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After suspension, Mario Chalmers pleads his case on Twitter and says 'it's startin to get personal'

The NBA suspended Mario Chalmers for Saturday's game against the Charlotte Bobcats after reviewing Chalmers hard foul on Dirk Nowitzki on Friday night.

Chalmers appeared to swing an arm at Nowitzki while trying to fight through a screen with 5:01 left in the fourth quarter of the Heat's 110-104 victory. The foul was upgraded to Flagrant 2 during the game and Chalmers was ejected. The NBA then suspended Chalmers one game for the incident.

Chalmers does not have a reputation as a dirty player but he has received two Flagrant 2 fouls in the Heat's last four games. Last week, a foul against Clippers forward Blake Griffin was upgraded to Flagrant 2 after a review by the NBA. Chalmers was fined $15,000. Chalmers' suspension on Saturday will cost him one game check from his $4 million salary.
Chalmers took to Twitter to voice his disagreement with the suspension:
Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 3.15.10 PM
Here's the foul on Dirk:

Here's the foul on Blake Griffin: 


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yea, I dont think that was a dirty play on Chalmers part at all.. His arm was being held, so when he pulled away Dirk "happend" to be there.. now the blake play, meh I can see why the officials would call that a flagerent but if they really reviewed that play on Dirk (or if it wasnt a player of Dirks caliber) then they would not have called that a F-2

Chalmer needs to understand that Miami still has a bulls eye on it back. They won't get the benefit of doubt. The only thing he did wrong was follow thru too aggressively. You can throw a football or swing a club hard without fully committing to the follow thru. You can throw a punch without turning you fist on impact. I know that it's a bunch of BS but that's what we deal with in Miami.

Loving what Beasley is bringing to the table. Spo can't ignore him coming off the bench. Getting some much needed pop off the bench. Lebron is playing out of his mind right now. I'm very concerned about Wade's health. He just doesn't look good, I know it was a 2nd night of a back to back but geez. He looks out of sorts. Hope he gets better.

Hey, check this deal out???

Blazers get Joel

Bobcats get T. Robinson

Heat get MKG....

Second one...

Nuggets get Ennis, Mason, i'm sayin.. draft pick...

Heat get Faried....

look good on paper.... I'm just saying....

Is D Wade worth max money? Out of 10 people so far; I got 2 hell yeahs, 3 yeses, 4 nos and a f#ck no.

I wouldnt say hes worth max money riiight now.. he's still an elite player but, with his health and age going up, MAX contract days are more than likely over.. but then again I dont think too many people in the league deserve max contracts.

Lebron James and Derrick Rose (before the injury) are really the only players that I think should have received max contracts.

Everyother Superstar has declined - Durant has shown his weakness when Westbrook is not there, James Harden wont continue to get all these calls that the refs give him. Melo obviously has some flaws in his playmaking ability when it comes to getting his team mates involved, and Kobe i never really liked so meh..

D wade - Its obviously when he plays with a chip on his shoulder and not in too much pain he can still score big and make the plays that count.. however if he cant do that on a nightly basis (including back to backs) MAX contract should not be available lol.. I think he'll get one more big pay day (or hopefully take another pay cut and bring in some more youth and help them develop)..

Black, MKG? Who is that?

Smitty, Wade needs to take a pay cut. We can't sign Lebron to a max deal, and Wade and Bosh. Wade needs to sign for $12 million, Bosh $15 million and Lebron maxes out at $22 million. We can't survive with just minimum salary guys forever. That Joel contract next year (player option) is going to KILL us. He is no way going to turn down $3.8 million. And the Haslem contract player option of $4.6 million is bad too. UGH. Why Riley signed Joel to that contract is BEYOND ME! I get the Hasbeen contract, because he took less money to stay. But My God! That Joel contract. Geez!

Michael Kidd Gilchrist

Maria Chalmers is a dirty player and a flopper. He's no different from Uranus Haslem. They're low keep but deep inside they are snakes & vermin

Snakes and vermin that have won the last two NBA championships, right?

And you are the epitome of class?

And LBJ gets hit more going to the rack with NO FOULS called than any other reigning MVP I've ever witnessed, and rarely says squat. (and I go back to the black and white TV days of the NBA)

Black, Please explain why the Bobcats would trade the #2 pick in the Draft 2 years ago for our 13th best player and a guy playing in Europe? I would love to hear this. Details please...

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