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LeBron and Savannah reportedly expecting

Good news for the LeBron James household. According to reports, wife Savannah Brinson is pregnant with the couple's third child.

The Heat plays the Cavaliers on Tuesday, which will give James time to swing by his house in Akron and build a nursery.

"It's always good to be there and be at my house in Akron," James said. "We are looking forward to the road trip. It's a business trip for all of us, and we want to get this thing back going."



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Congrats LBJ. Now hurry up and get him enrolled in the unaffordable health care. You know the one you pitched as such a great idea, but YOU AREN'T ON. You know the one that is such a great idea for America, but the Congressman and women that wrote and passed the bill, BUT DIDN'T READ IT (per nancy bug-eyed Pelosi) HAVE EXEMPTED THEIR STAFF FROM. The act that is so good for America, that THEY GAVE THEIR UNION BUDDIES A PASS ON. Yeah, that one.

Wonder if LBJ's poor performances happened because of the curse of the 61 point game, or because he stooped to promote something that he didn't believe in. Timing is curious.

Could not have said it better myself. Equally offensive are the likes of Magic Johnson, a very astute and shrewd businessman man who knows this ACA plan is a disaster but shows his support for the plan because he likes Obama. Throw in all the other very wealthy business people, athletes and Hollywood elite who will not be affected at all by the costs and inadequacies of this horrible law, and you have a sad picture of what the future lies for the average American worker. It stinks.

You idiots must have crystal balls and can see the future. If you are so smart and well educated on the issues, why the hell are you struggling. With all the wealth of knowledge you spew as fact, why don't you translate that wisdom into wealth so this law doesn't effect you, like it don't effect them???Also, the major opposition is unaffected as well, so what's their stake in the matter. Things that make you go ummmmmm!!!!

Don't need a crystal ball - you are looking in the wrong direction. Take a history lesson, and learn from the past.

Whats equally offensive is the billions & billions spent in war since the 1st Bush was in office, 20+ years worth of senseless spending but that's not an issue huh? Imagine what the country would look like with all those resources available now (deficit). But lets jump on Obama for Health Care for everyone.


You really need a history lesson.

Currently, it's not about Health Care for everyone, it's about federal government control of our lives and wallets. Adding millions to the health care system and not adding ONE freaking doctor??? Who did that math? But there is room to add thousands of more IRS employees right? Now there is a government agency that is above reproach, right? Don't be a blind idiot. Our community organizer was NEVER qualified for this job - and for a constitutional scholar, boy is he tramping all over the second greatest piece of literature ever written. Under what power does the POTUS have to unilaterally change a law??? HE DOESN'T!! But yet this law has been altered, what 18 times?? And that's mainly to push the sign-up dates and employee mandate back until after the 2014 elections. Transparent to even the most ignorant of minions. Say Bush all you want, at some point a leader has to take responsibility for his own actions - you know - like SPO says - OWN IT. I don't remember Reagan constantly bringing up Carter as he was righting the economic, military, and foreign policy failures of his predecessor. And if you want to do a quick search, compare the economy of 1979 with that of 1987.

E-Ball - you will always be my idol matter what the Heat do !

One more thing...

Poverty will never be giving money away.

Teach Coach!!

I just want a job. Running low on singles

Made a good win look hard.

Freakish visual on CB's knee...hope swelling didn't blow up overnight.

Nice to see UD look like he belonged on the floor. Anytime anyone can step up with some quality minutes giving any of the Big 3 rest or meaningful.

How can Cleveland think LeBron would ever think about returning (other than the proverbial token cameo bow when he's 40 !) with the injury-prone Irving and continual shoddy line-up ? It'd be a shocker...

I bet UD will start getting 6-8 minutes a game, prepping for playoff run.

Damn, I'm going to talk 'bad' about LBJ more frequently if he is going to put up those kind of numbers.

Can we hope for a Knick victory tonight? And we are blessed with ONE MORE LAKER game on the tube. Can the NBA adjust to a flex TV schedule similar to the NFL, or are they going to (transparently) promote/broadcast the big market teams NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY STINK?

How is it possible that Lebron only took 3 shots in the 2nd half??? HUH???

