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Big fan of both teams, #Heat star #LeBron will pick #Buckeyes over #Noles if it comes to that

If the Bowl Championship Series standings hold in college football, then No.1 Florida State will be playing No.2 Ohio State in the BCS National Championship in January. James is a fan of both the Buckeyes and Florida State, so he might have to choose a side.

If the two teams meet, James said he would cheer for his home-state team. James has met Ohio State coach Urban Meyer on a few occasions and has attended Ohio State football games.

And, even though he went straight into NBA lottery out of high school, he also has an honorary locker in the basketball team’s basketball facility. James has been a fan of FSU since the Deion Sanders days. Coincidentally, James’ two favorite college-football teams are two of the most despised by Miami Hurricanes fan.

“I got to root for my Buckeyes, man,” James said. “I love Florida State, too. I’ve been a huge Florida State fan and I’ve never wanted those two teams to play and I guess you never say never…but I have to go with my Buckeyes even though I am a Florida State fan as well.”


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He was an FSU fan during the Deion days? Right, when he 3-4 years old...

Got the whipping they deserved last night. Saw this one coming....with the lethargic starts plus that huge Piston frontline. Wish Spo would've just left the 2nd team play out the game with LeBron being 3 pts down. Most teams deploy a hack Drummond strategy but Spo apparently was eyeball deep with his minutes depth chart. Heat looked unfocused, apathetic, & old...not a good combo playing vs an improved Piston team. (not counting Josh Smith) Pacers probably laughing...

Well, even in a loss you can see good things... That Piston team played their game and won... OK, we move forward... See them again shortly...

The Bulls up next....

If this set ends up at 9-1, not bad....

Maybe 8-2 in the next set... Stay focused... Keep Calm... We're ok...

Coles the only player who looked hungry last night. (I do have NBATV). I will say this about supercool/god's son - he is improving. Last time he wore the Heat jersey, he would make a good play and then 3 bonehead plays. He's evened that out now, to for every good play, there is only one early in the shot clock jumper, or a missed layup and not sprinting back on defense, or getting your dunk blocked and not finding your rotation back on defense, there is some improvement. And for goodness sakes, why do we think we can throw alley-oops to this kid? At least two were thrown to him last night, and I know he's 6'10" but he doesn't have the kind of vertical that Shawn Kemp/LBJ/young Amare/J-Shmoove/Paul George/etc...has. He's more of a Z-Bo type athlete.

Spot on with the focus last night, RP. But then, it probably is hard to have that laser like focus for 82+ games. Reset, get ready for da bulls tomorrow.

Is that really what you wasted your question to James on?

No wonder Heat coverage at this paper is so awful.

Nobody...again NOBODY can take a night off in this league & expect to win. Simple as that. I don't care about the dilution of the league with these young-bloods coming out too early or idiot players, coaches, or organizations. I realize the difficulty with having a 82 game laser focus...but the Heat have exhibited pedestrian energy lately even at home. Which gets back to the "bored" mentality which will probably plague this team forever. Call me "old school" or just plain "old"...but I'd play the guy who exhibited effort on a particular night vs going back to the predictable line-up when it's been ineffective for 3 quarters for whatever the reason. Call it something like "job incentive"...if anyone wants to play in the 4th quarter - show me some damn effort !

LeBron has done a good job of hiding the fact he's an FSU fan, he's definitely a OSU fan so for him to even hesitate shows he's not just jumping on the FSU bandwagon this year.

F**k him. F**k the Seminoles. But I appreciate the gesture to Miami fans in keeping that on the DL.

Got that right, RP. EVERY player understands playing time. Whether that's old school or cutting edge - the song remains the same (it was time to get the Led out).

Heat(Coles)did a good job getting the lead down to three, but then continued settling for 3's, when they weren't really connecting from distance last night. I think most of the shots were open shots, not forced, but they could have looked to drive the ball, get fouled, and score with the clock stopped.

Oh well, last time we laid an egg on the court and the C's Green hit that corner jumper with .6 left on the clock, we ran off 10 straight. Hopefully last night was another circle the wagons moment. We'll see shortly.

Let's get back on track 2nite guys.... Come to play.... Defense first... 48 minutes....

Let's go....

Guess this was another "off" night - for everybody. This off/on Wade thing is getting old. Not having Birdman really screwed up rotation. Bosh has apparently morphed into a long-range jump shooter only.

I've begun to notice that sometimes when Heat take a shot & by the time the ball is rebounded by opposing team - there is not one Heat player on the TV screen...not one player remaining on the offensive side of the court...they've all retreated back on defense.

Hey...just maybe the Nets will be on the schedule soon. Oh wait...they've beat the Heat already.

