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Difficult week for Dwyane Wade includes sobering words from USA Basketball Director Jerry Colangelo

Dwyane Wade will miss his fourth-straight game on Thursday due to soreness in his knee. The Heat plays the Lakers at 8 p.m.

Wade was ruled out on Thursday morning after the Heat's shootaround at AmericanAirlines Arena. Wade has missed 13 games this season as he recovers from offseason shockwave knee therapy. The OssaTron treatment Wade received this summer is expected to strengthen his knees and help to extend his career, but the full recovery time following the procedure is about six months. Rashard Lewis underwent the procedure last year.

Wade last played on Jan.17 against the Sixers and afterwards scratched himself from the active roster for the next night's game against the Bobcats. He hasn't played since. Wade scored eight poins in each of his last two games.

It has been a trying week for Wade, who addressed his health on Twitter on Wednesday, an off day for the Heat.

"Thanks to every[one] who has been concerned about my health this year," Wade wrote. It's mentally challenging to say the least...But you don't get results by being mentally defeated. I'm in the lab trying to get better everyday for my team."

Wade then posted a hash-tag of "my belief is stronger than doubt."

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on Thursday morning said Wade's absence from the lineup isn't cause for concern, but this is the longest stretch of inactivity for Wade this season. He sat out two-straight games twice before.

Adding to Wade's sobering week, USA Basketball left Wade off of its player pool for 2014-16, meaning it's highly unlikely that Wade will represent the United States in the 2016 Rio Games. Injuries prevented Wade from competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

On a conference call on Thursday morning, USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo cited Wade's "physical situation" for not naming Wade to the current U.S. player pool.

"We appreciate the service he gave us ... but it’s time for us to move on," Colangelo said.


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how much would wade be worth in free agency?

"We appreciate the service he gave us ... but it’s time for us to move on," Colangelo said.



To be clear, this Heat fan is selfishly glad Wade won't be wearing out his wheels on another Olympics. But declining should be his decision -- like Bosh.

Else, move on to WHAT?

MELO? In case you didn't know, Melo = marshmallow = CA's brain, spine & game.

DERON WILLIAMS? If Wade is done, Williams never was. Or did Senile Jerry already forget the rotting fish smell of Deron's last Olympics?

Gordon Hayward? Kyle Korver? I see 3s. 3s are useful. But watcha gonna do when opponents have the ball, HUH JERRY? Useless x 2.

Kyrie Irving? Yet another overhyped joke ibid Deron

BRADLEY BEAL? Joke or no joke? JOKE. Morever BAD, VERY bad joke: 41% career FG%, yet to crack .100/WS-48 -> .082/2012-13, .051/2013-14 -> cf. Wade's .192 last yr.

If Colangelo removed Wade because of 3's "physical situation", USA Basketball should remove Colangelo b/c of his "mental situation".

Else, I also smell a Bryan. Remember him? The Colangelo who did to Bosh what Dan Gilbert did to LeBron? Tree. Apple. Worms.

thats bull

they invited d rose and not dwade im thinking dwade is gonna explode and have a nice 2 half of the season it motivation for Wade going forward and also probably for Bosh too. (show'em who's right fellas) D Rose should also not be on the list with his status. Watch for John Wall to step in for Rose.

Wade's situation is obviously concerning. If this doesn't turn around...this may be the end to his career as we know it. Not only are the Heat attempting an unprecedented approach with Oden playing for a specific match-up (Hibbert) but now also having Wade play with his unpredictable physical status.

Hey...every team has it's issues to sort out so no doubt it'll be a helleva battle once the playoffs begin. Stay healthy Heat !

Also...whatever does happen the rest of this season...I'm most excited about watching G.O. try to regain a semblance of his game. To's beyond compelling to see his effort & also how the Heat small ball system adjusts to having him on the floor. Hopefully, he can continue to build up getting some regular minutes each game & get his timing back.

Time to move on. I like Oden as the Heat's handyman role to block shots when opponents blow by their defender and put back dunks on missed lay-ups. Also Beasley should forget defence and be a scoring pit-bull who gets the other team's best defensive players into foul trouble. Beasley could totally destroy the opponent's defensive comfort zone. Oden and Beasley are both young and tall enough to blow out other teams, but the Heat have to let them play to their strengths and not hamper them into becoming a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

I told everyone before the season began that Wade did not belong with the top guards. Do you'll see James Hard, Har.....Ha....Ha... Now!

Happy for Oden. That 5 foot left hook shot was impressive.

