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Stuff People Ask Me On Twitter

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Mike Miller left everyone a stash of his energy drink shots, so they'll be OK. On the subject of Miller, I've heard if one mixes Let It Fly Energy with Grey Goose, you have a concoction somewhere in between Red Bull and Vodka and Four Loko...but I wouldn't know anything about that.

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Too easy. EVERYTHING is on the table.

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Easter would be more realistic, seriously, if the comeback hasn't happened already, will it ever?

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Ask and you shall receive. See today's paper. 

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Not kidding about this. At the All-Star Game, Houston had lobster and shrimp nachos last year for $50.

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The ultimate question! Let me put it this way. No star player has ever left a team for another NBA team after winning three straight championships, and I don't expect that trend to start if the Heat win in June. That said, James could always pull a Jordan and go play receiver for the Cowboys for a season.


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Ignoring the fact that the Cowboys play in the top league of their sport and mj played on a AA team and barely hit the Mendoza line from the plate. Yeah, he pretty much was just a media distraction, cause his ego didn't let him see that he wasn't a very good baseball player.

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