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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Warriors 123, Heat 114


1. The Heat allowed a season-high in points in its 123-114 loss to Golden State as well as a season-high in points for a half (65, first half) and a quarter (38, first quarter). It was also the most points the Heat has allowed an opponent home in a regulation loss since LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined the team. The overall record for points by an opponent at AmericanAirlines Arena since the 2010-11 season occurred on Feb. 26, 2013 when the Heat defeated the Kings 141-129 in double overtime.

2. Stephen Curry had 36 points and 12 assists. According to STATS and first noted by The Associated Press, only two other players have scored at least 35 points and dished out 12 assists against Miami in a game (Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson). Iverson did on April 14, 2005. Iverson had 38 points and 16 assists in a 126-119 overtime victory for the Sixers in Philadelphia. Dwyane Wade had 48 points, 10 rebounds and six assists in the game. Jordan had 37 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds on March 16, 1992.

3. The Warriors have won their last two games in Miami. Golden State's seven-game winning streak currently is the longest in the NBA. Led by Curry (eight three-pointers) and Klay Thompson (four three-pointers), the Warriors made 15 three-pointers overall, tying a season high for the team.


DWYANE WADE on Stephen Curry: 

“It was incredible. A few times we were in his jersey and he made shots. He is one of the greatest shooters in this game and he hasn’t even started yet, he is early in his career. There is nothing you can do, you can contest it and hope he misses it. We had a chance, we were there, we just couldn’t get close enough.”

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Nothing you can do when Curry is on like that. Lebron was sleepwalking the entire game. His 8 turnovers killed us. But he can't be perfect every game. Move

Well, even in a loss, still see some good things....

We move forward....

Why when I plan to take the road, the snow hits....

Gotta see the sunshine....

Yep guys...Warriors had one of those games. Seems everybody (Spurs, Blazers, Pacers, Thunder) lost some lazer-edge focus lately. Still sucks...

Strange year,,,,,,,,,,,,,Injuries and teams just not GAF until the Post season.

good solid win... After 33 games, 25-8 and with a tough stretch coming up gotta look to win these games.... I think every team will go through something along the way, we just gotta play through it....

Raptors are playing well as of late, Gotta focus on this team, bring it to them...

Made it back down.... Whats up Heat Nation.... 007...

...freezing my mcnuggets off up north. Heat wave coming Thursday and Friday!!

Please no Bynum to Miami comments. We already have the role of bonehead filled on this team.

I agree, can't wait for Chalmers to be gone next year. One bonehead play after another.


If RIO's boneheaded plays keeps him from winning a third straight ring, I'ld be shocked. If we do trade him away, do you think we can get more than 2 second round picks for him?

By the way, how many career PLAYOFF wins has supercool managed in his illustrious career?

.......the sound of silence.........

Chalmers would only net one 2nd round pick if the Heat were lucky. I have already said he was INITIALLY traded to the Wolves for a first round pick, but the HEAT decided that 2 2nd round picks was the BETTER option FINANCIALLY because a 1st round pick is GUARANTEED money on the salary cap. We NEEDED to trade Beasley to be able to afford the Big 3. We would of loved to keep him, but at the time we couldn't AFFORD him.

Rio has had his moments, but he has had some BAD moments too. I'm ready to see Cole start at cheap labor $2,038,206. Rio for some reason wants a raise above the 4 million he currently makes. NO THANKS!

Lebron will get a max deal, Bosh close to a max deal and Wade needs to take a small cut, he's breaking down and he needs Lebron to extend his career. Haslem with a player option at $4,620,000 and Joel with a player option at $3,800,000 are going to KILL us on the cap. There is no way in hell those two will decline those options unfortunately for us. It will be fascinating how this will play out next year!

Props to Beas for shrugging off the praise some media peeps were about to heap on him for putting up 17 against the Raps by admitting he took a step back on defense, which he further supported with an admission that becoming a better defender was essential to help his team.

