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Spurs player suggests Heat players were going for his knees in preseason game

It's only the preseason and already there seems to be something constantly brewing between the Heat and its rivals. This latest bit comes from the Spurs by way of the Pacers...

You might remember a player by the name of Jeff Pendergraph from the 2013 Eastern Conference finals. He was the Pacers reserve who was ejected late in Game 7 for a minor pushing match with Norris Cole. It was nothing, really. Well, at least we thought it was nothing.

The player formerly known as Pendergraph changed his name to Jeff Ayers this offseason and now plays for the Spurs. After Saturday's preseason game, Ayers told the San Antonio Express-News that players from the Heat were trying to take out his knees.

“That's what it felt like,” Ayres said. “People were trying to take out my knees and stuff. I was like, it's preseason take a chill pill.”

The Heat, who had apparently taken chill pills in its previous two games (both uninspired losses), decided to stop chilling on Saturday and defeated the Spurs by 25 points. Miami had more than 100 points before the beginning of the fourth quarter.


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