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If these are the NBA's Christmas jerseys, they're awful

I'm not going to go into the odd backstory of how all this was supposedly leaked, but NBA teams are apparently going to wear jerseys with sleeves on Christmas Day. I'm not sold on the authenticity of these jerseys, but people like jerseys, so this is a blog about jerseys. The Heat plays the Lakers on Dec. 25, which, of course, would give the jerseys plenty of exposure. I guess the NBA is pretty confident that Kobe Bryant will be back by then.

Anyway, I think these jerseys are absolutely awful if in fact these actually are the Christmas jerseys. The numbers on the sleeves are just clutter and the oversized logos are tacky. Of course, you know where this is headed, right? Some people inside the NBA want to sell the front of NBA jerseys to sponsor, so this would be a good first step. You know, get everyone conditioned to the idea. Can't wait for that Goya Heat jersey.

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