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A look back at Spoelstra's pregame comments on rotations after learning Dwyane Wade would be the team's sixth man

So, this is interesting. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra went through his pregame news conference on Sunday without mentioning that Dwyane Wade would be returning to the lineup as the team's sixth man. This is kind of important, you know, because Wade had been a starter in 495 consecutive games (including the playoffs) until Sunday.

Ray Allen started against the Spurs and Wade entered the game with 4:41 left in the first quarter. Knowing now that the plan was for Wade to come off the bench all along, let's look back at Spoelstra's answer this morning when I asked him this question:

QUESTION: Now that you have everyone available, are you looking for a rhythm now — to find a rhythm and cohesion with your different units?

 SPOELSTRA: "I’m not going to over think that. Look, I’m going into the season, I’m trying to impress that message to our players. Sure, we’ll try to get to that. We might not. Let’s embrace this year. It’s different, and that’s one of the challenges. It can be an excuse, or we can find an excuse how to win. We need to find more of those excuses, and we can win and how we can come together more under this circumstances. 

“I woke up this morning, and got the report from Jay [Sabol] that everybody could be available. That hadn’t come across my mind. I hadn’t thought about those decisions that I might have to make in terms of who’s dressing and who’s not dressing. This is the first time this year that I possibly, hopefully will have to make that decision. It might not happen for the rest of the year. Who knows?"


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Sweet win...everyone looked focused & played well. You knew Pop would wave the white towel early if it got out of hand. Spurs record against winning teams has to be alarming so far but still certainly a tough out for somebody.

Next...gotta bone to pick on next opponent - specifically KD. Obviously playing on another planet but...ya'll watch how he carries the ball on every possession - you won't believe it ! Don't recall seeing it this obvious. Am amazed he gets away with it... NOBODY in the league comes close. Tell me if I'm he gets almost every contact call. Obviously a great player & shooter as he carries the Thunder with Russell out. Just hope the refs start calling his blatant carries.

They won't. He's a superstar. Get used to it

You's gotten worse. He zagged thru 3 people last game from halfcourt on 3 dribbles. Trust'll be screaming from your 2nd row seat.

Here's a stunner:

I thought supercool actually gave us some good minutes yesterday...a few strong rebounds, didn't force shots at the beginning of the shot clock.

Things to work on, 1 - don't get blown by on the perimeter - resulting on helpless grab fouls. 2 - When their backup center is fumbling the ball around near the basket and your a step away - freakin' contest the shot, don't just stand and watch for goodness sake.

Chalmers and SPO getting love from the national broadcast announcers - that should count for something as I remember commentator love being used to legitimize supercools' game.

RIO RIO RIO, not too many PGs playing better than him right now...and whichever ones are - they aren't coming to MIA on the keep doing the damn thing Mario!!

I told you Wade was a scrub! Now it's my turn to show you he is a scrub! Why should his injuries have all the fun?

Didn't you just miss a game due to injury, KD?

Damn, maybe Wade carrying around those 3 O'Brien trophies hurts his knees.

What's your excuse?

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