CB putting up some good offensive numbers.

And of all the things we bitch and complain about on this blog (me & beas), aren't we forgetting how absolute dominate LBJ plays at times? We currently have the best player in the world suiting up for our team, and we barely give him a nod on here. Lebron - you are playing great, and you are appreciated.

Leo - how long do you think it'll take supercool to do what you suggested - forget defence? 10, 12, maybe 15 seconds?

RP - I would question whether the Heat gave GO a look solely for the Hibbard matchup. I like GO, like seeing him in a Heat uni, just think that saw more value in him than in one possible playoff series. If Hibbard got traded tomorrow to the Phoenix Suns, do you think the Heat would cut GO?

Other questions: Can GO jump higher than Birdman (Spike Lee - your opinion doesn't count). Isn't Birdman a bit more mobile than GO? What was the possible upgrade the Heat were looking for by giving GO a shot, or is it just adding depth to that position. Depth would be my guess.

Lakers and Celtics - my how the mighty have fallen. And Barkley saying yesterday that Kobe should get MORE money to come back and play with the current Laker roster. What the....? Maybe he should give a few $Mil a year back so you can lure some upgrades via free agency back to the city of Angels. Nope, gotta gets mines, never know when I'll be back in Denver and Vanessa likes those BIG apology rings.

Hibbard? LMAO!!!

Yes, CB is playing very well.

Lebron doesn't get brought up because he rarely makes a mistake like Chalmers does. Yunno, last night when I was watching from the 2nd row and I saw him look away and the ball was stolen from him and Meeks got a layup on the other end. Inexcusable.

In terms of Barkley...That's why he needs to remain in the studio, good b-ball guy..but says the dumbest stuff.

I think I'm beginning to understand this now (finally)

We only blog about the Heat mistakes and/or problems.

Chalmers, who's assist to turnover ratio is better than Coles', who leads the team in steals, who has two championship rings, and has consistently come up big in big games - back to his college days, is the prime target on this blog.....but we continue to cheer and applaud supercool, and are told to calm down when we bring up any isolated boneheaded play he makes.

I think I get the picture now, thanks.

And I got all that from sitting in the front row of my living room.....shorter lines to the food vendors and bathroom....parking isn't a hassle either.

Didn't mean signing G.O. solely for Hibbert...but yes as has been mentioned many times - mainly to have a legit inside player to counter the league's big men. To me...going total small ball 24/7 will limit this team especially for the half-court play-off style.

E-Ball...I'm beginning to think UD is on some type of maintenance program with DWade. He played his game recently on this past road trip but had some DNP's the last 2 games. I've thought previously that Spo may be saving him for the future battles ahead.

Since he returned from his injury...Chalmers has played well. The Chalmers/Cole tandem is still pretty effective & wonder how Douglas will fit in. Perhaps only to back up Chalmers with a night off since Cole never misses any games.

Yep...we all take Lebron for granted & assume his greatness. He's actually been more of an MVP this year than any other Heat season due to Wade's absences.

Right on RP.

Chalmers gets screamed at the most on the team!!! My God man!!! Are you watching the same team on TV as I see in person at the Arena??? Come on man!!!

Beasley is a tall dude at 6'10". The Heat roster has Beasley at 6'10", Lewis 6'10", Andersen 6'10", Bosh 6'11", Oden 7'0" and then bring in Bynum at 7'0". Beasley pulls down a lot of defensive rebounds per minute. Last game Chalmers had the highest +/- at 18. I think he lead the Heat last year in +/-. This is a different-look team than 4 years ago of Flash. There is one case-study and that is Bill Russell who managed to stay motivated for 11 rings against Chamberlain et al. What was his secret in not getting bored?

Yep BKY...I'm screaming too. But Chalmers is who he is. Gotta take the bad with the good. Lots of teams have similar issues...just thank God for Lebron. My bigger fear is waiting for someone to consistently replace DWade's production when he's out. Unfortunately...I'm dreaming - ain't gonna happen. But again - Spo has done another masterful job squeezing every last drop from everyone one else to keep the ship going in the right direction.

Next two games mean something...let's see who's ready to play.

Erik Spoelstra is simply not being truthful when he says Dwayne Wade's medical condition is of no concern. The fact is that the team is not playing as well when he's not on the court and they haven't found an identity as a result. Wouldn't it be refreshing for a coach to actually tell the truth!

Jeff I agree with you but Spo is talking tactics and does not want other playoff teams attacking our weakness if we admit what it is!

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