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Getting to the bottom of the Heat Halloween photo...

The Heat celebrated its loss to the Sixers in style on Thursday in New York. I kid, I kid. But, seriously, who's who in this photo? Birdman had to be Michael Myers, right? Shane Battier is Batman, obviously.

So many questions for tomorrow's game. Like, how did they come up with these costumes in New York? Did the Heat equipment manager pack everyone's outfit? Also,is Pat Riley in this photo?


First, I apologize for the lose/loss typo in this original post. It was late last night, I was out enjoying Halloween in New York and, hey, it happens. OK, after some significant investigative work at shootaround on Friday, I figured out who was who in the Halloween photo.

—Chris Bosh was the Joker. I never would have guessed that one.

—Randy Mims, LeBron's manager, was the gorilla.

—Rashard Lewis was the Predator.

—Roger Mason Jr. (between the gorilla and Michael Myers) was the villain from the new Superman movie.

—LeBron James was Michael Myers.

—Ray Allen wore the Scream mask.

—Norris Cole wore the Guy Fox mask.

—Shane Battier was Batman.

—James Jones was Hellboy.

All this information, of course, is according to James Jones, and considering how secretive everyone else was about the photo, I'm not exactly sure Jones wasn't playing a joke on me. So, that leaves three unidentified players. Dwyane Wade wasn't with the team last night and neither Udonis Haslem, and I don't think Chris Andersen is in the photo.

That leaves Mario Chalmers, Greg Oden, Michael Beasley and Joel Anthony. I'm fairly certain Beasley is wearing the Leather Face-type mask to the right of the Scream mask (Ray Allen). Chalmers is probably the ghoul/ghost to the left of the Scream mask. In between Leather Face and Hellboy in a mask I've never seen before is either Anthony or Oden.

The team wore their costumes to dinner. They ate last night at Tao on 58th on Madison near the team hotel.

"I was probably a little bizarre," Bosh said. "I probably scared a few people."

Bosh said the idea was all LeBron and that most of the players packed costumes for the road trip. The Heat played in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

So, the Heat had fun on Halloween


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Joe, can you get us a who's who for this shot?

guy fawkes

This cool...


Thanks Joe

Wow...Heat really don't get it.

Very odd the team & coaching staff can't find the motivation to play hard.

Hope they're not bored already...or had bad crab dip.

Am sure if Money had any advice it would be you can't flick jabs the whole fight and expect to win without at some point going inside and messing with someone's face.

The Big 3 simply are not playing with a burning desire and the rest of team follows their lead. The level of play has risen this year in the East. There can't be any coasting like before. Compete & play hard without all the lip service...or let someone else play.

Hard to watch...first at Philly now BKY the players & fans - laughing.

Only three games played...threpete its hard to do the heat is pacing them selves for a run. I guarantee at the mid East point of the season the heat will turn it up a notch...they will play at a different level and they haven't unleash their secret weapon you will see a different team. Mid way..

Just got up and read my Instagram...

Happy Birthday Coach Spo....

A Day late, but, best wishes...

The biggest problem for the Heat is whats been the biggest problem since ZO and SHAQ left, overcompensating in the paint on Defense when playing bigger teams. When they have UD playing against a 7'0 its natural for guys to swing down and help (and that'd be ok if you were playing a team like the heat that penetrates) but when that happens it looks like half the team is down there trying to help and the other team gets wide open looks! The NETS spaced the floor perfectly on offense, they had excellent ball movement and SHUT DOWN the paint while on defense.

I really think some james jones, roger mason jr, and more ray allen would have helped yesterday, aside from RMJ it would have been a defense-ive liability but we could have had more shooters on the floor and help spread it out a little more so Wade and bron could penetrate a little more... Also I know how most of you feel about this, but Beasley could have helped out as well.. He could have came in the game instead of when they had Joel Anthony playing the four spot. but anywho thats my 2 cents.. I had alot more to say , but ill wait its still early in the year! I know SPO will tweek some things and HOPEFULLY get deeper into the bench we have some good players who definitely deserves some minutes.

I see a run coming... 007...

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