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Michael Beasley: 'It feels good to be trusted'

Michael Beasley played the role of defensive specialist on Friday in Toronto in the final five minutes of the Heat’s victory and on Monday said this is the first time in his professional career that a coach has trusted him.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra inserted Beasley into the game after the Heat blew a 20-point lead. With Beasley in the game for the final five minutes, the Raptors scored just four points. Beasley laughed when I called him the Heat's new "defensive stopper," but he certainly is enjoying his versatile role. Beasley is doing a little bit of everything for the Heat. On Sunday against the Bobcats, he had seven rebounds in 15 minutes.

“It feels good to be trusted by Spo on something other than offense,” Beasley said. “It’s definitely different than what I’m used to.”

Asked when the last time a coach trusted him on the basketball court, Beasley named Frank Martin, his coach at Kansas State.

“Spo has trusted me before but it’s different now because I think my rookie year, Spo had to trust me,” Beasley said. “We didn’t have too many choices. Now, we have a full roster and everyone can contribute. He can put me at the end of the bench and forget about me for 20 games.

“And that’s not him doing it consciously, but we have so many guys that can do so much. So when he calls my name, it speaks a lot. But, like I said, I can’t get complacent. I can’t get comfortable. I gotta keep going.”

Beasley entered Sunday’s game against the Bobcats in the second quarter and played nearly nine minutes. During that time, he led all Heat players with four rebounds to go along with two points. He was 1 of 3 from the field.

Beasley’s role is ever changing to begin the season. He played a prominent offensive role against the Cavaliers last week, closed out the game on Friday in Toronto without taking a shot and on Sunday ….

“With this team, like I said before, and I’ve been screaming all year, I’ve got to find something else to bring to the table,” Beasley said. “It’s not going to be the same thing every night, but it’s got to be something.”

Spoelstra said making Beasley feel like “he was part of our family” was important from the beginning.

“We drafted him and spent a lot of time with him,” Spoelstra said. “We wanted to open up our arms and welcome him back into our family. It was, ‘Hey, come back to the family.’”

Beasley is playing under a non-guaranteed contract for the veteran’s minimum after being bought out by the Phoenix Suns.


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To me he's still a beast..he can score in and outside...he can give u 15-20pts on any giving night...but this is really what he needed a family..welcome back to miami..

We know he can score just keep that defense on point

Beasley remind me of Toni Kuko from the Chicago Bulls when Jordan was playing

Can the alien being that crawled up inside Beasley please reveal itself just so we can see what it looks like. It can crawl right back in after introducing itself.

All this kid needed was the Love shown to him..can never get too much LOVE

....and he didn't get love (and unconditional love - based on his performance) in his first two years in MIA? Damn, he took minutes from real professionals that he didn't deserve.

Sheesh, you think the T-Wolves are sorry they gave up 2 second round picks for this tool? I bet they are.

And the Suns basically said, here's a pile of cash, just freakin' leave our locker room.

Sometimes you need to earn the love, and supercool didn't in his first three stops. If beas loved his team and his craft as much as he worships that green plant, he'ld already be an All-Star.

Hey man, I don't think you need to go that far. Every one make mistakes, we should try to help each other up instead of pulling them down.

Chalmers made his early and hasn't slipped up since then.

Cole, what's his mistake been?

Wade/LBJ/CB/Ray/SPO - 'every one make mistakes'?

Somebody didn't learn from their mistakes early, because he kept making the same type of error. And you think he deserves a Heat uniform why?

And I'm not pulling anyone down, just stating facts. As far as I know, we still have a couple of years left where our First Amendment rights are respected, but that time is nearing where Big Brother is going to pooh-pooh free speech. Do you believe in America, or you one of them 47%ers?

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