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Here's what Udonis Haslem said to Pat Beverley at halftime, and other stuff about the Rockets' excitable guard

Patrick Beverley plays defense like that half-crazy wild man you used to know back in high school who always wanted to pick a fight with the biggest guy in the room. The Rockets' starting point guard is a live wire of annoyance on the court, and that's against teams that didn't insult his manhood and cut him at the end of training camp back in 2010.

That would be the Heat. On Tuesday, Beverley got some revenge.

Mr. Chaos provided the Rockets with an overwhelming perimeter presence and helped limit Heat guards Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole to a combined 3 of 12 from the field. Beverley was especially relentless against Cole, who the Heat drafted in 2011 after apparently realizing the error of its ways in getting rid of Beverley for ... what ... exactly ... Eddie House? Something tells me Beverley would have matched up pretty well against one José Juan Barea in the 2011 NBA Finals, but let's not go there tonight.

So, Beverley was jawing with the Heat's players pretty much every second he was on the court, which was exactly 1,972 seconds. At one point, it appeared like Heat coach Erik Spoelstra subbed Cole out of the game so Cole wouldn't completely lose his mind and do something stupid. Cole might be the most level-headed player in the NBA, by the way.

After the halftime buzzer, Udonis Haslem walked over to Beverley for a brief conversation. I asked Haslem about that conversation...

"I was just giving him a hard time," Haslem said. "It was nothing serious. I just told him to stop talking crap and looking over at our bench. I know Pat. I think he the spent the summer with us. He's a hard-nosed kid, a real competitor, and I respect the road that he took and the success that he had, but he was just doing a lot of yapping and I told him to stop looking at our bench and talking crap.

"It wasn't nothing personal. I got a lot of love for Pat Beverley, but he was just looking over at our bench and talking and he's always got something to say. We're cool off the court, but in between the lines, I don't like it.

"You play against a team that you worked out for, or you felt like you should have been there, or they made a mistake by letting you go, you try to prove something. And I guess he came out tonight with a chip on his shoulder."

Something tells me that's pretty much every night in the life of Pat Beverley.


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Guy like that = guy like Dominique Wilkins. They can yapp for a game, but NOT TO THE PROMISE LAND!!!

Yeah, well Jordan talked big time smack, and look where it got him. One of the few players in league history to every give Jordan troubles consistently, Vernon Maxwell, was also a big shit talker. Oh, so were Larry Bird and ALL his Celtics teammates. Yeah, you know very little about what a winner looks like. Btw, they come all different ways. Duhhhhhh............

Jordan? You actually compared Beverley to Jordan because of trash talking? Beverley is talking trash and he's achieved nothing in the league to deserve disrespecting the 2x defending champs. Someone needs to lay him out. I'm glad UD did what Howard did to Lance 2 years ago.

Sounds like a Miami fan is getting butt hurt after the loss...

Bummer... Sure wish everybody would've realized Beasley was on fire and fed him even more non-stop going down stretch. Dude was feeling it huge...while you could see most everyone else was gassed. Back-to-backs are a bitch.

I agree RP, But if you read the postgame comments, the last play was designed for Beasley or Ray Allen but Houston was ready for the play. So Lebron shot a desperation 3. Oh well, you can't win em all. Lebron looked exhausted.

it was a gr8 game we just had a back to back and LBJ was coming off that 61 game he was drained and he did it with out wade but mr beasley was the big star last night s/o to him but we are good....

please, they lost. back to back ok, he scored 61 ok. He was tired? mj was never tired and if he was he still came through.

I feel Shane needs to come off bench that SF spot is killing us all season long. I would give Beas a chance. Oden should have had a go specially against Howard to gage himself. Agree, this back to back games are killers. I don’t get it 2 to 3 days rest and then 6 to 7 back to back. NBA scheduling is “SUX” not just for HEAT …entire league. Get a grip!!!!!!!!

The best team won.

The Rockets get a lot of press because of Harden and Howard but they have more than two good players. Chandler Parsons D on LBJ was outstanding. Beverley is a load. Terrence Jones played well too.

I love it when the heat haters find sum stupid reason to hate on the heat.get over it the miami heat will three peat dat way yall got more reasons to hate.lmao HEAT NATION since the 90's..

The team that played better won. The heat are an excellent team and played well but the rockets played better. It was a great game and I'm proud of the rockets for going out and winning that game. Looking forward to the rematch next week.

Dont get why Spo wont start Beasley. He say its because ofdefense but Battier's offense has been so atrocious, no one's even guarding him. Beasley's defense has improved to the point
where starting him is worth a try. It will open up so much on our offense. Battier at his age would have have more energy and legs coming off the bench. Stubborn. Geesh!

