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GIF: Paul George, you stand accused of floppery. How do you plead? (via @sbnation)






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Yeah, George exxagerated the


If our plan is to give supercool some of Wade's minutes, I'ld pump my brakes on that thought.

Don't like seeing CB taking those 3's, but, he made a big one to tie it up tonight.


UD getting a little burn?

Commentating and the national media REALLY don't like us at all. Let 'em pound dirt.


Jesus, you're really going to cry about flopping?

LOL. Hey PAUL. Miley wants her drama back.

Would've paid anything to see Wade go ALL Ali on George's Liston. GET UP YOU BUM.

Crazy game, crazy win... Glad DWade brought his A-game. Way too much reckless play especially by Chalmers. Lucky to win this one with Pacers looking the better team. I'd change this matchup with Battier vs West going forward...if Battier isn't shooting 3's...go with UD. We'll need something positive from both Oden & Beas at some point. (sorry all of've been spot on with Beas prior to this season but unfortunately haven't seen his progress during his second Heat stint)

Beasley will be taking Battier's minutes. He looks like he's 55 years old out there all of a sudden. He can't do anything right. Can we employ Tim Grover permanately? He is doing wonders with Wade's knees. He is our MVP so far!

West made some tough contested shots.

Stevenson constant energy sometimes gets him into difficult situations faster.


When our outside shooters start hitting those open 3's on a regular basis, we are going to be damn near impossible to beat. I say we aim for Christmas day to break out our long stroke.

Birdman Birdman - take your time getting healthy Oden - we got a baller in the middle.

How exactly did the Pacers look like the better team, if the Heat beat them last night in almost every statistical category

The Heat had a 12 pt. edge in fast break points, A 20 POINT EDGE WITH POINTS IN THE PAINT, they outrebounded Indiana, had a better shooting %, roughly the same 3 pters, they did shoot 7 less FTs, the Heat had 8 more assists, 2 less turnovers with 8 more points off of them, 1 less personal foul by games end, and finally what matters most, 3 more points.

I don't see how they were lucky to win nor the Pacers looking like the better team when they lost basically every statistical category that matters. The 2nd chance points were what kept them in such a close game. They may be the more flamboyant, and desperate team, but certainly not the better team.

And Beasley was in bow tie, spectating on the bench, the 4th leading scorer on the team, who I think it is safe to say, will be seeing his scoring and minutes increase throughout the rest of the season barring injury.

Yeah, the Heat were lucky I guess.


Good points, except for the 4th paragraph.

Good solid win....

Nough said... We move forward....

Kings up next.... Trapp game???? Stay focused... Let's gooo....

Eyeballtwo, I'm sorry but I re-watched the game last night after I saw it in person. And even Doug Collins and Mike Breen both agreed we were missing Beasley's pop off the bench. I see Battier play every game, and he looks BAD. I love the guy, but man..He is STRUGGGGGLING.

Hey D-Rod...did you ever look at the most important & obvious statistic of the game - the scoreboard ? Heat were playing from behind 90% of the time. That was with Hibbert on the pine. Don't go all nerdy like E-Ball with the stats...when he & I respectively disagree (not like LeBron & Rio last night !) on the Beas. There's still plenty of time for Beas to win him over.

RP- Yes the scoreboard reads Heat 97 - Pacers 94. You play to win the game, but alas, I guess you're right, the Heat only get 1/2 a win since they were trailing during the game.

D-Rod - there are some glasses half empty folks that seem to pooh-pooh the positivness or greatness of the current Heat team. Don't let that stop you from laying out the stats. Highest shooting percentage - most efficient offense in the league, force a lot of turnovers, etc.... Talking about our lack of size gets a lot more play here, although we DOMINATED the big bad pacers in the paint on Wednesday.

We are seeing some of the best team basketball ever played with this unit and some still try to find holes within our fabric. And last year's Championship series was one of the best EVER played.

Grab a cold one and enjoy - this won't last forever.

Most true E-Ball...but Rod may need to watch the games...not just one game of stats & also use a sample size larger than one game. Obviously the league has taken notice on the Pacer season thus far (yeah take a look at those stats) though the season is still new. Who the heck knows as always with injuries, etc. Enough !

I like the way Spo has handled the chemistry in his lab class & also the upside in DWade's game with the additional rest. Perhaps the Heat won't lose a beat if LBJ takes a break tonight.

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