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LeBron's three-point numbers are nosediving, but he says he'll keep shooting

LeBron James began the season shooting nearly 50 percent from three-point range, but since November his numbers have nosedived.

On Saturday in Utah, James went 1 of 6 from beyond the arc in the Heat's 94-89 loss. His three-point percentage for the season now stands at 35.8 percent after shooting over 40 percent last season.

James shot 48.8 percent from three-point range in 14 games in November, but his percentages have steadily declined since that impressive beginning to the season. He shot 35.1 percent from distance in December, 27.5 percent in January and he is shooting 26.3 percent from three-point range to begin this month.

James is aware of the trend, but says he has no plans of altering his game at this point in the season. James is shooting 63.5 percent this season on shots from inside the three-point arc.

"I’ve been shooting, but obviously it hasn’t been going in," James said of his three-pointers. "But I feel comfortable every time I take it, so you just got knock them down. I’m in a little funk from outside the three-point line, but I’ll get back to it.”


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Last night...well it's just who they are & and have been this whole season. Forget any chance for #1 seed. Think I'll start to watch again when playoffs start.

And...I do know this...if this play continues they will all look back one day and regret it. How's that for high basketball IQ !

When the Book of the Big 3 is written and placed on the bookshelf...will the chapter for this season be titled - Season of Regret ?

Do fans have to start wearing T-shirts saying - no rings, no rebounds - just regret ?

OK...enough. Here's what I'm now hoping. Something has to be the trigger to change this crap. Perhaps during the layup line for this year's all-star game ... Hibbert will clumsily trip or elbow Lebron or Wade, or maybe George will get caught oogling one of their wives, or just maybe Vogel will drink or spill Lebron's Gatorade cup. SOMETHING has to happen to totally piss these guys off so they can stop this ridiculous pattern of playing just only so hard to get by or only when they have to.

Completely unacceptable performance. Just ridiculous.

Maybe this will do it....when do all the players-of- year awards come out ? Before, during, after playoffs ? Perhaps if a Heat player gets slighted...maybe that'll burn someone's ass.

But then again HeatNation...maybe it's the NBA version of the Ali rope-a-dope. There is a line of thought where I'd need our crack stat guy Rockstar or E-Ball to confirm that the best record is not necessarily the automatic precursor to becoming champs. Say out of the last ten years - who has taken the title while not having the best regular season record ? My guess would be around 50%.

Obviously...OKC & the Pacers have been anointed the best teams at mid-season...while the Heat players seem to be quite comfortable with that.

Relax people this is a veteran team now, we don't have to exhaust ourselves during the season, we just need everyone to be healthy during the playoffs.

Well...there you have it BKY...get used to it.

^^^ Have no clue what your talking about?

Two teams with less losses than us in the league.

Two teams with more wins in the last 10 games (OKC and Mavs).

No teams with more championship wins that us in the last 2 years.

Pacers just blew a 17 point - 3rd quarter lead to that overpowering Magic team. Think the sky is falling in Indiana, as well?

Dave, repost you comment every 15 minutes, as some of us still expect an 82-0 regular season record.

Losing to Utah after 2 days rest and the Jazz playing back to back (away and home, at that) is not good, neither is the way they played, but it's one game, geez. One game in the middle of February.

I'll take the Heat winning the 'ship this year. Who's betting against me? Speak up now, don't wait until we get to the finals to get your confidence up.

Let's see. Currently the Heat are two time defending champions. Lebron and Wade are playing less minutes than they ever have. Oh and BTW - the Heat have the 4th best record in the NBA and will win around 60 games this year. Oh the horror. The sky is falling. Let's call it quits. the season is over. We have no chance. I guess all the negativity in the comment section is written by the same people who left the finals game early last year and tried to get back in.

it's about building have good points on both sides here in this comments section.

There is definitely no reason to panic as some of you stated, even with this inconsistent play we still have 3rd or 4th best record in the league.

However, i do feel that this team needs to start playing more consistent ball, you want to go into the playoffs building some good habits and playing some better ball.
As far as the 1 seed, there is still a chance for us to take that...there's about a little less than 40 games or so and we are only down 3 games to Indy..definitely still reachable just gotta go on a nice streak of W's

Lets get it!

I still can't believe we lost to the Jazz.

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