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Michael Beasley injury news

Cleared for contact after being sidelined for 2 ½ weeks with a strained hamstring, Michael Beasley participated in the Heat’s practice on Sunday.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra would like Beasley to play against the Hawks on Monday before flying to Los Angeles, but the team’s training staff will evaluate Beasley one final time before signing off on the small forward. Beasley last played on Dec.5 against the Bulls. He has missed seven consecutive games.

“You never know what the right plan is, but we all were on board with the plan that our training staff and medical staff had for Michael,” Spoelstra said. “He was anxious to come back over a week ago, but there are a series of tests and progressions to make sure his hamstring was getting stronger and healthy.”

If not treated properly, hamstring injuries can linger throughout an entire season and lead to other injuries. To avoid complications, the Heat’s training staff has been overly cautious with Beasley’s health.

“He has been going more full speed on the court, not full contact, the last five or six days and [Sunday] was his first full-contact practice and I was encouraged,” Spoelstra said. “We’ll have to see how he feels and responds [Monday].”


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Welcome back Mr. B.!

We need him back. Battier needs to get ass in gear.

Danny Granger even up for supercoolbeas

Certainly for all the perceived talents that the Miami Fans think beas has, you all should be amazed and bewildered that beas had to settle for a one year non guaranteed contract. Where are all the other GMs lining up to pay for this guy's services?? Who was in a bidding war this summer to get this 'offense off the bench'?? Was there anybody but the Heat left to offer him a spot?? Is the rest of the league that inept at judging talent or could the Heat fans be wearing blinders when it comes to supercool??

Point - it ain't just me and a few others that doubt beas' game - seems like NBA minds don't respect him either.

I don't think it's his game that people doubt.

Who cares how he is perceived by anyone. What matters is his production and that he not become a disruptive or negative influence as he has been prone to do far so good. What else matters? The heat were in a unique position to bring in Beasley as "damaged goods" and get what has turned out to be a very good return (so far)on a very modest investment. Where's the downside?

"I don't think it's his game that people doubt."



I don't think anyone doubts MB's ability to score. I know I don't.

I suspect knowledgeable people -- including Riley & Spo -- still maintain doubts re his overall game & consistency, especially defense, defensive rotations, decision-making, all court awareness (game sit iq) -- which are *not* necessarily related to past offcourt issues.

When the Herald reported "Miami Heat’s Michael Beasley has earned trust of coach Erik Spoelstra" -- I had to laff.

Because NOWHERE in the story is Spo ever quoted saying Beas had earned his trust. It was all about Beasley declaring he'd earned Spo's trust after Spo allowed Beas to finish a game when the Heat needed offense against the 20th ranked team in opp FG% (Toronto). 3 games later, Beasley reverted to Beas when various Bulls beat him like a drum (note: Beas himself says his hammy wasn't tweaked in that loss), whereupon Beas completely disappeared for a hamstring injury which MB cannot remember incurring.

Like Spo stated re Beas back in October: "This team is more about how you can help us with the big picture than how we can help you with your individual opportunity."

That said, it's all but written Beas will stick (his sal becomes fully guaranteed on 1/11/2014).

Doubters (like moi) can only hope he keeps working his tail off to acquire his own green jacket (brilliant motivational move by Wade, especially for focus-challenged teammates like MB).

He has all the tools to be an all-court contributor (I still remember a nice almost-dime from Beas to Birdman which CA couldn't finish) & hasn't been short of effort on *both* ends.

It just takes time to unlearn years of bad habits, retrain muscles, reprogram twitches, get the 360 view of the game which you only & previously confined to one angle.

I don't see how you all are still so damn negative. He has shown heart on both ends of the floor. Just pray he will keep doing it and not end up smokin on a street corner with his buds.

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