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The Funny and Brilliant Stuff Shane Battier Says — Government Shutdown Edition

BattierlarryA new recurring feature of the ol' bloggy blog this season will be the "Funny and Brilliant Stuff Shane Battier Says." The purpose of this theme is to further the legend of Battier's intellect while also brainwashing the masses in preparation for Battier's career after basketball as a public servant...

Q: We're in Washington, so I would be remise if I didn't ask you about the government shutdown. What are you thoughts on the shutdown and what needs to happen to end it?

BATTIER: "Well, there needs to be a conciliation; there has to be compromise — the way that our forefathers drew it up in the Constitution. It might be a good time just to read the Constitution and just remember what America was founded on. It might be a good refresher course for all of us.

Q: Is it depressing for you?

BATTIER: "It's not depressing. It's a sign of the times, I guess. I think you see in the media, much like you do in sports, personalities are created now more so than leaders. There are a lot of people trying to improve their cachet, and I think everyone is kind of losing sight of the main thing, and that is let's run our country to the best of it's ability.

Q: Fox News should be [encased in concrete and buried off the coast of Miami as an artificial reef] then?

BATTIER: [Laughing] That's enough political talk for today. I've already earned myself an audit.

—In related news, sources have confirmed to The Herald that Battier's first choice as a budding politician would be to run for public office as an independent candidate.


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Joe, what is it about Fox News that bothers you so much?

Really? You couldn't get Battier to fall for that lead-in, damn, you set the ball on the tee for him and everything. Maybe Batt doesn't see that organization as evil,just another news organization that slants it's news to it's targeted base. My question to you Joe (again) is: What do you find so offensive about FOX? Have you proven them to be inaccurate with their reporting? Certainly more balanced approach (while still having conservative leanings) than other outfits, who seldom have a second point of view aired. Interested in your reply.

I feel you.

You threw it out there and now are unwillingly to talk about it. Taking cues from our 'non negotiating' leader?

Shocked? Nope, pretty transparent.

so much for the tolerance....and you libs preach that all the time. Guess it's a one-way street, eh?

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