In 2012-2013 Heat were 15-1 in second game of back to back. Don't give me the they were tired excuse. Rockets size and shooting was too much for them.

Im a HUGE Rockets fan, but I do believe the Heat will repeat...but even Heat fans have to admit we're becoming true contenders...maybe not this year...but we're coming!

The heat were tired..they traveled from Miami to Houston with Limited rest..yes Jordan never played minutes like Lebron and teams were not as big or strong back then..we beat ourselves because no one bothered to show up on defense..BTW haters Lebron played well shooting over 50 percent..chalmers and Cole have regressed this season.

personally,i thought coach McHale almost blew this game ,he sat key players down way too long ,even when Miami made that massive run and beasley got hot,like Dwight said in the post game interview the game should have been a blowout,yaaaaay;;;,go ROCKETS,all the way out hr=ere from north hills california,IM LOVIN IT.

Huh? At these comments. Wow

I never met a loser that didn't have a good excuse...Bear Bryant

Houston...we have a problem - a BIG problem. His name is Dwight Howard. Nuff said...he's still a big baby. Come out of the West first...then we can talk.

That is how to play basketball.Everyone knows the heat is the truth as last years champs,but this is a new year.Let's wait until it's all over. Go Rockets.


Relax Rockets just a one game..... Talk to us when playoffs... mm mm mm Finals ----- We'll be there, ? is will you ... or wait a minute ...u got to pass either Spurs or Thunder..not this year…. keep dreaming !!!!!

Hey've got to get thru the Clippers first - right ? They seem to have your number.

Oh...and here's another tip: forget about winning with Howard.

Worried about the Rockets. Y'all need to be worried about the pacers!! Let rockets fans enjoy they win and keep it moving.

one game!!!!!!!really

Heat would be fourth or fifth seed at best if they had to play in the West. East schedule is so soft.


You play who's on the schedule. Hell, last year the Heat had a victory against every other team in the league. What was your crying point then?

Let's get this crackin:

Tied Pacers in lost column briefly on Tuesday night, and now again. So much for the Heat have given up trying to get first place (as was reported on this blog a month or two ago - damn that Chicken Little)

Houston does have a nice team, and they CAN win with Dwight Howard, who is still one of the best centers in the league. He isn't soft, maybe goofy, but his numbers don't lie. Who would you rather have on your team, Jason Collins? Yeah, Howard didn't like playing with that azz Kome, well, who does? Any and all problems in LA last year were put on Dwight or Buss' son. I thought real leaders took responsibility, but not Kome, or bho. Didn't Howard's Magic team push Jordan and da Bulls out of the playoffs one year? DAMN STRAIGHT!!

To our Houston Rocket fans: good luck tomorrow, keep rolling, we're rooting for you.

To the blogger that said no one was guarding Shane, did you see how many of supercool's shots were uncontested? Most of them. There's a reason some people are always open. You don't see LBJ taking many open shots - you do the math.

Beas starting? C'mon - he ended his tenure with the T-Wolves and Suns (both non-playoff teams) on the BENCH. What makes you think he is good enough to start on the back-to-back Championship team? Must have some of that good-good.

MJ was never tired? Figure please! He was the most protected man in the league for years. Ever see him take the ball to the rack, get hit in the face TWO times - breaking his nose, and NOT GO TO THE FT LINE?

And blogger Obama, it was Pittman that nailed Stevenson, not Howard. One of the last games Pittman played in a Heat uni.

supercool with a nice interior pass to Birdman v the Rockets. That's it. That's all the positive I've got on him. He stunk it up for the first 3 quarters, and then hit some open shots. His defensive close outs are atrocious! He's either late, or in one instance closed out in the corner with LBJ to his left and the baseline to the right, and gave up a baseline drive - idiot. Biting on D Howards pump fake and almost busted his rear. Made Terrence Jones, who, Terrence Jones - Terrence Terrence Jones, look like an absolute all star. Jones with 12 boards, beas with 4. Jones with 1 foul, beas with 4 because he so FREAKIN' slow of foot.

We covered this before - he's too slow to guard 3's and too soft to guard 4's. He must have pics of Riles and a cheerleader, or something. He sticks out on this squad like a sore thumb.

Home court throughout looking real good right now.

Whoops, almost forgot about that Point Guard Lin who slitch bapped supercool's layup. Yeah, point guard.

Any Rocket fans on here think they could use or want supercoolbeas on their team? Please make us an offer - free is fine, too.

LMAO! So Beasley scores 24 points, keeps us in the game in the 4th when Lebron was dog tired and the only thing you could come up with was he had a nice entry pass to Birdman? Huh?

And as far as Lin blocking Beasley? Part of the game, happens everyday in the NBA.

Did you see your boy Chalmers get thoroughly outplayed by Beverley and Lin? 3 points for Rio??? Jesus

Well...obviously E-Ball watched this game. the words of Mike Miller - E-Ball "let it fly".

