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NBA's sleeved Christmas jerseys arrive with a creative commercial

So, the jerseys were leaked already, but that doesn't make the annual release of the NBA's Christmas apparel any less exciting. The Christmas jerseys this season will have sleeves and they're already on sale at the NBA store for $109.95. To sell the shirts, the NBA put together a slick commercial, featuring LeBron James dunking an alley-oop at the end.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.58.03 AM


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The next match-up has me very interested in trying to break them down.... Thought it would be a tough game and it still might be... But, what if we targeted a couple of match-ups to attack, to at least simplify things a little.... TBC....

Hey must really be digging all the attention your guy super cool Beas is getting !

You're dead wrong about either Beas or GO stepping up to make a difference. Pacers really do believe this year (Larry Bird stamp of credibility). With George & Hibbert getting MVP & Defensive Player of Year pub...Pacers are bludgeoning teams.

I absolutely love the Heat...but believe the reliance on LeBron's game is over the top...especially without the homecourt advantage.'s obviously early and injuries will always play a role...but not knowing how much your eyeballs actually watch the games vs the scoreboard...believe me when I say the Heat cannot play unfocused basketball & coast without paying the ultimate price. Your comeback of ...well this is how they played last year & still won will not cut it this we all know the Heat were most fortunate with 28 seconds left & Pop's brain freeze. The Pacers are not wannabes or pretenders this year - they are for real.

Good Morning RP.

I agree with just about everything you said. Pacers ARE hungry and playing great November basketball. They are not going unnoticed by the Heat. And you are right, the Heat can't sleepwalk through 1/2 the season and expect to turn on that 'switch' come April. Judging by the play in the Milwaukee game, I think they've already addressed that issue. That being said, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon season.

While the Heat can't rely solely on LBJ to win games for them, it would be foolish to have the best player in the league on your team and not try to use him accordingly. EVERY team would be hurt if their best player went down. You got to know that without Hibbert roaming the paint for the Pacers, a lot of teams would start attacking the rim at will against them. West, Scola, Hansborough - doesn't deter offenses like 7'2" Hibbert - so like LBJ, one player going down to injury to ANY team, makes a HUGE difference - Miami is not unique in that. But we do have the best second option in the league in D.Wade.
Bottom line, Paces are good and Pacers are hungry, Heat are talented, veteran, and back to back Champions with a great coach that knows how to balance minutes with time of season.

As far as supercoolbeas, I blog my thoughts, which, like everyone else, are worth about 2 cents. You can't erase 2 years history with the Heat and 2 more with T-Wolves and Suns with 2 weeks (2 games), it just doesn't work that easy. Can he continue to grow into the player that the Heat hoped he would be, but wasn't, when the Heat drafted him? Time will tell, but it'll take more than 10 good minutes against the Bucks to erase all those bad memories. You can believe, I'll doubt. If I'm wrong, the Heat benefit. If you are wrong, it hurts OUR team, and our chances of making more NBA history.

And I was fully on board with the Oden signing, but thinking this cat is suddenly, after about 4 years, ready to be the difference in a game is quite a stretch. I hope he can contribute, but if we hang our hopes of winning a third championship on him, we are misguided, at best. Remember Birdman and the record we had last year after he started getting minutes - it was phenomenal. Birdman > Oden. Oden will pay off next year, and following years, probably not a major impact at all this year, but I am rooting for him.

I like your skepticism eyeballtwo,

However, you got to remember SPO was a young coach and the Heat were not a GREAT team when they drafted Beasley.. They just came off of a 15 win year and the year they got Beas they went to win like 40 something games, ill look up the stats later, but he did add to the team. And when Beas went to Minnesota the first year he avg like 18 or 20 points a game i think.. I think the only problem people have with Beas is his off the court stuff.. Its not like he's on shaqtin a fool every week for making bonehead plays lol.. he slacks a little on defense, and sometimes he takes ill-advised shots but who hasnt done that in the NBA??!? Beas wasn't an enigma that brought the team down. And if the Heat werent getting Lebron they would have never traded him.. I for one think he will be a valuble asset coming off the bench.. gives the Heat youth, athletcism, and scoring off the bench (which behind "Cole-blooded" and Ray Allen, they needed someone who can create their own shot)

not saying Beasley is the Heats guranteed answer to a 3peat, but he's certainly wont hinder their chances..

Oden on the other hand. Im very optimistic about him.. but then again I was optimistic about Eddy Curry also.. so we'll see how he turns out.. like I said, if he remains healthy and remains cheap. he'll help

Oh and I like this commercial better than the carol of the "balls" last year lol.. very creative.

Lol. Luv that Bron. And a big dap to Rudy Gay for lighting Bron's disgust: "If you give me 37 shots in a game, I’d have 60 ... 70 ... I had [almost] 40 now with 18 shots, I mean -- If you give me 37 shots in a game, I’d put up 60. Easy".

Hear THAT Beasy?

Bron wasn't necessarily dissing Gay or anyone else in particular. But he coulda. Someone on his own team, in fact.

Because he was dead serious when he noted the Heat were defending like sh!t the other day.

5th last season. 21st today.

But back to Beasy, for more fun.

"not saying Beasley is the Heats guranteed answer to a 3peat, but he certainly won't hinder their chances."

More lols.

Guess which Heat leads the team in FGAs per 36m?

Guess which Heat averaged 26 FGAs per 36m before last nite?

Guess which Heat had the 3rd worst defensive rating before Dallas?

Guess which Heat ranked #141 in +/-, 3rd worst on the team, & would still be there had Spo not paired him with Rashard Lewis yesterday?

Yeah. Him. 8-ball. And just like an 8-ball, he's working his 8-ball magic on the team.

A missed rotation here. A bite on fake there. Doubling when he should stay. Couple of AWOLs on switches. It's not for lack of effort. It is & will always be shortage on brain cells.

Whereas, the UnBeas a.k.a. Rashard Lewis, gets NO luv for leading the team in +/-, trailing only Bron & Bosh in WS/48, delivering more & better than Mike Miller did last season, covering/compensating for 8-ball when 8-ball does his thing (8-ball's +/- spiked last nite when almost all his mins. were share with Lewis).

If the Heat make it to & thru the ECF this year, credit smart mins. from smart players who you can rely on to close out games.

Last question: Which team-leading FGA-machine WASN'T on the floor to close out Dallas last nite? Hint: the only safe bet on an 8-ball you could ever make.

"Hasn't hurt their chances?" Already has, in ways seen & unseen.

Next, the topic no one will address. Haslem is done and worse, is a drag on the team. More even, than 8-ball.

UD finished last season the same way, blamed it on his back.

Unfortunately, the back is back, and so is Haslem's poor play.

Had hoped he would hang it up last season. Now, Riley & team can only pray dead weight like Haslem, Anthony (who isn't hurt but always & foreseeably a lead anchor, i.e. worst +/- after Haslem) 8-ball or even Mason won't sink Miami's once-in-a-franchise-lifetime op to 3-peat

I hear ya Greg...we're all still in the Heat bunker with our 2 cents. Just think Heat can't repeat with status quo...some additional element needs to present itself at some point. Dreaded back-to-back tonight vs improved Bobcats. Rashard looking more comfortable with his minutes. Interested also to see how Pacers fare vs first team over .500 they've faced so far this season tonight @ Bulls.

Free James Ennis (NBL-league leader in scoring & EFF on 48%/FG 43%/3PT 81%/FT).

That is all.

My bad...Paces have beat Bulls already so they've played one over .500 team so far.

For that matter ...the Heat have only played two over .500 teams so far.

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