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NBA confirms what we all already knew: LeBron James is a master of Kung fu

So it turns out the NBA might actually think LeBron James is a master of Kung fu.

James was called for a flagrant foul-one during the fourth quarter of the Heat’s loss to the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday and the league reviewed the play and determined James’ flying elbow to Roy Hibbert’s jaw received the appropriate call from officials. A flagrant-one, according to the NBA rulebook, is “unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.”

James’ flagrant foul came after James had been hammered a few times by the Pacers’ defenders near the basket. The atmosphere felt more like the playoffs rather than a regular-season game in late March. One two occasions, officials reviewed personal fouls against James to determine whether or not they deserved an upgrade to flagrant, and James went 14 of 15 from the free-throw line.

Afterwards, James was asked if his elbow on Hibbert was retaliation for earlier fouls.

"If I could jump in the air, elbow somebody in the face and still try to finish the play, I must be a Kung fu master or something," James said. "His face happened to hit my elbow, or my elbow happened to hit his face."


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Well, is it too late to bring back the old 7' ex-Heat player - Wang Zhizu from 03-05 ? I'm sure he'd be a quick study for not only the Art of Verticality...but also the Kung Fu Lebron is talking about. Maybe pick up where LeBron left off...making rapid, forceful strikes with Hibbert so quickly he'll collapse like a giant grasshopper !

The end zone TV shot made it pretty obvious: The elbow-face foul was not intentional. James was trying to elevate over Hibbert as Hibbert leapt toward him. If that hit was deliberate, Lebron isn't just the best player in the NBA, he's also the best actor.
Which reminds me: before the crackdown on flopping, James was the best flopper in the league, so maybe he is that good an actor. I doubt it, though.

It maybe have only looked intentional because Hibbert is so damn uncoordinated...and yes - placed his face in the wrong place. We've all played against lower level players who really are more apt to run into people and actually risking injury to others more coordinated.

Sorry...but Hibbert (no matter how effective he may be against the Heat) would be riding the bench every night with foul trouble - AGAIN - without this STUPID verticality rule. Tell me - why is it this STUPID rule is only mentioned with Hibbert ? Nobody else in the league benefits ?

Beyond ridiculous. Yeah...please get rid of those T-shirt jerseys & this Hibbert rule.

Gotta agree with Coach again. Get rid of any 'sleeved' jerseys. That's like mandating all pitchers wear long sleeves, or all quarterbacks must wear gloves.

Gotta disagree with you on the rule of verticality. I think the rule itself is OK, and I think the defense should be allowed that space from the floor to the ceiling. My problem, as I suppose is yours, is that it is only cited when Hibbert and the Pacers play. That's my issue. It's like we have to find a way for the Pacers to get by the Heat, and if we just tweak this little rule here.........

Switching up gears to baseball - Cabrerra signs a huge contract with the Tigers. Does our POTUS want to redistribute some of that wealth to AA players in that organization, who only make $50,000 a year? Shouldn't we redistribute some of his work habits, or talents first, and then the wealth will come? Oh well, points to ponder, but I really believe our POTUS wants to demonize heads of corporations that employee many people and pay for their health care - yeah, they are the evil forces, even though Cabrerra employees NO ONE himself.

Pistons tonight - I believe they got us earlier in the year...payback time.

Roy is a pretty darn good actor too, man that guy almost collapsed or at least he acted like it …and then within next 2-3 minutes he is back on the court did you see????? he was running !!!! seriously if he was so hurt, how the hell he is back on the court in no time… these stupid refs fell for it … my take is calls should have gone both ways Lebron got hammered couple of times none of those Chickens blew the whistle, ..when he was doing his Kung fu acrobats Refs shouldn’t have call that as well l … NOW THAT”S FAIR !!!!!!!!!

....(back to basketball)

Am I the only one who finds it hypocritical of the NBA to find that LBJ's contact to Hibbert was 'intentional', while Ibaka's contact to LBJ's face (breaking a nose) or Scola's swipe at LBJ's face was incidental?

C'mon man!

Yeah, Hibbert looked like Trevor Berbick after Tyson nailed him.