In defense of Super Cool (pardon the 2nd word if you wish) Spo, LeBron, BKY & others feel including myself - yeah - he not only kept the Heat in the game but should've had more opportunities down the stretch.

I, too, saw the same issues on defense as E-Ball...but simply...if you grade out a player based on such a high all-around, do everything, perfect standard - yeah - that's why his nickname is Buckets...and he was in that "zone". want a player to meet & exceed the abilities that player does best. The expectation of every player to blow up every category of every game is unrealistic. Not everyone is LeBron...nor does every championship teams have junk-yard dogs playing every position on defense.

If Beasley can only give the team 70-80% of his offensive output from the Houston game going forward - that would be more than I'm sure the whole Heat brass would have similar hopes & expectations.

I know E-Ball...we agree to disagree.

Yeah, RIO AND Cole getting outplayed occasionally is part of the game, happens every day in the NBA. You forgot Cole.

Beasley kept us in the game? As if no one else on the Heat team could jump in there and hit open jumpers? And I guess the man that beas was checking, Terrence Jones (who? Terrence Jones - Terrence Terrence Jones) kept Houston in the game. Seems like a push to me.

"buckets" huh? supercool probably gave himself that nickname.....and the vain shall inherit the earth...nope, that's not what the good book says. Wonder why he didn't call himself Posey or Bowen?

I'm not grading on some unreachable standard. Hell, defense in 80% effort and 20% technique. You can tell by supercool's (nickname for one) too relaxed effort on the court, he is only concerned about buckets and not rebounds/stops.

We'll probably continue to see different games. I'm definitely not missing tonight's matchup.

Let's not fall behind the Pacers in the loss column the rest of the year.

Heat up!

Funny part about these 'in season' stories:

1...THEY DONT MEAN SQUAT !!! MEANINGFUL GAMES START IN about a month and a then...
2...someone noted parson' D on LeBron was great...try playing 40+ mins, score 61pts THEN FLY ALL NIGHT to a new city and play the next day....and SEE HOW ENERGETIC you are.... PLEASE, gimme a break!!! LeBron would OWN parsons 10 of 10 times

Why was lebron in the game at charlotte in the 4th quarter. The lead was huge. He knew there was a back to back. His ego kept him in the game.

Harden had 40+ after 3 earlier this year and he sat out the 4th. Same with Durant.

^^^. Ego??? Jesus Christ you idiot!!! It was Spoelstra's decision to keep him in the game. Before you say something stupid like that have some common sense.

Good one. When you are up by a huge amount you pull the starters. he stayed in because he wanted to. No coach decides to keep their best player on the floor in a blowout on the first night of a back to back, unless the player asks him to.

It did seem like LeBron wanted to stay in that game to milk his big night.....which seems sort of selfish if ur not a Heat fan.Spoles should sat him and Wade's ass down in the 4th knowing they had to catch a plane after the game.

You both are dead wrong. If you read or hear Spo's postgame comments he said "I was going to take him out and then an assistant came over to me and said he was 2 points away from his career high, so I decided to keep him in, and after he got it I told him to go get some quick baskets to get to the 60 point mark" and that ends the discussion. Have a good night!

He's covering for him. All good coaches do that.

Another horrific game by Chalmers. When is this going to end??? So tired of his mistakes. Ugh

Looks like another off night, ugly road another distraction with LeBron planning to attend Z's HOF celebration in Cleveland on Saturday. So far...61 has been a curse. Wouldn't a taped Lebron honoring Z be more appropriate ? Now...once again we find our Heat going down that frequent path taken... re-visiting that twilight zone of being totally un-focused.

Sorry...Cavs are retiring Z's HOF. Send a damn tape. Better be ready...Bulls are waiting for their street fight on Sunday.

Anybody see Beasley's block on Duncan? I guess that makes up for the block Lin had on him the other night? Eyeball, your thoughts?

Well...Lebron better go find his mask for Bulls game. Ya think Noah is thinking about having some face time Sunday with Lebron on a drive. Probably a bounty on who knocks off his mask if he wears it. Heat just better be ready for a street fight. Haslem may be 1st back-up in game. Please...don't fall way behind & act surprised - again.

Oh...and agree BKY...Chalmers was as bad as E-Ball is silent today. In short, Tony Parker owns Rio. I was hoping Spo would sub in Toney Douglas...but no such luck. On-the-ball defense has always been a Chalmers issue.

I agree. Just can't take watching him anymore. Off and on, off and on. And he fouls at the dumbest points in games it's mind boggling. He just annoys the crap out of me. I have never seen a player on the Heat that the fans in the arena get so upset at with the bonehead mistakes he makes. I'm just done with him.

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