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LeBron and Wade: Pacers good for fighting off boredom

With the Pacers and Trail Blazers the fresh and emerging teams this season, Wade said it has been nice not being the center of attention for a change.

“It has been good for us that you have teams like Portland and Indiana, teams that are coming out with these hot starts,” Wade said. “It’s good for teams like the Heat and Spurs that there are other story lines out there and we can just continue to work our game, and continue to get better and not be the main topic these days.”

Wade also said Indiana’s impressive start to the season has been good for one other thing, fighting off boredom.

“It was good for us that Indiana started off this way,” Wade said. “You can see it in the intensity of both games. Both of them were playoff-type atmosphere games and obviously it’s because of the team they are. The West has a lot of that, those type of games. So, it’s good for us.”

James agreed: “You see it and you don’t want to get too behind anyone,” James said. “This league is difficult because you’re playing so many game and so many different matchups every night, and the motivation…it’s hard to get up every night, but when you have great teams in your conference, it definitely helps.”


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