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Inside the numbers from Celtics 111, Heat 110

57.7: The Heat's field-goal percentage in a losing effort. For Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, that number is a testament to how poorly the Heat played defensively.
The Heat lost every "hustle" category, which explains how a team is even in the position to lose a game after shooting 57.7 percent. The Celtics outscored the Heat 54-48 in the paint, 13-5 in second-chance points and 15-5 in fast-break points.
The Heat's largest lead was 10 points, but, with 14 lead changes, it was a close game from beginning to end. There never was a clearly defined turning point, but Dwyane Wade's free-throw violation certainly qualifies as the Celtics' biggest break of the gmae.
I was trying to hit the rim and it didn't go as planned."
—Dwyane Wade


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The Heat has been playing not to lose and not to get hurt. They will lose and they will get hurt if they keep doing this. Wade missing free throws on purpose and sitting out the 2nd game of the season wasn't good decisions. They are looking at the big picture much too early in the season. Guys can't be too tired or too hurt this early in the season. Play hard and play to win. Haslem should not be starting. He and Birdman play only 16 minutes a game. What's the harm in letting them switch roles. Haslem has the worse +/- of all the starters(2nd worse on the team). He is getting a bum deal from the refs and just not getting the calls he used to get. It's like they lost all respect for the guy. Get off the sentimental crap and Start the Birdman. Either play Beasley or sit him. It looks bad when you don't go back to a guy who has it going. Norris Cole is balling but Rio is just making it too hard to let anyone replace him. His shooting is excellent and he has become a burglar on the court.

I don't think the Heat can win 2 game 7 on the road. They need to get it together and do it now.


Not looking at the big picture much too early in the season, are we SMH?

Right now...the Heat are embarrassing. The Pacers are easily playing better than anyone else in the league and will get the home court advantage for the playoffs. Obviously these Heat players don't really care about the home court ...and this will ultimately be their downfall. Pacers are real hungry...whereas the Heat are going through the motions. Get ready y'all to hear the excuses.

What could change this scenario would either be a key Pacer injury (Granger doesn't count...they don't need him) and/or Oden stepping up to play 18-20 solid minutes.

Right now we are 5 months away from the playoffs. We can't expect the Heat to have another 27 game winning streak this year. We shouldn't expect to dominate every game. We can expect to meet the other teams' best effort, almost every game. We can expect to play better - as I'm sure EVERYONE IN THE HEAT CAMP DOES. They aren't content with how they are playing, but they aren't Chicken Little either, yelling that the sky is falling. Goodness, this is SOOOOOOOO predictable.

The Pacers are a good team, sure. The Nets/Bulls/Knicks are struggling coming out the box - but are we denying that they will get it right before April? Hell no, we aren't.

Oden is a project. 18-20 solid minutes is a pipe dream, at this point.

Beasley getting his head straight and being a constant contributor on BOTH ends of the court, is another puff-puff pass dream. And let's not just rate his performance on points scored. We know his game, he is going to chuck up shots as soon as he gets to the scorers table.

If we lose to Milwaukee tonight, is anybody here selling any of their Heat gear?

Well, as we all know, having the #1 seed does work in our benefit as well as every other team in the league... But, after 7 games in, we can't get down this early in the season... The NBA season isn't a sprint, it's a marathon... A lot of things will change... But, coming out of the gate, the Pacers and Spurs have started the season on a good path to securing a strong spot... Now, we have seen things change from month to month, so, let's just be a little patient with crowning champs at this stage... Way too early...

I think working on some things, on both ends bolds well for all kinds of situations down the road.... Especially late game execution.... But, trying to keep pace with the elite records does mean losing games like the Sixers and Celtics games aren't helping the ranking, but can sharpen the awareness of how tough every game we play will be....

I will say though, having a good idea of what teams are trying to do, and how matchups with some of these teams doesn't really give a clear indication of how we will fare against some of these teams at this point, because it's just too early....

So much can change from now til then....

In the lab, I see some things that would help, TBC....

While watching the Spurs game I noticed that they use a strategy of clogging the paint in stretches... And use it to go on runs... Let's say out of a 12 minute quarter, they clog the paint for 7 minutes and take 7-10 point leads... While the other team sit outside shooting jumpers they get to the rim or line... Effective in a lot of ways... Although, you might say they shouldn't be able to, it works... And they don't call it... Seems like the Pacers have bought into it to... But can't really fault them for doing it... If the officials don't call it, why not???

But transition defense is where they struggle... They don't get a chance to set up that zone.... Also having a plan on how to attack that zone has to be in place too... Now I'm only using them because their winning now... It doesn't mean they're all that... Way too early... But other teams haven't figured it out yet....

Now, 2nite we play the Bucks... Backcourt play hasn't been great, but thats where they rely on getting offense... Gotta defend... Inside, they are challenged, but they guard the rim and rebound well enough to force you to bring help... We should attack the paint at will 2nite... That doesn't mean just the drive.... Their ball-handlers aren't that great, attack the dribble... Be disruptive as possible... Shouldn't be close, but the way we have been getting games called, we must be ready to execute good sets down the stretch...

Now, if after the first 10 games we sit at 7-3, thats not bad.... I mean, after the first 20, at 17-3, it looks a lot better, but hey... Let's just focus on one game at a time.. Defense first... Energy.. Effort on both ends... Good ball movement... Good player movement... Good shot selection... 48 minutes of solid Miami Heat Basketball... Let's go.... 007....

Currently tied for 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. If we are writing off the Heat at this point, let's be consistant and write off the Bulls/Knicks/Nets as well.

supercool - gettin' it done - ZERO boards ripped down through 7 games (1 minutes).... and that's the kind of 'energy' we need on both ends?

Look, we were at the bottom of the league in rebounding last year, and how did that season turn out? Beware of those hand-picked ESPN stats - they are not Heat fans over there.


16 minutes (sorry beas, didn't mean to short change you)

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