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Heat going with an interesting strategy against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight … resting all its centers

An interesting strategy against arguably the NBA's most rugged team would be to rest most of your frontcourt players. On Wednesday night, that's exactly what the Heat is doing against the Memphis Grizzlies at FedEx Forum.

The Heat is playing without Udonis Haslem, Chris Andersen and Greg Oden against Memphis bigs Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. In addition to the Heat's three best paint players being out, Dwyane Wade is also not playing in Memphis. Shane Battier was in the lineup for Haslem while Toney Douglas filled in for Wade.

Wade is missing his eighth-straight game and 27th overall. Haslem didn't travel with the team to Memphis due to a stomach virus. Andersen is with the team, but resting a sore back.

Wade practiced before the game, but the Heat is being overly cautious with his sore hamstring, Achilles tendon and knees this close to the playoffs. He is questionable for Friday's game against the Indiana Pacers. The Heat led the Pacers by half a game in the Eastern Conference Standings before Wednesday's set of games. The Pacers played the Bucks on Wednesday and Pacers coach Frank Vogel rested all five of his starters.


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Say good bye to LeBron won't return next year.

Lebron has been built for excitement his entire life. The Heat have effectively zapped all the excitement out of this year. I hope they can get it back in the post season.

Yes, that loss to the Griz with half a Heat lineup will send LBJ packing - will you go with him Cesar?

Turnovers by everybody killed us - mostly unforced turnovers. Ray/CB/Lebron/Rio/Cole/Douglas - yuck!

But the Griz did expose Miami's weakness. When your top two post defenders don't play - you are weak in the paint.....which, is exactly like EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. Take Gasol and Z-Bo off the court and the Griz are weak in the middle too. Ditto Hibbard and Mahimim, etc...

Damn short lineup and Beas gets NO MINUTES??? I know he's a reserve player, but so were just about every other player not named CB/LBJ/RIO. Anybody??

Hamilton played hard, but is not quite ready to be our Michael Doleac yet.

ZBO hits his SECOND 3pter of the year?? C'mon man. This after David West hits his 5th of the year against us (at a crucial moment). CB was right - we do get everybody's best effort, every game. Maybe that's why we don't go 82-0 every year.

And LBJ was right - they are focused on getting everybody healthy for the playoffs - not fretting over simple-a$$ stuff like a loss two months ago in Utah. OK, I embellished some of that.

Does Vogel get fined for sitting his (marketed) players, like POP did?? Shouldn't the Bucks fans be have the right to be disenfranchised by the Pacers lineup. Offended, and probably owed some federal $$. Now, if we can get the media off the red flag missing Malasian jet and focus on real matters like this, we would be moving 'FORWARD' - yes we can!

....and for the loser's that think LBJ is jumping ship after this year (and we don't even know how this season will end) what team does not have issues at this point of the season? OKC? Westbrook's health. Bulls? Rose's health. Pacers? Riiiiiiight. Cavs? I'm laughing now? Where is he going - Utah?

Or is he just going to retire, because it wasn't perfect in Miami forever? Is he leaving because he can't face the challenge of playing with one healthy all-star, and one that misses regular season games but can dominate when healthy in the playoffs? Is his mentality that brittle?

Some of y'all $hit is major amusing. You certainly don't ride the same 'fan'wagon that I'm on. Jeez, take your freakin' Ritalin!

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