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LeBron's shot from behind the backboard against the Spurs

Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers (15 of 18 shooting combined) had the hot hands against the Spurs on Sunday, but LeBron turned in the shot of day. Of course, the most remarkable thing about this shot is that LeBron actually practices it.



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Oh, OK BKY...I'll get used to you & Chalmers.

Huh? No clue what you mean by that.

Everybody ready for tonight's matchup?

Of course, I mean the GO v Perkins battle in the paint.

Love to see Batt hit a couple of shots early to make KD think about both ends of the court from the get.

Must be an important game if Wade is starting - love it!

We should be well-rested and highly engaged for this one. Let get it on! (thanks Marvin)

Yep. Heading to the game now should be a good one.

Wade!!!!!!!!!!! You ready........I'm coming for you,,,,,,SCRUB!!!!!!!!

PAT RILEY must need to trade!!!

mason jr
trade exemption

i just think *DOUGLAS would be better than COLE...

we need a wing back up scorer...

battier and allen are liabilibity now...

give time and let play... JONES / BEASLEY / LEWIS




Well, Wade needs to play more BOTTOMLINE. We are not in a good rhythm at all with him in the lineup, he is an afterthought in the offense at this point. It's just tough to watch to be honest.

Ouch !

First one to 20 wins...NOT !

Surprised Spo never went with 2 bigs. We wanted Perkins & Adams on the floor ! Brooks says - you want some small got it Spo.

Of course, Fisher & Lamb shot like like they were dreaming. Agreed BKY...DWade having bad dream. NYC again ? Avoid those distractions & FOCUS like real champs - PLEASE !

Again...that short rotation was perplexing as was not guarding the 3 pt line better. Did these guys watch any tape ? Went back to total perimeter ball movement vs trying any inside/out movement to get our 3 pt shooters open. Yes BKY...Wade is rusty but it's his reality by not being able to play games on a consistent basis. Hard to expect him to play Joe Bananas minutes when he's been out so long. Obvious huge problem...

Well, I know that's the plan...But we need to get a proper rotation going at some point. We have 36 games to go in the regular season. We need to establish chemistry on the floor. Last night should be a huge wake up call to where we are at right now. OKC seemed so much faster than we were last night...Is it because they are younger than us? Probably...But not playing Haslem, Rashard, and Oden made sense to me considering how fast OKC was. But this juggling of the rotation literally game to game is crazy to me. But that's why I don't get paid to make those decisions. Oh well. I just hope Wade heels faster so we can gel.

Yeah...gotta be crazy to show up & ask everytime - is Wade playing tonight ? Age is another definite factor causing concern with the frequency of games, minutes & matchups. You never know...maybe putting those guys in would've forced OKC to play their bigs. Still think Fisher & Lamb will only shoot that well in their dreams.

Well...I was dead-wrong on KD's carrying the ball. He rocked it pure all night long. But I did see the tendency just last week.

Looks like this last game knocked the spunk off this sparse blog. Black must've taken his truck to Oblivia...or maybe others are huddling around their campfires somewhere.

Black is no longer welcome here because his grammar is that of a nigge

For the good, bad, or ugly...I'm still here. Had to take a break, thought I was going to get off topic with the SOTU address the other night, so I clammed up.

Any truth the rumor that we are looking to pull Caron Butler back into the fold? Can we trade Toney Douglas yet, or does he have to finish the season with us? I see Butler as an upgrade on our second unit at the SF/PF position, especially at the defensive end. Douglas and supercool for Butler?

Anybody put their phones down to see Chalmers' play in the first quarter on Wednesday? Were they still looking at their phones(while paying hundreds of $$ to sit in the stadium) when beas' spin move threw the ball out of bounds?

Weren't we told by Wade since last summer that his rehab on his knee would be at least 6 months - until January 2014? Do you think his teammates really don't know until game time whether he is playing that night? Is there anybody on the Heat that doesn't respect Wade's ability or doubt that he is giving his best effort to be prepared physically to play each night? Are there any playoff games that are played on back-to-back nights?


Bynum to the rescue. Trade/release one of the power forwards not playing at the moment. OR release and make U.D an Assistant Coach for his loyalty all this while. We need Bynum like yesterday. He can give us the two to three years breathing space we need from the likes of Pacers and Thunder. They are the only two teams standing on our three-peat, four-peat and five-peat

If 'rescuing' is what Bynum did in Philly, Cleveland, and Chicago, we'll be content to be unrescued. Rockstar, is that you? Can't believe there are more than one of you running around on this earth.