Hey Lebron saw Hibbert’s ugly face popping out, he had no choice but to smack it .. :) even though our season is up and down Heat is where they should be .. I mean if we get the second seed you are looking at B’cats /Raptors hopefully we can dismantle quickly and get a good rest while Pacers battling out with Nets/Bulls. Who knows the way these Pacers played lately, I put my money is on Bulls.
…. No one had beaten HEAT in 7 game series since Mavs. Anyone one can take one or two games but 4 !!!! No it’s not going to happen. We'll be alright!!!!!

Just to take us back a while - I remember Doug Christie playing good perimeter defense on Kome, who was standing still. Christie was in his defensive stance, and had his chin right by Kome's chest. Kobe takes the ball with two hands and swings his elbows at Christie's face, connecting of course. Who do you think got THAT foul, the offense or the defense? Hint: They were playing in LA.


The verticality rule simply deflates the athleticism of someone making a real basketball play & rewarding someone just jumping up with his hands up inside the circle that determines charge calls. Sorry...that's effing ridiculous. Imagine Dr. J, Nique, Michael, Clyde, Vince et al flying towards the rim...and a fat, immobile player getting the call by just positioning his stationary ass under the rim while jumping with his hands straight up. THAT is not basketball nor something anyone with a brain would want to pay to see. To add yet another subjective call for these sorry ass refs isn't helpful to the game. Now...Hibbert is the one making the contact & still getting the calls !

If the defense didn't have that ability, then what recourse does it have when a player is driving? You should be allowed, while in a legal guarding position, to hold your ground and that should be floor to ceiling. The rule should be the same for athletic players playing defense as well as fat ones. Now there is the half circle that prevents some of which you are talking about, so the L has tried to address it. Hey that works for Batt, UD, Birdman, RIO, and anyone else that wants to stand their ground against penetrators, right?

Anywho, got to try to catch highlights of tonight's game v Pistons (took the fam to a movie - didn't see the game) Interested in who scored our points and who played well. Let's go Beas!

Answer this mentioned all these other players (BTW...coordinated ones) BUT you only ever hear it mentioned or called when Hibbert is involved. ??? So...he's the only guy who has perfected the "skill" ? That rule will always suck.

Last night - thankfully a blowout for a change. Take a bow to the bench guys ... THAT is respecting the game, team & their roles by being ready.

You mentioned the recourse regarding someone driving - isn't that is what the half-circle is for ? The verticality rule erodes the meaning of the circle if all you gotta do is stand/jump straight up inside the circle or practically right under the basket. It also lends itself to another judgement call having to be made by the refs. Then, many times Hibbert's momentum is the one making the contact ! Know it won't happen...but for me they couldn't get rid of this rule fast enough. Memba, there's a bunch of Yao Ming's practicing this as we speak over in China.

Heat and Pacers tied in the loss column!!! We are in good shape for the #1 seed!!!

RP - I understand your problem with the rule ONLY being applied to Hibbert when he is close to the basket, I have the same issue. But, I don't believe the problem is the rule, my problem is with the selective enforcement of it. Oh well, tomato - tomato.

Yep, bench players stepping up. Who knew, JJ, UD, Shard, and Douglas would be ready when called?? OK, Heat fans did.

BKY - feeling it, too!! We could, with our sloppy play the last couple weeks, and that horrible loss to Utah 2 months ago, end up with the home court advantage through our conference finals!! SALUTE!! Makes that handwringing in December look a bit premature, doesn't it?

What's up with the Pacers inability to score? Wizards and Cavs - WOW.

I don't have a problem with the rule IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY

If you go up and contest the guys shot WITH YOUR ARMS STRAIGHT UP, then I think it should be ok.

My freaking problem with this guy is that his damn arms are not straight up, instead they are bent forward smacking the crap out of him, thats what i dont understand

The problem with that rule is that too many fouls are called against the offensive player. The defensive guys are breaking noses and knocking heads and head bands off with nothing being called. Then you turn around and hit the offensive guy with soft fouls from incidental contact. If it was a no call every single time, I wouldn't have a problem with it. They Tiger proofed golf courses to control his dominance. I think they are doing the same thing to LeBron and Wade with unfavorable rules for their style of play. Don't get me started on the lack of calls they get when attacking the rim. The rules will only get stupider because Miami will continue to win.