But let's dump the Beasley fairy tales once and for all kay?

Fairy tale: Riley traded Beas to clear cap space for Bron & Bosh.

Fact: Yes, Miami saved $4.9m (Beas was entering the 3rd yr of his rookie contract) by trading Beas to Minnesota -- WHICH Riley PROMPTLY SPENT TO SIGN MIKE MILLER at $30m/5yrs.

Also like the vibe Beas recently gave off re worshippers & unqualified praise: It don't mean nothing.

Beas finally seems to realize he *needs* tough luv, *needs* to hear the truth, bad or good, to become a better player + teammate, *needs* to shed complacency & self-satisfaction like a bad disease.

So even Beas would (now) probably admit, the story on his redemption has yet to be written. Because NO ONE "redeems" himself in 1 x season. 1 good, clean season is a phase. Following that season with more of the same until the end of his career -- redemption.

...and if the Heat would have LOVED to keep beas, why didn't the big 3 take a paycut and sign him instead of showing UD the love? Oh, cause they wanted to win, that's why.

I understand the economics behind signing 2 second rounders as opposed to a first rounder, but even after Minnesota, beas' value was pretty low, and then in Phoenix they told him to just take the damn $$ and leave - and look where the Suns are now.

Not sure that UD or The Warden will take their max money. Both of them have profited from being a Heat and I wouldn't be surprised if they made ANOTHER sacrifice for this team to be part of something special. So, yeah, I think there is a way in hell that it goes down like that.

And Chalmers only worth a 2nd rounder???? Who writes this stuff for you, Jimmy Fallon? Chris Rock? Hell, even 2 for 13 Brandon Jennings would pull more than that, and I doubt there is a GM on this earth that would rate Jennings above RIO. Short list of PG's in the league with 2 or more rings - Derek Fisher/Tony Parker/that's all I got.

I used to work for the Heat. I know much more than anybody on here. Miller was brought in to be an outside threat and Haslem was the heart and soul of the team. Beasley played the same position as Miller and Lebron. Pretty simple fellas. I never said Beasley is our savior. He is the 3rd or 4th guy off the bench, and his efficiency ratings are off the charts, top 5 in the NBA. Very valuable to the way the CURRENT Heat team is constructed.

"I used to work for the Heat. I know much more than anybody on here."


Lol. So Riley was the last to know Beasley was traded to clear cap for Bron & Bosh? That they used pixie dust to sign Mike Miller?


Here my "source" on the Beasley trade/Miller signing ->

Would luv to see evidence of any insider "know now much more than anybody on here" source stipulating Beasley was traded to sign Bron & Bosh.

"[Here's] my source ..."

104-84 Heat w/1:47 left. Ho hum.

Effin filter. Here's the source on the Beasley trade/Miller signing -> h t t p ://

Would luv to see any insider "know much more than anybody on here" info stipulating Beas was traded to clear cap for Bron & Bosh.

Your wrong. I'm right. End of discussion. Go Heat

Posted by: bky | Tuesday, January 07, 2014 at 11:18 PM

What discussion? You're troll-baiting b.s.? Got that right.

I love this blog. Troll Baiting? Just having fun. Calm down

These efficiency stats for y'boy are off the charts, but maybe in the wrong direction.

0-3 from the field
1-2 from the line
3 boards ripped down
As many blocks and steals as turnovers and,
6 fouls
1 dribble stripped by Anthony Davis
1 did not move his feet to keep Tyreke Evans from shooting a layup
1 dazed look in his face as Wade tried to give him direction

yep, mad stats.

to borrow another blogger's word - complacency. Too cool to look like he's exerting max energy. Fisdale can talk to him for an entire timeout and supercool won't make eye contact at all, choosing to stare into the stands....after all, what can Fiz tell me that I haven't heard from my 5 high school coaches already? Move the ball, rotate on defense, box out, blah blah blah...

