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Some encouraging numbers for the Heat despite the two losses

The Heat's road trip produced the team's first back-to-back defeats since January but, like LeBron James emphasized after Friday's 101-100 loss to the Nets, it's not "doomsday" for the back-to-back champs. 

Well, obviously, but Heat fans do like to overact.

ANYWAY ... Despite the losses, there were actually some pretty encouraging signs for the Heat offensively in Philadelphia and Brooklyn:

—With Dwyane Wade out of the lineup to rest his legs, the Heat scored 45 points in 12 minutes against the Sixers, setting an all-time record for points in a quarter at Wells Fargo Center. In the second and third quarters against Philadelphia, Miami scored 80 points and shot 13 of 19 from three-point range.

—On Friday, Wade returned to the lineup and looked refreshed and nimble against the Nets. That Wade’s body responded well to its scheduled rest was probably the most important development of the Heat’s first three games of the season. He scored 21 points against the Nets and was the Heat’s most effective player in the paint.

—Wade finished 10 of 11 from the free-throw line against Brooklyn and showed no fear crashing to the floor or colliding hard under the basket with defenders.

—Led by LeBron James, the Heat averaged 27 assists in their two losses.

—Spoelstra challenged Chris Bosh this preseason to further develop his three-point shooting and Bosh has responded well. He is 4 of 7 from three-point range through the first three games of the season and shot 3 of 5 from three-point range on the road trip.

—The Heat trailed by 12 points with less three minutes to play on Friday, but rallied in dramatic fashion and were one missed free throw by Ray Allen away from having a chance to tie or win on the game’s final possession.


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What happened to the main thing...being the main thing ?

Everything hinges on LeBron. If he plays passive and settles - we lose. If he gets in the paint - we win. All these teams have small ball line-ups to match up. Maybe the league needs to revisit to "zone" rules. How can I guy beat his man and run into 3 other guys repeatedly like LBJ does ?

The Heat style requires max effort on both ends to succeed. When the energy've seen the result. PLAY BEASLEY ! (and GO if healthy!)

James should emphasize no panic. I watched the entire 76er's debacle. LBJ was going through the motions. As Erik Spoelstra said , in this league you get what you deserve. We did. So LBJ & guys let us know when you want to start the regular season. We will start watching!!!!

Coaching has been just as bad as the playing but no one is talking about that. LeBron obviously tired. This is supposed to be a deeper team so why hasnt the coach playd Beasley or Oden. He relies on Le Bron. To do too much. He is human. Not a robot. HELLO!!!!!

The Problem Is Ud At 6'8 To short He Don't Give you Anything 2game 4Point and 1 REbound Birdman,birdman

Beas = max effort on both ends of the court

Well, I can start my week off with a laugh now. Thanks RP.

Well, good game.... Good win...

1 riff about last nights game was the hard foul on Rio.... The Officials have to protect players from dirty plays like..... Ejection, suspension or fine.... Plays like that are not basketball plays..... You just can't pull players down like.... I'm just saying....

OK, We move forward....

Raptors up next, let's go....007....

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