Guys I agree with what you are saying about how the rules are interpreted, and how and to whom they are being enforced. I, too, am enraged at how many times LBJ goes hard to the rim, draws contact, and gets NO call. Especially annoying, is having to sit through micheal Jordan's career, and having fans/players/commentators admit that there were bad calls going on, but 'superstars get that call'. Well, how much of a bigger superstar in one sport can you get than Lebron? (personally, I'm going back to RP's comment about putting more pressure on the officials to now have to weigh marketability of a player into their games - jeesh, I don't know, is Harden a bigger star than Paul Pierce, how do I make this call? Just call the game based on the rules. The better players don't NEED the help)

...and yeah, it's the rearranged courses that have Tiger in a slump, not the decisions he's made with his life. Personal responsibility - it's a helluva weight to wear around your neck, huh?

The point was that Tiger won despite golf courses being Tiger proofed. Miami has and will do the same. Tiger proofing golf courses is about 7 years old. Tiger has won many tournaments including majors since then. It didn't stop him from winning. Now they are Heat proofing basketball courts. I don't know if you believe this but that's what I believe. I saw a Pat Riley rugged style of play get embraced in NY and other cities. It was only a problem when he brought success to Miami with it. I saw the Dolphin get drug through the mud over bullying. Pittsburg and New England (cheating) got less attention. I saw the U get brought to its knees for celebrating, trash talking and being cocky. Ain't aFootball player the very definition of those thing.I saw 2 of the worse calls in sports (pass interference Ohio st game/fumble at the goal line ND game). I saw LeBron get treated like a criminal for making a decision. He didn't decide to pay ovff some1 to have a abortion so his wife wouldn't find out....or rape some1 thru the back door.....or knock his wife out unconscious... or sell drugs......or support N Korean..... use guns in his locker.......He didn't even break a team by taking the money and run.Maybe I got a reason to feel this way....Maybe I don't.

Agree with most of what you said Jeff. What I see differently is:

Tiger hasn't won a major in a few years. And I've heard the term 'tiger proofed courses' for a while, even though I have no interest in that game. But I can't help but believe that the PGA, the sponsors, ESPN, and the media in general LIVE to see tiger winning tournaments. So I don't see how courses or the PGA would benefit from tiger losing or not winning first.

I don't think the rule of verticality was written to hinder the Heat. It's been around for 40+ years. Now, do I believe the NBA has an interest in the Pacers succeeding, yes, I do.

Riley's Knicks weren't embraced anywhere outside of NY, certainly not in Indiana or Chicago. No, Riles was the anti-Christ for not worshipping/bowing down to the alter of his errorness. (reality is that the anti-Christ might bow down in front of Saudi royalty)

The Martin/Igconito mess was the biggest manufactured story I have ever seen in sports. Now Martin is in San Fran and Igconito might sign with Oakland, so those guys can get back to hanging out together and being buds (which they were before the PC police arrived on the scene)

Pittsburgh cheating? Is that a reference to Tomlin standing near the field of play on a runback? OK, we've just named the runner up to the biggest manufactured sports story ever.

Don't care about NCAA football or the classy way the Canes conduct themselves year after year.

LBJ still gets that hate because he played out his contract with the Cavs and choose another team to play with. If he would have chosen the Bulls or the Lakers, ESPN would be on his jock just as hard as they were when he was in cLEAVEland.

The hypocracy in the media is deafening. Remember when they castigated Shaq for leaving Orlando and signing with the Lakers? Nope, no 'he's only chasing a championship'. No, 'he couldn't do it by himself in Orlando', so he teamed with Kome.

Ditto, Kevin Garnett, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, etc.....

Tiger won a couple of majors after they Tiger proofed courses. He has still been the best player in golf even during the major slump. He is struggling right now just like he was at some point last year and the year b4. We can pick this back up at the end of the year when he is player of the year.....again!

The rule of verticality has never been called like it is being called the last couple of years.LeBron and Wade lost all of their superstar benefit of the doubt when they joined forces. The refs have took it a step farther and won't even call the obvious foul on these guys.

Riley's Knicks.....Not talking bout the fans. The rule committe changed rules when Miami got success ful with that style of play. NY and Detroit played a physical style. It became thug ball in Miami.

Yeah, I'm talking about Tomlin sticking his foot out to trip a opposing playing streaking the the sideline for a touchdown. Should of been a bigger story than bullying.....manufactored or not.

Canes got robbed out of 2 national championships with bad calls. Worse calls I ever seen.

