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STORY: Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra danced around Greg Oden questions at shootaround.

Heat coach Erik Spoelsta talked about his team's rotations today during his pregame news conference and how the team has adapted well through the years to what Chris Bosh has called "redefining roles." While on the subject, I thought it would be a good idea to ask about Greg Oden.

Q: Incorporating Oden into the process midstream, how do you make that as efficient as possible?

SPO: "We’ll get to that when we get to that. It will be no different than when we had to incorporate Michael [Beasley], when we’ve had to incorporate Shane [Battier]. We incorporated Norris [Cole]. When we get to that point, we’ll deal with it the way we always do."

Q: Do you think that will be the biggest challenge this season?

SPO: "You can’t ever pinpoint what the biggest challenge will be in an NBA season, really. They come daily, they come weekly because of the schedule, but they will arrive on your doorstep."


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Greg Oden is going to help with the Master Plan to beat Indiana this year!!!!

Not playing makes no sense Roy hibbert is going to go to work down low on us.

There's no rush to put Oden on the floor in a regular season game and there won't be a need for a "jelling" process because he's played his roll forever. Be 7 ft tall and defend another 7 footer. Simple. The risk out weigh the rewards if they play him so early in the season. Let's just get more tape on the pacers and then surprise them with Beasley and Oden later on in the season (preferably in the playoffs).

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