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Chris Bosh delivers all the jokes after making two half-court shots and winning the Shooting Stars Challenge

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If the Heat needs a half-court shot to win Game 7 of the NBA Finals, I think we know who's taking it.

Chris Bosh drained both of his half-court shots on the first try to help his team win the Shooting Skills Competition for the second-straight year at NBA All-Star Saturday Night. Bosh, Swin Cash of the WNBA and Dominique Wilkins defeated Kevin Durant's team to win the exhibition contest. The Shooting Stars Competition consists of a team making a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer and a shot from midcourt.

Bosh made the three-pointers and the half-court shots for his team.

"Straight luck," Bosh said of his half-court shots. "Throw it up and you pray. And I did a quick prayer, and they both went in. So, if it wasn't for Dominique missing two easy ones on purpose — I knew he was trying to do. He was trying to get us in the zone and it worked."

Bosh practiced his half-court shots before the competition without much success. He then changed up his form for the competition, going with his normal jump shot. It made a difference.

"I just decided to switch it up last minute and just shoot my normal regular jump shot, because I have range," Bosh joked. "I keep asking Coach to let me shoot that shot in the game. He won't let me do it yet, but I think that today will give him confidence if he was watching."

Chances Spoelstra was watching the Shooting Stars Competition? About as unlikely as Bosh making both of those shots.

Bosh, Cash and Wilkins' news conference following the event was the highlight of the night. They joked about their championship and Cash joked about "going for a three-peat" when the All-Star weekend moves to New York next season.

Asked which back-to-back was more satisfying, the Shooting Stars Competition or the NBA championships, Bosh went along with the joke.

"Good question," Bosh said. "Today's back to back was extremely difficult. They were both hard. It's tough dealing with expectations, but that's what champions do. We just find a way."


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