The way LBJ is treated ties in with my conspiracy against Miami theory. F#ckers just can't stop hating on Miami. Always changing the rules when Miami has a good thing going(luxury repeat offender tax).

Well...that was a one gutty win. Who would've thunk it - Heat in 1st ! I...was wrong...thought they lost their chance but who would've thought Pacers hitting the wall on the 4th turn...(so far, it ain't over yet). I was correct in mentioning several times for Spo to go his bench several weeks ago. This most recent bench play reminds me of earlier games when the 2nd team not only maintained leads but extended them. Not only are these guys physically ready but are also focused to the task. Haslem, Rashard, Douglas - big hats off.

Going down stretch - hopefully guys getting rest will continue (like Lebron vs Bucks) without skipping a beat. Looks like ironman streak for Cole is taking it's toll.

Teams with playoff incentive & tired legs will be big factors. Last factoid: think Pacers not resting any of their key players all season long has caught up with them...they looked gassed.

Good stuff Jeff.

Although I don't follow the PGA, it always amazes me how you can be the top golfer and not win any majors. Sort of like saying Witchita State is the top team in NCAA this year.

Just to play off that last statement, remember when the Heat tried to sign Juwan Howard from Abe Polin's Bullets/Wizards, and the league wouldn't allow it because Tim Hardaway's incentive clauses were too easy to reach which caused cap problems? Ever heard of that before or after this incident? Me, either.

Hey quick look at the top of the standings in the East, and who's on top? This isn't no April Fool's Day joke!!! Ain't no stoppin' us now, we're on the move!!

No love for our nemesis the Pacers, and I don't know why they are struggling to score, but I would bet that their losing ways ended last night. Seeing the Heat in front of them in the standings, after leading the EC for much of the year, should probably refocus their efforts. Not that they won't lose any more games, but I can't see them limping like this into the playoffs. If the Bobcats catch the Wizards for 6th spot and the Wiz drop to 7th seed.....that first round series, Pacers v Wiz, has upset written all over it. Gortat v Hibbert, Ariza v George, Wall v Hill, Beal v Stephenson. Guess we just need to prepare to determine our own fate - let's sprint across that finish line, into the playoffs.


Two comments..

One Im glad the HEAT do have #1 Seed! but, not going to lie, the number 2 seeds looks to have easier teams to beat.. If playoffs started now, the Pacers would face the bobcats first round and then then Raptors or Wizards, when the Heat would have to play ATL (Or the Knicks if they manage to catch them) then either the Bulls or the Nets.. Not saying any of those teams could beat Miami in a 7 games series but it will put some extra wear/tear on the heat..

and Two, Toney Douglas has been playing pretty well.. im thinking the heat are trying to turn him into our next Mario Chalmers if he chooses to walk next year.

Glad to see the Heat with that #1 seed. I hope NY catch Atlanta and Brooklyn beats Chicago. I would love to see Miami take two bites out of the big Apple. I worry that guys will get hurt in the playoffs by going all out. They are just not use to that right now. Hopefully they will push hard these next couple of weeks and rest the last week. Wade pulled a hamstring going all out against the Pacers.

@ eyeballtwo....yeah, I remember that sh#t. Teams do it all the time now. Like you said, they were doing it before Riley tried unsuccessfully. I'm stratching my head on that one too.

I see Tiger is gonna miss the Masters with back surgery. So much for the theory that he is faking a injury to cover up his bad play. The Hate this guy receives every year is more misguided than what Lebron gets.

Tiger gets more hate than love??

Even when he finishes WAAAAY out of first place (which is happening more and more), we still see every one of his shots. That's hate? Anybody else in the bottom of the pack even mentioned? How about the guys finishing in the top 5 that get no love?

All rhetorical questions - I don't have a dog in the fight, cause I don't follow the game, but I see what agenda the media has....and it seems more like love than hate.

Same token, I can tell how they phrase the LBJ clips and comments, and there is a dislike there.