So HeatFans...I've said this before - this team will need Oden to play some solid consistent minutes beginning at some point this season...or you can just kiss away the chance at another title. Having zero inside presence (other than Birdman) & getting obliterated on the boards like this will be the dagger.


Easy there buddy. You are going to get the 'calm down' advice if you show too much emotion.

"The Bulls’ dominance inside was most evident whenever Taj Gibson was in the game. Gibson took any defender the Heat threw at him to task, but especially exposed Michael Beasley down on the block."

So, someone else saw this besides me?

Birdman would have helped us in this game.

RP, in reference to no offensive rebounding, I saw the same thing, but will add that UD hits the offensive boards.....and when SPO wants to get some toughness back in the lineup, Haslem's number will be called.

Also like seeing Mason, Jr on the floor.

I, like most Heat fans, want to see a healthy productive Oden on the floor - as I would think Riles would too, that's why they brought him to MIA - but if we are pinning our championship hopes on a big guy with questionable knees who hasn't played in the league for a few years, we are doomed already.

We'll own it, we'll adjust, and we'll succeed. The sky is falling mentality will emerge with every bump in the road. We were a poor rebounding team last year and found other ways to outscore our opponent.

No comment....

I saw Beasley getting butchered down low. Defense isn't his strongest suit. Taj is a bad matchup for him. Crappy game...Black go ahead with your trade scenarios...It's all over ESPN that were looking for backcourt help...

OK, if I had to pick 5 guys of which we could magically put one on our team (salary matching be damned), here's what I got:

C - Brook Lopez
PF - Kenneth Faried
SF - Luo Deng
SG - Lance Stevenson
PG - Derrick Rose

What you guys got?


Being that Deng is going to be carrying a much heavier load with Rose out again, and he annually is at the top of the minutes per game statistic, I'm going to change my SF to Carmelo Anthony. I think he could prosper in the Heat environment - probably a bit more accountability than he is used to.

Come on Black...let'r rip ! Heat looking to deal !

What's kinda weird is the report Heat looking for a they get killed on boards. Wade's knees obviously not progressing...E-Ball's list a fairy tale...Black totally mute ....??? How bout some Azik ?

How bout some Dion Waiters...nasty like Tim Hardaway ? must be in an euphoric, mind-blowing state of mind - we're all waiting !!!!

Im taking Shannon Brown if the heat are looking for another Guard.. Trade Joel Anthony or release Roger Mason Jr, and pick up Brown..

Mason Jr. > Brown

Roster is fine as is. There's enough talent here to win a third trophy in a row.

A win without supercool? Who knew?

No Love in Minnesota set us up for a W.

Fine tune in Motor City (they're still bankrupt, right. We all need to pitch in and bail out those poor decision makers. Hopefully we can take some of that extra $$ sitting in DC and send it to them)

Pacers Tuesday - yep!

Heat v Detroit - Birdman DOES make a difference.

RMJ playing well.

Pacers tomorrow, can't wait!

Good solid win...

To be honest Y'all, if the Heat do make a trade, I would target Faried...

You still have Shannon Brown, Daniel Gibson,etc.. out there but looking at what the trades seem to look like, who are you targeting and do they want Joel????

Good match-up Next though.... They're playing well, looking to take the east... Let's see... Come to play...

Sounds like the Raptors cleaning house... But do you or would you take Johnson or Ross???

OK, now y'all know how I do...

Two trades....

Joel and a second round pick to the Raptors for Terrence Ross

Roger Mason jr, James Ennis, 1st rounder to the Nuggets for Faried

Might have to throw JJ in there but might get the deals done....

I'm just saying....

^^^ Wouldn't want to be the GM in Denver that pulls the trigger on that trade, but if we could make it happen - do it today.

Do you guys think we are really shopping for a SG, or is that a smokescreen to some other plan we have?

Smokescreen, Trying to light a fire to Mason. We have absolutely no trades chips whatsoever.

Sort of what I was thinking BKY. To bring somebody in and acclimate them to our system, to play major minutes only in the second of back-to-back games, didn't pass the smell test to me either. That's like bringing in another big to play Oden's minutes until he gets healthy. We are at least 10 strong, 11 if you count beas, and 12/13/14/15 are JJ, Mason, Jr., Warden, and Oden - not bad end of the bench pieces.

A little nervous/anxious about tonight's game already. Time for UD to bring a little noise to this one. Birdman Birdman, too.

Didn't think looking deep into what teams might do, in terms of trades in a minute... But a trade like that would help... I'm just saying....

What's up Heat Nation....

Big test tonight...agree: trade talk might just be shot across bow to wake some folks up. Gotta hope to contain Paul George somewhat...if our chances.

Agree with BKY...Anthony only guy to dump...dunno what we get back in return BUT most likely it would appear teams like Toronto ready to fire up their dumpsters !

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