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The Funny And Brilliant Stuff Shane Battier Says

HorsetronautA new recurring feature of the ol' bloggy blog this season will be the "Funny and Brilliant Stuff Shane Battier Says." The purpose of this theme is to further the legend of Battier's intellect while also brainwashing the masses in preparation for Battier's career after basketball as a public servant...

Battier said he missed Friday’s game against Charlotte in Kansas City because he’s old.

“That was a senior night,” Battier said. “As the elder statesman of the team, I told Ray [Allen] I need a few nights every now and then. And Ray looked at me kind of quizzically and we don’t count Ray as a senior statesman because he looks 24 years old, so I’ll happily take the role. With that role comes a night off every now and then.”

On Sunday, I asked Battier if the Heat could win 72 games this season.

Battier: "No haymakers today, Joe. It's Sunday, Joe. Today is the Lord's day."


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Why is this so funny? This blog needs a serious makeover.

HA! i like this! cant wait for the next one

My goodness, Goodman! You are terrible! Please get a competent writer/blogger on this beat.

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