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#LeBron James motivated against #Bucks; Calls out #Heat teammates

Tuesday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks comes three days after the Heat's first loss at home. The team supposedly recommitted itself defensively during the off days with Erik Spoelstra emphasizing that side of the ball during practice.

On Monday, Heat owner Micky Arison, team president Pat Riley and Heat CEO Nick Arison attended practice. That's not unusual, but the presence of the Heat's executives gave an indication of how displeased the Heat is with its start to the regular season. LeBron James said he was only worried about defeating the Bucks when asked about the Heat's favorable schedule over the next few weeks. The Heat doesn't play a legitimate contender for the Eastern or Western Conferences until Dec. 5 when it plays the Bulls at United Center.

“I’m only worried about Milwaukee," James said. "We’ve got to win tomorrow.”

James said Celtics forward Jeff Green hitting his game-winning shot on Saturday served as a wake-up call.

"We needed that," James said. "We come out of that game with a win, it’s a totally different story, but I think [Green] making that shot just tells the tale of what the hell has been going on with our season so far.”

With losses to the Sixers and Celtics, the Heat's defensive malaise to begin the season has been obvious. James said it was unacceptable and also suggested some players coming off injuries needed to step up their games. Wade had an offseason procedure on his knee after struggling through the 2013 playoffs and, in sitting out the second night of back to backs, has taken a cautious approach to begin the season.

"It’s an issue for everyone but you’ve got to figure out a way to go out and play motivated every night," James said. "Through seven games we played unmotivated basketball and I don’t know if it’s going through the motions, or guys are injured or coming off of injuries or a long season/short summer."

Whatever the reason for the Heat's apathy, James said it was corrected during Monday's practice.

"I don’t know what it is, but it was a great day for us," James said.



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To all Heat apologists (especially Eyeball). I've expressed my opinion based on what I've seen watching all the Heat games plus many other teams on League Pass...not just scoreboard watching. Just like I thought last year after about 4 games that LeBron was going to be the MVP. I realize it's way early but the Pacers are crushing people. Whereas the Heat are sleepwalking...the rest of the league has improved. You better hope Oden steps up eventually or Beasley...or it won't happen this year. Getting beat like they have vs supposed weak teams indicate obvious problems. Choose to overlook if you good luck with that.

Nobody is overlooking the 2nd place Heat issues. To the contrary, the above article states the Heat specifically addressed those issues. They won't play like this all year, but it's a 7-8 month season, and they've played 2 weeks so far. I'm realistic, not apologetic, about the Heat's chances of going back to it's fourth straight Championship - and know it won't be easy. I would rather they finish strong after a slow start than visa versa. We aren't going to clobber every team every night.

If you think Oden, or beas, is going to be our saviour, there are some things you might be overlooking.

Obviously we dont' want to lose to anyone, especially not the teams at the bottom of the league - maybe that's why the brass was at practice today. Nobody is content with the product they've put on the court so far, but we are FAR FAR AWAY from panic mode. Call me when we are down two games in a playoff series, and I'll play Chicken Little with you.

Come back IF they are down 2 games in a playoff series. Right now they are playing like veal and criticism is much deserved.

Playing like crap

Great win! Way to look like champions. 5-3 is still a crap start!

I was at the game last night. And when Beasley checks in, the crowd actually puts down their cellphones and watches the game. Imagine that. Anyway, he's been fun to watch. Lets see if it lasts. I'm rooting for him.

Criticism deserved, yes.

Desperation time, no.

Adjustments - absolutely.

Panic mode, not so much.

So, if we fans are going to waver like a metronome with every game, I guess it looks like we are back in beast mode until Friday's game with Dallas.

If you like your current Heat team, you can keep it, PERIOD!

Well, good game.... Good win...

Not much to add to the convo guys....

We move forward... The Mavs on Friday...

Let's go.... 007....

Not trying to start any trade talk or anything, but, word on the street is Kenneth Fareid is available.... I'm just saying....

I say, Joel for Fareid straight up....

Now, bky, say something....

For the record, I like the way this team is.... No trades is just fine.... I was just playing...

Black, The nuggets came out today and said Faried wasn't available. Joel would laugh at us if we offered that.

^^^ meant the Nuggets would laugh

How about Joel and red-hot rebound snatchin' defensive shut-down specialist supercool beas for Fareid?

How about Joel, Ennis,and a pick... for Fraied...

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