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THE TWITTER BEAT: Who eats questionable crab dip at Verizon Center? Mario Chalmers, of course.

Mario Chalmers had a really crummy game on Tuesday in Washington. He went 0 of 9 from the field and 0 of 7 from three-point range. Here's why, apparently.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.48.54 PM


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Heat starting 5 for 2014: Wade, Carmelo Anthony, James, Bosh, Oden. Thought something was up when Melo was at James' wedding. These players already have more money than they can spend. The Wizards game showed the Heat don't have a starting pure scorer. Melo doesn't want to go into the HOF without a ring. Wade, Oden and Allen do not mind limiting their minutes to stay healthy, so there will be enough time to go around. LeBron has gone on the record saying that he enjoys the luxury of being on the bench while the rest of the team wins games for him. He also considered being the player's president but backed out because he had too many obligations. Sounds like he wants to have time to do other things off the court.

Greatest comment ever!

Like the matchup 2nite....

Still Preseason....

Let's see what they look like...

Gotta put something that lets u know it's me...

Got a hater on my title...
Be like that sometime....

"The Wizards game showed the Heat don't have a starting pure scorer."

Huh? After the 4th preseason game - coming off three straight trips to the finals - rolling on back to back championships - and we can make this type of assessment??

Damn Joe, if this is the greatest comment ever, I can see why you won't print show some of my factual comments. Maybe I should deal in played out talking head terms like 'pure scorer' and stay away from the facts.

Have a great weekend all!


That statement really disrespects Wade, LBJ, and CB's game. They all can get their own shots and score within the context of an offense. Maybe I don't have the right definition of "pure" scorer in mind.

In my opinion, Len Waldman's comment was the best on this blog. LMAO

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