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MOUNT JAMES-MORE: LeBron Says Goal is to Be Tops

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DALLAS -- LeBron James caused a bit of stir around basketball circles when he said he would include himself on a 'Mount Rushmore' of NBA all-timers.

James put himself in with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson.

"The facts are the facts and I believe in myself. These are my personal goals,'' James said after Miami's practice Monday evening at AmericanAirlines Center in Dallas.

"I don't care if no one else puts me with the best ever or where the so-called gurus of basketball put me when I'm done. I believe I can be one of the best if not the best to ever play this game. And that's my personal goal.''

Bill Russell, who won an NBA-record 11 titles with the Celtics, noticed he wasn't part of James' list of legends and apparently mentioned it to him at the All-Star Game. Russell reportedly says he was always about being team-first so he wasn't upset about being left off such a list. James said he wouldn't comment on Russell's comments.

"Obviously I have the utmost respect for Bill Russell for what he's been able to do not only on the floor but off it,'' James said when asked about Russell. "He paved the way for guys who came after him.''

-- Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said he had a full compliment of players at practice Monday.

-- Dwyane Wade was back on the court Monday after missing Miami's previous two games prior to the break.

On Monday, Wade took part in Miami's full practice after playing limited minutes in Sunday's All-Star Game.

Wade said he wanted to play in the game as a thank you to fans who voted him onto the starting lineup.

"I wanted to play for my fans from around the world who voted me in,'' Wade said. "I tried to represent them as much as possible then got out of the way to let the young guys get in there. Guys did that for me when I came in. In my first All-Star Game, Vince Carter started but I was the one out there playing in the fourth quarter.''


When, Where: 8:30 p.m.; AmericanAirlines Center, Dallas

TV/Radio: Sun Sports; WAXY 790-AM, 104.3-FM, WAQI 710-AM (Spanish)

The series: Mavs lead 29-25

Scouting report: Dallas was playing real well going into the break by winning six of seven. The Heat, which won five of six before the break, beat Dallas in the the first meeting 110-104 in Miami back on Nov. 14.




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*CHRIS KAMAN ... on HEAT uniform as well as:




PICK-UP: BEN GORDON (if buy-out)

battier would retire next season... thaddeus could replace battier role to this team...

LET GO HEAT!!! 3PEAT...!!!

^^^ Sweep the Pacers?, even as a diehard Heat fan, I know that isn't going to happen.

That Sam Smith report was interesting...Haslem, James Jones and a first rounder for Evan Turner. Hmmm that would be interesting, but he would only be a rental. He will get 50 million plus in free agency. Tough call. But then again, here is the big part of this. If Haslem gets traded he obviously won't be picking up his 4.5 mllion dollar option with the Heat, which would be a major deal. Why? Because only Cole's 2.5 million is on the books for the 14'-15' season.

What am I getting at you might say? Anyone read the report from Fidola that he is hearing rumblings that the Heat could sign The Big 3 PLUS Carmelo Anthony all at 14 million each per year? THAT WOULD BE MINDBLOWING.

Damn BKY, that's a tantalizing scenario. I always thought Melo played better under George Karl than any Knick coach, imagine if he had SPO's discipline around him and LBJ/CB/Wade leading the way...fantasy stuff right there.

I see UD taking a veteran's minimum to stay with the Heat next year, taking up that old man's chair that Juwan used for years. I still think he's going to get some burn come the end of the season and playoff time. Could he be on one of those DWade 'maintenance' programs, getting healthy for the push come spring?

As far as sweeping the Pacers, by adding a role player....I think that disrespects the Pacers a bit. That potential series will be won or lost by the Heat because of the play of RIO/Wade/CB/and LBJ.

.UD has a player's option for 4.5 million for next year. Unless he declines it and take the veteran's minumum of 1 million, I just don't see that happening. Will it help us out tremendously? Absolutely! But I just don't see him throwing 3.5 million in the toilet to sit at the end of the bench. Keep in mind 3 years ago he was offered the full mid level exception by Dallas and he turned it down to stay here, and the Big 3 each gave up 10 million for him to resign here.

I think that's my point. As much as we recoil when an athlete says 'it's not about the money', there are still some ballers around that, 1 - haven't spent their money foolishly, 2 - know how to invest to keep their money working for them (even if it is investing in those evil corporations that employee millions of Americans), 3 - have made enough over their career that they don't need max $$ at the end of their career, 4 - have a sense of loyalty to the team (corp)/teammates (co-workers) that helped them attained that wealth in the first place. I see UD as one of them guys that would sacrifice some cash to stay in MIA.

Not sure what other team would have him in a starting position, so whatever team he goes to, he'll be coming off the pine.

For $1 million a year, what NBA player would be as hard working and prepared, while being relegated to spot minutes?

I couldn't think of anyone else either - since Lamar Odom is going to sign with some Spanish team. Just joking, LO's case is a tradgedy. He did good things while in a Heat uni. I guess that money redistribution thing isn't happening as quickly as he liked in the good ole' USA, and he went to Spain for MO MONEY MO MONEY! Unfortunately for him, mo money = mo problems.

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