Birdman Birdman looking stellar yesterday.

Definitely looking more athletic than last week.

What's Batt's injury?

You don't know Battier's injury? Your a Heat fan right? Also, Beasley had a bad game last night, happens to every player. I told you already, he's a nice bench player. One bad game every once in a while, it happens. We still won by double digits didn't they? On to the next one...

Damn, I'm a heat fan, but I don't know everything about them - like an obsession. Somehow, I missed the injury report. Most of been living my life outside of the Heat organization.

One bad every once and a while - move on, nothing to see here

One 3pt shot with 13 seconds left in the game - and the praise and adoration band strikes up for a week of choruses.

"One bad game every once in a while, it happens."

Does back-to-back Champion RIO get the same treatment?

Yo baller, you're wrong about Supercool. I used to work for the Heat so this is absolutely straight: Beas almost became the 5th Riley.

That's right. The Rileys almost adopted Beasley. So, why didn't they? It wasn't for the hemp shirt Beas bought for James (their son). Or Beas rolling it & James into a doobie when James tried it on. It also wasn't the special brownies Beas baked for Chris (Riley's wife), which made her drive in circles for an entire day. Even Elisabeth (their daughter) still treasures the super cool flute from Supercool. Doesn't care that it won't play a note, or that you fill it with smokey water just to make it gurgle. She's just super cool in luv with the way it makes her feel. Nope. The only reason Beasley is not a Riley: Munchies. The Rileys could forgive icebox raids and cupboard foraging. They could forgive the highs & lows of life with The Beas. What they couldn't forgive was Trixie on a stick. Poor Trixie. Poorer Michael. He offered to wear a leash, fetch & wag his tail. And since he already had fleas, it was almost like the real thing. Almost, but not quite. Another Beas life lesson learned: You can eat your way into their hearts & minds, but you can't eat their dog.

Insider truth. Take it to the bank.

^^^ WTF? Anyway, getting back to Rio. Yes, he's entitled I guess. You don't like Beasley and I don't like Rio. It's America after all. ***Remember Beasley hit the game winning free throws 2 weeks ago.

^^^ Huh??? Eyeball, I'm a Beasley fan and your not, thats ok. Same with Rio with you. It's America, we can root for whoever we want.


Good Morning BKY. I understand we have our favorites, I was just asking if we have the same standards for success for both RIO and Beas, or does RIO have to constantly prove his worth, while we overlook supercool's weaknesses, bad plays and bad games.

And top of the morning to you. Rio doesn't have to constantly prove his worth to me, he does have 2 rings, I give him that. But I'm just not a fan of him. I would rather play Cole more, just my opinion. Offense runs a little smoother when he's in there.

Keep in mind eyeball, I go to every home game and the stuff people say about Rio when he makes a stupid play like committing another flagrant foul (He's up to 5 now on the season, 1 more he gets a suspension) the crowd moans, talks and yells...saying what in the hell is he doing out there?

When Beasley comes in the game, the crowd gets excited, granted that means absolutely nothing, but the crowd actually pays attention and puts down their cell phones when he comes in. He makes it exciting, the offense runs through him when he comes in with the 2nd unit. Believe me I see it. I know I know, the Big 3 are on the team, your thinking the crowd doesn't get excited when they are in the game? Yes, they do, but being a season ticket holder for many years there is a buzz when he comes in.

Do you go on twitter? Even guys like Ethan Skolnick, Ira, Dave Hyde say stuff like "Beasley Alert" when he comes in. He brings something different everytime he comes in, it's just something "new" for the fans to root for. That's all I'm saying. Will it last? I don't know. But for the time being I'm going along for the ride.

Big game in New York tonight. I hope we demolish the Knicks!

Sweet exchanges guys ! Just keep in mind & I'm sure you do....these are truly the BEST of Heat times !

True that RP.

It may be a LONG time, if ever, that the HEAT are positioned to dominate like this!

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