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New Chinese design to Dwyane Wade's shoes a nod to the People's Liberation Army

Dwyane Wade's latest Li-Ning shoes dropped in China on March 5 and they're pretty ... well...nationalistic. The release date coincided with Lei Feng Day, which honors a famous solider in the People's Liberation Army.

Lei Feng is kind of like a poster boy for China's Communist party. He was celebrated for his selflessness and stuff, so his nickname translates in English to "screw." You know, because he did the little, important things that held everything together. Kind of like a "glue guy" in basketball.

Anyway, the name of Wade's new shoe in China is "Screw," after Lei Feng, the national hero.


I don't buy basketball shoes, but I might buy a pair of these just because.


Poster of Lei Feng.


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Another doozie of a performance! Lets clap it up for losing that crucial #1 seed!!! Unreal

That is pretty risky for D Wade but I admire his genius to market to the Chinese people. The dollar is going there so why not follow it?

Not sure why he left Nike/Jordan for those ugly shoes. oh well i am sure he got a nice paycheck from those Communist.

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