Not talking about the media. I'm talking about the bloggers who said his back is not bothering him. He's just faking it because he is not playing well. He pulled out the tournament because he was embarrassed by his play. He's acting out all the grimaces of pain. The same people will turn round and give Phil Mickelson a pass for doing the same thing. He's pulling out of tournaments too because of back pain. He's having a worse year than Tiger is. He's not having back surgery though. I talking about the bloggers who call Tiger a cheater after the rules committee hit Tiger with stroke penalties and ruled he can continue to play. Other high profile players go throug the same issue every year and they are not called cheaters. I'm talking about the bloggers that accuse him of using PEDs with no evidence. I'm talking about the bloggers who got a problem with all the Tiger coverage but had no problems with Jack, Palmer or Mickelson coverage. I'm talking about the bloggers who said he would never win again, then changed it to he would never win another Major again. Next it will be he will never win two in one year and finally he's a cheater on PEDs. I'm talking about the bloggers who think this guy should be perfect and not deserve forgiveness for his faults.If you don't know who I'm talking about , read the comment section on any article about Tiger. LeBron is loved and hated. Lebron is Tiger Woods. The Hate can make you shake your head sometimes. If you don't like someone....fine....just don't be stupid. "Bron will never win a championship; Tiger will never win/dominate again; LeBron is scared to take the last shot; Butch made Tiger Woods."....Just sheer stupidity!

Dudes - Tiger was shot years ago...even before the club head smashed into the windshield. End of story - he's been done.

Alright. Thanks for the clarification, blogger hate not media hate. Like I said, I dont' have a dog in the fight cause I don't follow the golf game, just going by what is pushed ad nauseum on the networks, and that is Tiger.

2008: 5 wins and won the US open on one leg

2009: 7 wins

2010: windshield smash/headcase

2011: injuries/swing change

2012: 3 wins

2013: 6 wins

No one else can get to 3 wins in a single year.

No Majors in 5 years don't make him a scrub.

Duncan, Kobe and Parker haven't won championships in the last 5 years.

So if Tiger only wins one major event during a year, we'll still hear - "he is really only playing to win the major tournaments". And if he doesn't win any majors in.....say.....6 years, then we count the non-major wins.

Maybe I don't get golf (hell, I don't understand 'team' racing in nascar either - either you win or you lose, right?), or maybe we are only trying to push Tiger's (positive) legacy, but isn't this like the Miami Heat/San Antonio Spur fans counting playoffs wins as an accomplishment, while downplaying the fact that they don't win the big ones (championships/majors)??

By the above stats, it looks like the Spurs have gotten to the promised land more recently than Tiger has.....and is having a MUCH better 2014 than Tiger.

Bucks tonight, time for our second unit to get another W.

Your talking about a guy who has won 13 major championships. 3 short of the record. Your talking about a guy that has won 79 PGA EVENTS. 3 short of the record. How the hell can you have a negitive legacy( in the context of golf) with those numbers? He is one of the greatest golfers of all time. Palmer,Nicklaus and Player are still talked about to this day. TW don't have to play 1 more tournament.

Spurs last ship was in 2007. YEs was in 2008. Woods is more like the Lakers and Celtics. Banners everywhere and always will be talked about even when they suck.

Tiger has won 15 majors. He has earned the right to be covered. The Masters ratings gonna take a big hit this year. If you don't follow or get something, how can you Nick pick the game of the GREATEST GOLFER OF ALL TIME???+?


I wasn't trying to diminish Tiger's PAST accomplishments, I don't think that can be done. His wins are his wins.

And the fact that you believe that the Masters ratings will tank this year because the star child won't be there is evidence of the media's love affair with Tiger. (They could always do him like they do Kome when the Lakers fail to make the playoffs, and send a news crew to talk to him, taking up time from the players that are actually playing). Like after mj retired for the THIRD time, the media wonder aloud if the NBA could survive. Well, if you wouldn't spend so much time and energy promoting one person (all your eggs in one basket) out of the sport (or game, if we are talking golf) it would be an easy transition to promoting the next star.

It still seems confusing to how we measure yearly success in Tiger's game. Can he win 3 non-majors in a year and call that successful, or if he tanks in the non-majors and wins one major tourney, is that the measuring stick?

Do the Heat count non-championship series' as wins? Can they win 6 (non-major) playoff games this year and be successful? Or is their only successful year defined by a championship?

Let these other guys win 3 none majors in 1 year and promote themselves as being the next star. They can't do it. I will post the ratings for you when they come out. All a golfer got to do is win consistently to be covered. Like Tiger!

Fair enough.

