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With many of its rivals in the East reeling, Heat doing cartwheels in Miami

Here's Dwyane Wade's "photo bomb" from last night. It's all fun and games in Miami as the team heads to Cleveland and Toronto for a holiday road trip. Miami has won seven consecutive games.


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Good Game... Good Win....

Happy Thanksgiving, Heat Nation...

3Peat.. Yes Sir... 007...

Yep E-Ball...knew it was a stunner to think about. But do think his game has improved ... but also believe the off-court demons are the bigger risk. You gotta admit - so far so good !

Oh geesh...E-Ball having really tough week with Kobe signing. Can't believe it either. Even worse than the John Wall mega signing. What is worse...? Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay...?

Amar', there's a ton more. I could never believe Joe Johnson's deal...think that is all-time worst.

Morning RP - What little bit of the Heat game we trust beas with - coming off the bench and throwing up a bunch of shots, some which could be taken by Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis, he is doing OK. Could JJ do the same thing, most certainly. Is JJ's defense as pourous as beas', most certainly. It almost seems like you have a little bromance going on with one of the players at the end of our bench who's constant work ethic over the last 4 years got him released from a stout Suns team (who said basically, here's some money, just freakin' leave) and earned him a 1 year non-guaranteed minimal salary from a team that reigned in 2 second round draft picks for him a couple of years ago. Did he get marginally better, maybe. Is he worthy to represent this Heat team, hell no.

As for Kome signing - I'm all for that. Why would you think that would bother me? His 19th and 20th year making $24M+ a season, really? Yea, I can see a trove of mid-level free agents rushing to LA to be his blame boy when the Lakers suck the next two years. Who would want that job? Bust your ass in practice, constantly having to draw tougher defensive assignments, because the multiple-time first team defender can't guard anyone, and then in the press, he'll demean you and your game. Where do I sign up?

Wall - don't care, Johnson is a choke joke / Rudy Gay could possibly be a nice pickup for the right team, I think he can play, but Toronto? I think LBJ would struggle up there.

Game on tonight v Cavs. Another opportunity to evaluate our team. Have a great holiday! We have a lot to be thankful for.

and, uh, RP - you didn't touch on beas being the only player in that win over the Suns with a negative in the +/- category. What you got?

Beasly has great potential. The brother just joined up so you can't expect he's going to be solid within 4months of showing up.

He's got to gel with the rest of the team and it'll take a full season.

But as long as he's improving from month to month is all that matters.

I sea Beas being a capable replacement for Wade when he finishes his career this year. That knee ain't going to last...

"I sea Beas being a capable replacement for Wade when he finishes his career this year. That knee ain't going to last..."

If you don't mind WestCoastCane - I'm going to use that at my family's Thanksgiving table, just for the comedic value.


I'll probably warm them up with something easy like, "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period", you know, just to get them laughing, and then use the beas as a capable replacement for Wade (notwithstanding they play different positions - and Wade can be an outstanding defender)as a closer. Sounds like a blast. Got any more brilliance I can add to my act?

I'm laughing loudly E-Ball ! That's what I'm bringing ! But...hopefully going forward some of those nerd numbers don't blind what we're seeing.

Memba the gravy...

Cheers !

You guys ain't seeing Beas tonight?

Who's laughing now?

I am!

How was Beasley's plus minus tonight.+11 was 2nd best on the team. R Lewis and Lebron was the worst on the team(+-0). When you win, it means absolutely nothing. The front line of Bosh, Beasley and Bron looked good. Might have to bring back the Killer Bees! 84 pts got it done.

This team is evolving into something special - so far. E-Ball is just upset UD is stuck to the pine right now & Beas is taking his PT (UD will have more moments) but I agree...plucking out random stats eventually become after-thoughts. W's only matter. Like I've been saying...both Lewis & Beasley plus the other role players have been the BIG new thing to help rest the 1st-teamers thus far.

If you've been watching enough B-ball, this kid Beasily is looking real good.

EXPLOSIVE to the rim. Has more quickness than Bron and Wade (no i didn't say he was better than Bron and Wade).

Once he has time to gel with the team, he's going to be replacing Wade when that knee gives out-- which it will this season.

He was a capable replacement for Wade the past couple games (even though he's the new guy learning the system).

We need to give Wade lots of rest with Beas and save Wade for the playoffs.

The only question mark about Beas is his head and staying out of trouble on South Beach.

If he can do that, there's big potential in this kid.

You'll forget he came out as the #2 pick behind Derrick Rose. He has top tier talent, but wasted it with his teenage antics with weed. But who of us hasn't spent one too many days hitting the blunt?

He's a big boy now and knows his valuable skills have been wasted getting high.

I see the leaders on the Heat molding this guy into something special.

i agree with West coast. Guys, with lebron being beas's role model, I am sure beas who was what 14 when lebron came in league in 03, his idol, and now can learn from a real team(09,10-heat team were rebuilding and a new coach and he was 19 years old), we have a stud.

If, IF, MBeas can stay healthy and in check, he can be lebrons sidekick in 2-3 years as the #2 guy as dwade gets a bit older. If anyone watched the game last night, he took over down the stretch and even lebron let beas have his fun. He looks like an allstar. But lets get him in the system 1 year, get playoff experience, and 2-3 years from now we have a steal

High risk, Great reward......With Beasley it's No risk, Great reward. He came in with a High risk and no reward. How Miami fortunes has changed.

Like I said...there's a distinct possibility Beasley "could" experience a more productive fulfilling career than DRose...which is quite ironic from how their draft day played out with Bulls somehow getting that 1st pick over the Heat who most likely would've picked Rose.

E-Ball just needs now to sign up for League Pass.

Good solid win....

The way we battle through adversity was on display.. Gotta keep the focus for 48 minutes... Sometimes it can be tough, but seeing signs of maturity as well as team focus, when games become close down the stretch...

We move forward....

Bobcats up next... Come to play...

Happy Holidays all... #HeatNation #WeTheBesss 007....

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