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LeBron James on MLS Miami, David Beckham and his love of 'football'

LeBron James confirmed on Monday that he has spoken with David Beckham about possibly owning a share of an MLS franchise in Miami. The Daily Mail first reported the story. 

Here's my brief Q&A with LeBron about Beckham and soccer in Miami:

Q: How far along are talks with David Beckham of a potential investment in a soccer team?

"There is some interest on both sides. David has become a good friend of mine over the last few years and I think it would be great for this city to have a football club. There is interest on both sides, but it’s preliminary talks but there is some open dialogue."

Q: What do you think the potential is for MLS in Miami?

“We don’t know. The research is still being made out but I think it could be huge. But, you never know. I think this is a great town for soccer. There are a lot of soccer players here. There’s a great youth [system] of soccer here. And people love the city as well, so that definitely will help. 

Do you feel like Miami is definitely going to get an MLS team at this point?

"We don’t know. I don’t know. It’s like buying a house. You don’t know until you sign the papers."

LeBron and his business associates own a small share in Liverpool FC. His relationship with Liverpool has contributed to his overall interest in soccer.

“I’ve grown a great interest in watching the game and learning it and it’s a pretty intense sport," James said. "And my kids love it as well. But I’ve grown to the point where I know exactly what’s going on when I’m watching the game."


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Could this be another sign that he is staying in Miami? Hmmm... Also, his wife just started a small business in Miami.

Read the tea leaves folks

Confucius, that's exactly what Cleveland fans thought in 2010. Crazier things have turned out.

IDK i think it could actually catch on. Best of luck to those guys

Cleveland didn't win any championships

I thin its a good idea. Large enough population base, lots of Latinos and Urbanites to fill the seats. The two of them have more than enough money to start this undertaking. Lets go Miami FC!

Black, Please explain why the Bobcats would trade the #2 pick in the Draft 2 years ago for our 13th best player and a guy playing in Europe? I would love to hear this. Details please...

^^ you know how black gets and his trade scenarios..

we do need to get rid of Joel's contract.. he should have been gone last season! I dont think Rio will re-sign with Miami next year. And if the heat keep winning championships, I think everyone should take a paycut.. to include lebron. He's making enough on endorsements and commercials and what not, Wade is coming out with a TV show so he'll be set.. and Bosh.. will probably appear on an episode or 2 so he'll be ok.

I agree Smitty. But nobody is touching Joel's contract. He is a disaster to say the least. I don't think Rio will be back either. We have Cole at the minimum for another year anyway.

Another back-to-back coming...nice effort by 2nd team. Both Lewis & Beasley providing additional options.

Rio would be an idiot to leave (so guess the probability is extremely high)...he needs to pull a Haslem & re-sign for less. He'd get buried on any other team.

Oden watch continues. When he starts dressing for games - there's your signal.

RIO with 8 assists and 2 turnovers yesterday. From the same crew that clamored for a veteran PG the other year (Bibby/Tinsley/Miller/etc...all 'ringless' mind you) we present the doubting our PG's abilities 2013 edition. No, RIO isn't taking CP3's job, or DRose's, but he sure would be an upgrade in a lot of other cities. What don't we like about his game? He sets our defense and offense (most of the time), understands he is not above the 4th option to get plays run for him (if any) so he doesn't go into the game and start chucking up shots to 'get's mines', aka supercool. Not too many upgrades for our system at PG out there, he's the perfect fit for the Heat, and Cole is an outstanding back up PG.

JJ going 5 for 7 from behind the arc last night. He is a more efficient scorer than beas - where is all the love?? No Mother Theresa, MLK, Jr, Jesus Christ, or Ghandi tattoos to share? I mean, they all preached peace just like Bob Marley, only they didn't have the ganja reputation. Are we sure THAT isn't why supercool has the Marley tat and not for the peace message?

Neither JJ or beas plays the HEAT level of defense, so when it comes to evaluating their game, offensive efficiency should come into play right?

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