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Signs, Clues and Conspiracies That The Heat Is Secretly Taking Aim At #SeventyTwo: Mario Chalmers looks like he trained this offseason with Arctic commandos in Alaska

This is a running log of signs, clues and conspiracies that the Heat is secretly gunning for 72 victories this season...to be tracked on Twitter and this blog throughout the preseason...follow me on Twitter @JoeGoodmanJr...look for the hashtag #SeventyTwo...everyone is welcome to join the conspiracy...

Sign No.2 the Heat is secretly planning an assault on #SeventyTwo: The Mario Chalmers Message

At least half a dozen times this preseason I've listened to Erik Spoelstra utter some version of this message: Mario Chalmers is in the same shape right now as he was during the NBA Finals. What does this mean?

For the purposes of this blog, I take it to mean the Heat did everything it could this offseason to position itself for a run at 72 victories in the regular season. Yes, it's a contract year for Chalmers, but he has entered a contract year before with the Heat and never reported to training camp looking like this. Did Chalmers train this summer with Arctic commandos in Alaska?

Sign No.3 the Heat is secretly planning an assault on #SeventyTwo: Dwyane Wade's Euro-Step


Sign No.1 the Heat is secretly planning an assault on #SeventyTwo: The Paleo Conspiracy


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