Didn't see it play out, but, maybe - tired?

How bout the trillions of dollars spent over the last couple of decades trying to prove global warming doesn't exist. Only to finally say ," It exist but we just have different ideas of how to attack the problem. How bout being angry at people on welfare but turning a blind eye to corporate welfare. How bout preaching abstinence to a child with 3 kids when YOU GOT 3 kids of your own. How bout going to war for no reason but to impose your will on another country. How bout getting mad at Russia for doing the same while blaming a weaken president. How bout ending the seperation of church and state. How bout this dirty rain from pollution. How bout these Polar vortexes, Strong hurricanes and Tornados tearing up everything. How bout that drill baby drill and those billions spent on attacking environmentalist. How bout wrecking Obama care. How bout getting mad that it's a wreck. How bout doing a easy fix on it when Obama leaves office. How bout changing the name of it and taking credit for making it law. How bout running all the reasonal republicans out of office and replacing them with unelectable candidates.


Rachael Maddows, is that you?

Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicolle

Sure I'll taket the bait.

Global warming hasn't been occurring for the last 16/17 years. Growing up during the 70's, we were told we were headed for another ice age - guess there wasn't enough traction with that theory, so they changed their tune. And by traction, I mean government control - collecting revenue. Millions of dollars wasted, I agree with you, I just disagree with who was wasting it. And, if you really followed the subject you would know that it's not called global warming anymore, (because of my first point), it's called climate change. That way it doesn't matter if it gets warmer or colder, there will always be a reason for more government intervention into our lives.

I don't have a problem with "people" on welfare, and I'm not sure what the term corporate welfare means. I do have a problem with a government that makes it harder and harder for some businesses to succeed, with the end goal of adding more people to the government teet. There will probably always be more people than jobs, so welfare is needed, but DAMN, stop acting like starting a business, hiring people, providing health care for your employees, is A BAD THING. There is honor in working for a living.

What's wrong with abstinence? How about this little fact: Among people who complete high school, work full time, wait until age 21 and marry before having children, only 2 percent are poor. Those who fail to adhere to any of the norms, the rate 76 percent are poor. So morality is bad?

Assuming you are talking about the Gulf War, the one that started when Iraq invade another sovereign country, Kuwaitt, what "will did we (and the other 30+ countries that formed the coalition) impose"? Might be less kaos in the middle east right now if we would have just left a few bases in Iraq, instead of pulling up all our stakes and minimalizing the ultimate sacrifices our once strong military personnel gave.

Quick side question: Why do regressives like you think that the US is the only country on the face of the Earth that is not allowed to enforce it's borders?

Russia invading a sovereign country as well. And I didn't say our POTUS was weak. He and Kerry put forth some stout sanctions on a few of Russia's ruling class members that will surely bring them to their knees. At least their wives won't be able to shop on 5th Avenue for a while. OUCH!!

Separation of church and state - nowhere in the Constitution. It was in a letter the Thomas Jefferson wrote. But if we are going there, let's get the Muslim Brotherhood out of our government. No SHARIA law in Michigan - can we agree on that?

Weather is weather - what's your point? Polar vortex and global warming coexisting? OK, Al Roker.

We have the energy resources to become self-sufficient, not needing any oil/gas from the Middle East. Why don't we? Well, that would tank those countries that have a huge population that want to see us fail/die. No matter that for the last 50 years, there has been incredible amounts of money sent to these countries for their oil and they still can't seem to find a form or government (religion) that allows their people's to prosper. Our POTUS knows this, but would rather keep propping their economy up than letting ours boom. His allegiance might be in the wrong corner. But then again, he resents our country's strength and what made us that way. By the way, the world is a lot safer place when the US is a strong international leader.

Wrecking Obamacare? If it was such a good idea wouldn't people be flocking to it instead of needing the government to spend millions of $$ to promote it with celebrities that will never be affected by it? But hey, as barry said recently, don't worry illegals, the IRS won't use the information they acquire for health care to enforce any of our immigration laws. Sweet! Selective enforcement of the laws - I think that's what the POTUS pledged to do when he was inaugurated, not uphold the law of the land.

Good to see UD back on the floor producing! Well, this IS a HEAT blog.

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