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Pat Riley: Oden to be active against the Wizards

Reserve center Greg Oden will be activated for his first regular-season game with the Heat on Wednesday night against the Wizards, according to team president Pat Riley.

Riley divulged the information during a pregame news conference about the team trading center Joel Anthony. Oden hasn't played a regular-season game in more than four years.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said there was no correlation between the timing of the trade and Oden possibly dressing. The Heat's coach wouldn't confirm that Oden is active against the Wizards and said Oden's health is progressing steadily.

Chris Andersen is out for Wednesday's game with a knee injury.


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Halftime thoughts:

Trevor Ariza for supercool - straight up

UD can still bang with big boys like Nene

Greg Freakin' Oden - not our savior, but another nice tool to pull out of the toolbag

Wade should be ballin', and he is. He's had a week off?

21 point deficit at half - I think we get this one. Wizards can't stay that hot from the perimeter all game....but then again, maybe we can contest those shots a helluva lot better.

Hopefully the Heat didn't get any of that dysfunction and amateurism funk from Pennsylvania Avenue on them.

Agreed!!! Those republicans have been stinking up the joint.

to eyeballtwo- If you mean UD can bang with the big boys your must mean foul them. He doesn't score, he doesn't rebound doesn't play D and he is so far over the hill he doesn't remember what he hill looks like. They got rid of Mike Miller & kept this over bloated salary and has been. Figure that out. Yea Riley's really a cap guy!!

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