118-97 on Sunday.

“This is the time of the year as players we all love,” Wade said. “It’s the playoffs, and you need to play this game with a free mind and open hearts and they’re not able to do that right now. It’s a very difficult situation to be in for them, being right in the midst of it. Obviously, it’s something we all are affected by.”

Said James: “I don’t care what anybody says. I believe it was all in their minds, and you try to focus on the game, but that wasn’t the Clippers team that I’m accustomed to watching. I think a lot of that had to do with it...We are in support of the Clippers.”

James said players around the league are “in suspense” to see what Silver says during his Tuesday news conference.

“We believe in the NBA and we believe in Adam Silver and justice should be served,” James said.


Heat assistant coach and Hall of Fame player Bob McAdoo was heartbroken on Monday morning to learn of the passing of Dr. Jack Ramsay. McAdoo played for Ramsay in Buffalo and Ramsay introduced McAdoo years later when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“When I got elected, he was the first person I thought about, and he gave me a fabulous tribute, and when I heard about it this morning I was just so sad for him because Jack was…he gave me my start in my career, and jumpstarted my career in Buffalo,” McAdoo said.

McAdoo called Ramsay “professional as professional as you could get” and said Ramsay’s attention to physical fitness was innovated for that era of the NBA.

“When we were in Buffalo he brought a stretching guru in and nobody was doing that,” McAdoo said. “I was the most flexible I had ever been because Jack was into the physical fitness, and that’s probably why we were so successful in Buffalo.

“We could get the ball up and down the court. We talk about the Lakers and Showtime but we had Showtime in Buffalo with Dr. Jack. It was very fun playing with him.”


Growing up in Portland, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra first met Ramsay when he was eight years old. Spoelstra attended Ramsay’s summer basketball camps as a child. Years later as a young coach, Spoelstra leaned on Ramsay for advice.

“Dr. Jack has been an incredible inspiration for me,” Spoelstra said. “He has an incredible legacy in this game of basketball and it’s really strange how things work out. I come from two basketball families—the Portland Trail Blazers and the Miami Heat — and I grew up with Coach Ramsay and that legacy there and then the legacy he had with the Heat as an announcer.

“But it was amazing to see how many people he continued to effect in such a beautiful way. He garnered so much respect from coaches and players and new generations of players and coaches. His legacy is incredible — Hall of Fame — but as a man it is bigger than that.”


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My Dr. Jack favorite call was when Zo swated a shot he would say (tongue in cheek).

Those of us who played playground ball all knew what it really meant.

Rest in peace Dr. Jack Ramsay, a real legend and popular no matter how old or young you are.

Mark Cuban hit the nail on the proverbial head. Sterling made his racist comments inside his own home. We cannot legislate people's thinking and screwed up belief system. He said something terrible, yet his actions by way of hiring minorities to work for his NBA franchise says something too. We continue to educate because good people vilifying Sterling are driving such racists views further underground. Shine the light on ignorance! Many in our society are hiding quietly with the exact same viewpoint as Donald Sterling.

I have soo many things to say .. been off the blog for a few days.. first and foremost. Prayers go out to Dr. Ramsay.. I remember hearing his voice on the first Heat games I use to watch / attend when I was a child.

2nd this whole donald sterling thing.. IDK why this is getting blown out of proportion and everyone is acting surprised.. to take a play from Lebron "Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4" - thats how I feel about the actions of Donald Sterling.. this isnt his first time saying something bigoted, and racist.. and as a black male I do feel like something needs to be done.. but to be honest I feel like something should have been done a LONG time ago. I think David Stern
should have squashed that bug when it first popped his head up.. I hope Adam SIlver and the rest of the owners buy back the team, and give it to Seattle..

3rd - Again I stand by my Danny Granger comment. Once the Pacers traded Granger (who was the corner stone for the Pacers and basically was their turning point after the whole malice in the palace fiasco) everything went down. I believe it was his leadership that was keeping everyone together.. now, you got Lance fighting everyone, Hibbert calling teammates out on TV, this is not the same team from before... and Yes they will be spliting up after this season lol.. did you see Larry Birds face?!?!! priceless..

my ranting is done

Oprah is not interested in running the team," Geffen told Schaap. "She thinks it would be a great thing for an important black American to own [another] franchise.

At least we aren't seeing things through racial prism again. Way to be above the fray, Harpo.

Here's what we do know - the next owner of the Clippers will be dark skinned and liberal. Let's look at the early candidates: Oprah, Sean Combs (that's the name your mom gave you Diddy), Meriweather, and Dr. Dre.

Now the good doctor, might, just might, have some issues with his past. How is going to explain the cop killing song, or what N.W.A. stands for? Oh well, onto the Next Episode....

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could get a racial minority liberal transgender to accept that job? I thought Billy Clinton might be a good choice here, but he doesn't pass one of those qualifications - guess which one.

Hey Bill, you can still bring hookers and girlfriends to the game - the NBA didn't care when Sterling did - just destroy those private tapes of you and Hillary talking about Obama prior to 2008 and you should be fine.

Hopefully we can still use those terms like Uncle Tom when talking about strong conservative black men like Florida's own Allen West, or we are going to rule out a BUNCH of rich liberals from this job. We can still kick Condelessa Rice out of giving commencement speeches with impunity. And for goodness sake, let's don't have any women talk about the ridiculous cruel inhumane way that Muslims treat women on those bastions of free speech and tolerance called college campuses.

I wonder what the vetting process was like for Jay-Z, when he purchased a part of the Nets. Not that they would have private conversations taped, but, would they listen to the lyrics of his CDs, which were broadcast over the airwaves for millions of impressionable youth to hear. Did the National Organization of Women have a say - you know, being the derogatory statements made about females? Probably not, they were deafening silent when Teflon Bill was doing his dirt.

I've got 8-10 of Hova's CDs in my collection. Would it be OK, if I started spewing some of those lyrics on this blog? Would my first admendments rights still apply? Or would I be audited by the IRS for repeating them?

It's always funny how a racist MF try to avert attention from another racist MF.


You talkin' about Rev. Sharpton, Big Jim?

im sensing alot of under-toned remarks in regards to Sterling .. but anywho.. thats a dead horse..
time to focus back on the Heat and show some support!

I hope to see beasley get some burn the next series.. although JJ has done a fantastic job with the minutes he rightfully deserves! great job Coach.

Nice Jim, don't talk about the issues, just name call. Make sure you vote 'early and often' in the next election.

Can we talk about the obvious double standards in our society, without the juvenile attitudes?

It's disturbing what controversies the media flames until it's fires consume our news cycles. Let's look at the hypocracy;

Religion: If Sterling would have said, "Don't bring those Christians" to the games, that would have been a non-story, or better yet, joked about on late night TV. Now, switch Christian with Muslim, and he would have had his team taken away from him.

Sexuality: "Don't bring those heterosexuals to the game with you" - no issue. Change heterosexual to homosexual, and you lose your team.

Race: "don't bring those creepy ass crackers to the game" - no issue. Minorities instead of crackers, and you lose your job. Redskin = offensive, Redneck = acceptable??

Political leaning: Bill Clinton would have little/to no background check to buy this team....Herman Cain would have his middle school attendance records brought up.

"Don't bring those Tea party members to the game" - nothing. Switch that with the 'occupy wall street' (cop car defecators), and you lose your team.

What was the vetting process for Jay-Z prior to him being a part owner of the Nets? Not a white/black thing, the same question would be there if Eminem was an owner.

Help you out Jim? Didn't think so. Apparently, even pointing out the hypocracy is not allowed in the USSA today.

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