Eyeball, Yep we saw all of Chalmers' 4 points in the first 6 minutes of the game. Then finished with 5 turnovers to Beasley's 1. Also keep in mind that Beasley outscored Chalmers in his 7 minutes of play (7 points to Rio's 4)

So, safe to say I'm baffled as to what point you were trying to make there.

Your correct on Wade's timeline. So now is the time for him to play every game from here on out.

You saw the alley-oop? You saw the high-arcing runner over OKC's big man? You saw beas' spin move that left the ball flying out of bounds? Then you got my point. Oh, your one of those total points scored, damn the rest of your game guys. Funny that doesn't come up when beas is playing like crap, giving up points and missing his shots.

Caron Butler would be such a HUGE upgrade over beas, professionally, defensively, and decision making on offense. But keep that blind faith in the weedhead retread, it suits you fine. Hit me up when he plays big in playoff/championship time, I'll be surprisingly pleased.

Yep E-Ball...thought the State Of Union address would take time to recover from.

We got bigger problems than dissecting Beasley. Ever-changing line-up with the Wade unknown hurts consistency. But everybody has an excuse...and a plan until you get punched in the mouth (love that Tyson quote!)

BTW...looks like up-tempo small ball (Suns) is the Pacer's weakness.

I don't mind dissecting any of the Heat issues with y'all - but let's be consistent with our evaluation techniques.

Most of this team has been together for 3-4 years now. And they play with every kind of possible lineup. So I believe RIO, LBJ, CB and Batt are comfortable playing with Ray, no matter if it's at the start of the game, the middle or the end. That team chemistry may have been an issue in Year 1 (which we won the East and lost in the Final round), but shouldn't be now. We've played with JA, UD, Batt, and other starting lineups, with great success.

So now, GO isn't the answer vs the Pacers?? Didn't the Suns HAVE to match up with Indiana's size?? You mean, Frank Vogel might actually have to come up with a way to match the Suns (and Heat) speed?? This is ground breadking stuff here. Imagine contenders needing to adjust to the champion's style. It's worth imagining John Lennon.

My knee......I need some D Wa Aide

Yo - yeah...Black is welcome here anytime. Not cool by you.

E-Ball...I've watched the Pacers pretty close. The West Coast pace bothers them most...not the half court stuff. But ...we all know the playoffs are all about the half court skirmishes. So yes G.O. is needed in my opinion for Hibbert who was going all-Shaq last night plowing guys over. Then add that ridiculous verticality thing to the mix & he can basically crap on the floor if he wants. Their biggest weakness is at guard. Stephenson has got a lot of Wussell Westbrook in his game...ultimately I believe to blow up his teams chances in a bad way.

Yikes...Heat in NYC again - more distractions.

For the millionth time. Beasley is a bench player to us, nothing more. Not a fan of Chalmers. It is what it is.

'Yeah' is probably that same idiot that posts as KD. The same one who was black mamba, etc..., constantly changing handles, but his comments are a dead give away. You are the one unwelcomed. Black is a founding father, you might be more successful picking on someone else. Just sayin...

One of the best things about how Riles built this team is that they are versatile. We can get it done, however you like it. We don't need to run, but we can. We aren't the classic 'beat you down the court on every play team' (aka showtime Lakers). But we are damned good at turning those turnovers into points. Half court offense - yep, got that too. Perimeter defense is lacking lately. Wade is still one of the best at that, and we'll see that again when he's healthy.

Look everybody comes at us hard every game. How many 5 3pt games is D. Fisher going to have this year, with 2 bankshots in there as well? Probably just saw his last. OKC was like 16 for 25 at one point, that's incredible shooting. But they were shooting open shots - which is a problem.

Anybody else hear anything about Caron Butler coming to the Heat?

and your political views are not welcomed here

If you recall...I was hyping Butler to come back to the Heat when he was a Sun during preseason. But instead of releasing him at the time ...the Suns were able to get something for him from the Bucks just like the Scola trade to the Pacers. present I've haven't heard any chatter on any blog about him leaving the Bucks. I think it was a homecoming of sorts for him since he's originally from that area. The Bucks future lies with the Greek kid who no one can pronounce his name and the Middleton kid - both long & athletic. He's probably taken on the mentor role as he winds down his career. He's playing regular minutes so it's not like he's getting DNP's. I agree...he'd be a great pickup ... but only on he cheap.

Hope Heat are ready to play tonight. OKC sure was focused last night dismantling the Nets...and now have the league's best record. Maybe Westbrook will mess it all up when he returns.

Bynum to the Pacers...? Hope he messes them up !

OK...the Greek kid's name is spelled Antetokounmpo. Dang - those Greeks are crazy !

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