Tiger has 79 wins over 15 yrs. That's a average of more than five a year. That's with no wins in 2010 and 2011..........These guys can't average more than 2 a yr.......And you want the Media to stop talking about TW and start talking about these guys.......Wow!

Look, end of story, I was good talking to Jeff about Tiger. I think we were good with each other, expressing our views, many of which were similar. Let me explain to you, in as simple as terms as possible, where I stand, and you can get back to your bromance with Tiger.

I don't expect Tiger to get no coverage, he's one of the best at what he does, I get that. But in events where he plays so poorly that he isn't close to the leader board, do we still sacrifice the air time of the players that ARE playing well, to show his failures? That's the frustrating part. You know, like NBA fans that constantly get pushed the Lakers and the Knicks games, when in all likelihood, NEITHER will even make the playoffs this year. Frustrating like having to endure another halftime interview with Kome during a playoff game not featuring the Lakers. Oh yeah, at one point, he was good, at one point he was pertinent, at one point the franchise he plays for was dominant, but NOT TODAY. Pretty easy to understand, I would think. Tiger WAS good at one point, but he hasn't been much of a factor in the last few months/years, so he gets the legacy press. Can't wait to hear what Robert Parrish has to say about the NBA in May, hope they scrub an interview with Riley or Wade to put that on the air. Now, back to your crush.....

They don't sacrifice air time for Tiger when he Is playing poorly. It's a myth, they always cut away. They probably should stay with all the people who want to see him fail. I think even Tiger would agree with you, that they should focus more on the guy who won the tournament instead of his bad play. Their is more money writing a negative story about TW than writing a positive one.Sit down and watch a tournament and get some facts.

"They don't sacrifice air time for Tiger when he Is playing poorly. It's a myth, they always cut away"

OK, Sunshine, you win - and if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, PERIOD!

You got your facts all twisted up. I love my health care. I'm paying what I was paying under Clinton. Premiums got out of control there for a minute under Bush. I see Obamacare taking off now since the web issues have been address. 7 million + beat out the projections even with all the trouble it had. Way to change the subject. You clearly don't know nothing about golf. Commenting on something you don't even watch. How bout watching and learning before you open your mouth. How about it cupcake?

I'll check back with you in a few months to see how your premiums are holding up.

"7 million + beat out the projections" - Interesting that for months the administration and everybody involved with this project had NO IDEA 1-how many people have signed up, 2-how many have made payments to the program, 3-how many were already insured, etc..... Now, the due date to sign comes and goes and they have exact - to the decimal (7.1 million) - numbers. A bit curious.

"How bout watching and learning before you open your mouth."

Its actually more than 7.1 mil. Millions came in through medicade.100 of thousands need to be processed stilll from problems at the start up. I've been at the same job for over 20 yrs. I've always had insurance. Oh, there down.... Yours probably down too....Just don't want to admit it. Just like a bunch of hard right guys at my job. Facts gonna catch up to propaganda real soon.

Bob Kerrey thinks that the Democrat Party must believe the American people are complete idiots for trying to sell them on Obamacare being cheaper and everyone deserving the same care. There is just no way everyone can get the same care, because all doctors are different!

Bob Kerry is a Democrat, not a hard right guy at your job.

Friendly fire?

I don't have Obama care and neither those anybody on my job. My doctor hasn't changed and the quality of my care hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed is how much I pay a week into it. It went down big time for the 2nd consecutive year after going up big time for 11 consecutive years. This is the other part of the Oboma care law that is gonna bury the Republicans under a bunch of lies. Now the part they like to focus on so much(the uninsured) is beginning to show signs of life even after they did everything in there power to make it fail. My daughter has a good affordable policy that works for her. She doesn't make a lot of money and the price of this policy won't bury her. She hardly went to the doctor when she was on my assurance. Obama care is a blessing to her and the 10s of million of low income people who will be on it. Now for me and the 100s of million who already had insurance, it's a blessing to have lower health costs.

Jeff, there are a lot corrections I could say about what you just posted, but I respect your Heat posts too much to get into this lengthy debate about mandatory health INSURANCE (as opposed to health CARE). Glad your rates are going down, glad your daughter feels blessed.

I don't have respect for other drive-by posters, so I might engage them - but really would rather focus on the Heat's build up to the playoffs.


Agreed.......3peat!!....Great win

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